80,000 Covid deaths in UK as scientists call for stricter lockdown – BBC News

80,000 Covid deaths in UK as scientists call for stricter lockdown – BBC News

Ten months into the coronavirus pandemic, the UK has passed another grim milestone, with the number of people dying within 28 days of a positive Covid19 test now more than 80,000. Scientists advising the government have warned of the need for even stricter lockdown measures, because the new variant of the virus is so infectious. Buckingham Palace has said that the Queen and Prince Philip have been vaccinated as the programme continues to protect the elderly and vulnerable. As the government considers even tighter lockdown measures, Derbyshire police have said they are reviewing a decision to issue to issue £200 fines for breach of lockdown rules to two women who drove five miles for a walk. Reeta Chakrabarti presents BBC News at Ten reporting by health correspondent Katharine Da Costa, Jon Donnison and political correspondent Iain Watson. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog

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  1. Braking news if you

    live in a flat Sainsbury's no longer deliver to your door. They will not enter

    communal areas. I am disabled and that stop me from getting any shopping

    delivered to my door . Even though I am on the list of governments Venerable

    people. This is absolutely disgusting I have lost faith in the system? Also I

    am registered with Sainsbury's as being vulnerable

  2. to many at work,I work in a car breakers yard my work has said I’m essential worker coz it comes under waste wtf,lots of us all at work I think there is many at work and it’s a problem lots of us at risk

  3. Any death within 28 days of a positive test is classed as covid , everyone in hospital is ill and all are tested. an MP tonight stated that under 400 PEOPLE in a year had died under 65 who had no previous underlying conditions , many many more deaths will follow on because of people unable or afraid to get treatment , when thousands realise they will loose their house as they have no job , mental health will suffer ,if the trillions of pounds they have printed are doing no harm , to the country why did they not print them Years ago,

  4. Suicides up 300%. Massive increase of child abuse with drunken locked in adults, marriage break ups, bankruptcies off the scale and now every tax payer faced with a debt of around £80,000 to repay all of the furlough and policing! The cure is 10 times worse than the cause and now they are saying there is no Flu! It is all Covid! How much shit do we have to eat before the sheep realise it doesn't taste nice!

  5. This must be the worst government Britain has ever had . Itll probably break up the country . Scottish independence and the unification of Ireland as they've stabbed DUP in the back . Not to mention the amount of deaths weve had so far on our ISLAND . Hopefully this will be the Tory's ousted forever

  6. 12/1/2021 Denmarks Pots and pans Demo by the Danish People`s 9th day has made Denmark is the First Country to ban Lockdowns and enforcing covid 19 Rules against the Peoples Wishes! We need to do the same here The Media is not repoting this?

  7. The virus is not "by accident" and they want us dead. They have been talking about it for decades. There is only one way to accomplish mass depopulation and it is biowarfare. They had done it in the past and they are doing it now. Fuck this dipshit planet……I dont belong in this bullshit insanity.

  8. It's a lockdown but fast food places kept open other none essential places kept open and heavy traffic all day long.. What lockdown only things that are being punished is in the leasure industry! Schools finally shut but its been decided to late as usual.


  10. Which scientist are we talking about? Where does he or she work, what is their job title and who pays their wages. Unless we have that info. we should not listen to their opinions!

  11. new vaccine are produced, they are barely tested, so many people don't trust them. suddenly, cases of corona infections & deaths rocket sky high, as though there might be no hope for anyone, unless they get vaccinated. anyone else smell the overpowering stench of bullshit, around here?!?

  12. Hospitals are Empty, Masks don't work, vax doesn't work, PCR tests don't work, lockdowns don't. This is a huge scam as Virus's are an excretion of a toxic cell and they're not contagious. A virus has never been isolated. DO NOT CONSENT!

  13. https://youtu.be/_iXIADiDb_Q
    Just praying for your sins to be forgiven, and saying the name of Jesus at the end of your prayer will not make your sins that are red as scarlet be white as snow. In this time of disaster and pandemic like COVID-19 Fathe God is calling you now to come before His Word, and be guided into all Truth through the Spirit of Truth, and truly wash away your sins.

  14. https://youtu.be/_iXIADiDb_Q
    Just praying for your sins to be forgiven, and saying the name of Jesus at the end of your prayer will not make your sins that are red as scarlet be white as snow. In this time of disaster and pandemic like COVID-19 Fathe God is calling you now to come before His Word, and be guided into all Truth through the Spirit of Truth, and truly wash away your sins. ㅣ1

  15. The BBC News agency is under the direct control of the global entity that is aggressively pursuing one world government agenda. They are complete propaganda and always have been to the like of the media machine in North Korea…..even worse. Fuck this media propaganda machine.

  16. The people that have dyad are 70-95 years old. That is the life span where people die. There time was already in to die. What are they doing ? One Billion People will die from the lock downs. That's more then the Covid deaths. Are they stupid the governments or is this a plan to make a shorting on the population. Because all people know that we can not handle 10 Billion people in this world. Because then everything can collapse. Or is this a plan to reset the economy like every 100 years. Or is it bout.

  17. when we lockeddown last year airport's etc should shut then and not opened up so quick
    now what continued spread & mutation which is worse
    minute schools & uni's went back you see the rise.

    this lockdown a lot aren't listening still going about harder to tell people to stay in.
    not sure how they can control this now without strict force legal action
    and that way will cause more upset

  18. News flash; this isn’t about a virus it’s about an economic crash.

    Same hoax was done with HIV > AIDS.
    Ppl are sick yes but not from ‘coVIDS’. Watch House of numbers docu – spot young Faccui doing the same shit then too.

  19. I’m Australian, living in Australia. We have had a total of 908 deaths in the entire pandemic. The UK 81, 000. Our lockdowns were a lot stricter. Our laws were changed so police have the power to charge people.

  20. If following the rules as a slave then no need to die ah ??????? Please realize yourself in your mind what is the truth! What is human knowledge limite! Next moment what Will happen do you know that! One day everyone must be die any human knowledge medical system can not save anyone if you die doctor can not make you alive! Doctors also have to die then they how to cure you??? Please realize the truth yourself in your mind

  21. The NHS & the government are utter failures. The average age of death of C19 is over 80. Just 388 people under age 60 have died of C19 since Feb 2020.

    They have burned the house down to kill the spider.

    The deaths due to lockdown will be greater than C19.

  22. The world is overpopulated anyway. Old people are a drain on society. They’ve had they’re life. Keeping healthy people locked away and ruining young people’s education. Absolute madness.

  23. yes even the man who died from falls..diagnosed as COVID19 cause of death…as anybody died from April 20 to present are in this category even they are negative or even they are not been tested ..why? to con vince us all that its deadly…….PCR testing are 70%false positive results. .can they justify it….or any other ways to test effectively? mindbuggling…crazy world. .

  24. A Message to New Order. Where ever and who ever they may be. A virus will always mutate, evolve and change it's genetic structure on order to adapt and to survive the species. So they are discovering more variants. Are they more dangerous? Are they less infectious. Are they more difficult to vaccinate against or easier? Are the new Varients diluted to such a degree that out own immune system can quickly and effectively flush it from the blood stream and prevent serious illness. Being positive and less irrational and quick to judge is far better, healthier and more mentally conducive to happiness than always adopting the negative slant. At the age of 51, after years of impirical learning and experiences that have demanded strength of mind and emotional intelligence, I have found that veering on the side that says "yes" is far more beneficial, to myself and to all those around me! Happy New Year New Order!

  25. http://www.glasnaroda.online/en?fbclid=IwAR2q_2Dej_C8bqX1p2je0RFMOBjNx6jvJft_Hvbf3ywCLFucdPQGr4batOQ Humanity in 2020 faces a new challenge. Despite the informational contradictions, misinformation and fear, today we know enough about the COVID-19 outbreak to take a stand – scientific, ethical, legal, civil, economic. Based on observations and facts, taking into account the opinion of hundreds of scientists – epidemiologists, virologists, pulmonologists, pathologists, doctors of other specialties, lawyers, economists, sociologists, psychologists, specialists in media terrorism – we, the citizens of different countries, who signed the Declaration, declare our will to not allow the fear of mere Acute Respiratory Viral Infection (ARVI) to take away our rights, we will not allow to destroy the world that we have built for our children! And we will fight for them! .

  26. New faster spraeding mutating covid ! Let's keep the fear going!
    The new vaccine they have just brought out is NOW obsolete!
    Lockdown expected to continue to last , until 2025 !

  27. Really makes you think why doctors and nurses are seeking protection from legal action when they already enjoy protection. Are they worried that people will take legal action for the failures of the NHS and its staff? The NHS should be made accountable for its massive failures and widespread negligence.

  28. Watch it all come crashing down. We trusted the lying corrupt politicians who have killed more people thru their lies than the invisible bogeyman virus

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