Actor Terry Crews addresses backlash over Black Lives Matter tweet

Actor Terry Crews addresses backlash over Black Lives Matter tweet

CNN’s Don Lemon talks to actor Terry Crews about backlash over his recent tweets about the Black Lives Matter movement. #CNN #News

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  1. Don, the man said there should be equality with uproar about black people dying by the hands of black people and black people dying by the hands of white officers and you stated “that’s like apples and oranges” are you dumb? How is that any different if ALL black lives matter but we only know the NAMES of the black people who were killed by police officers?

  2. To: Don Lemon. What happened to making each other better as a race instead of destroying each other with the violence that has been shown on your and every other news media more now than ever. Some using the BLM passive and solidarity movement and turning it into an agressive form of expression against others. That's not what BLM is about. I understand completely what Terry Crewed is trying to bring across.

  3. So , to be clear on where he's coming from, Terry Crews is fighting against the rise of Black supremacy and militarism within BLM? With everything that has been documented THAT is what he's concerned about?…..really?

  4. This dude didn’t want terry to tell his side. He wanted to talk over and interrupt him by defending BLM (better make sure it’s know you support BLM). CNN you always wanna control the narrative..

  5. Actually, I'm wondering if either man has read the Black Lives Manifesto, which is pretty frightening. It is short so look it up. Terry is right. Black Lives Matter is full of extremists; just read their manifesto.

  6. “What does that have to do with equality” simple, he never said it had something to do with equality. He’s not being some little bitch casting blame on others and he his holding these communities accountable. Don lemon things since these people are being killed by black people then it doesn’t matter. Newsflash, black do have equality, there is no legal advantage for being white, quite the opposite.

  7. The fact that Don had to suggest that a new organization called “All Black Lives Matter” be created really says something about BLM. It’s about police brutality, not black lives. If it was it’d also care about black lives in the womb and on the hard streets of ghettos. God bless you Terry.

  8. Thank you Terry!! This blm stuff Is getting nuts man. Just trying to take advantage of a situation now. I knew that that would happen. Blm is not about police brutality.its about them getting out a arrest. Every damn time they fighting back a cop. Shooting at cops and resisting arrest then asking why he got shot. You serious. That happens to white guy and we all say that guy was an idiot he was shooting at the cop. It's fuckin common sense something alot of y'all don't have

  9. Interviewer is so ignorant. He just talking then blowing terry off and wants to have last word like a little kid lmao. Get this joke of a interviewer off tv. Nobody takes him serious

  10. Samuel L J in Tjango (spelt wrong) unchained.
    BLM is a fraud. They have another agenda and it includes using afro-people to reach its goals which is primarily to topple the Trump administration, which is good but the truth is BLM really doesn't care about afro-people.
    USA is soft. And I mean weak. The country is like a frying pot full of ants about to be fried.

  11. my little cousin dresses up as a cop on his online games because his dad is a cop and he looks up to him a lot. somebody was asking him why he was dressed as one, clearly pointing to this movement, and police brutality. i defended my cousin and told them i dont agree, saying that we need to treat everyone as individuals and that i agree with some of their points but i just dont think that they are right, and they called me racist, told me if i dont support so and so movements im a racist, and that i probably say the nword. all this just bc i was trying to protect my cousins innocence

  12. Nice pushing agenda cnn. Rephrase and misinterpreting terry to match your ideology and insinuate and switching words just so you cam attack it with your "supreme" morality just makes me sick and tired 🙂

  13. “It seems like apples and oranges” and thats kind of the point, Terry Crews was saying that u need to push for a nonracial subject that everyone can get behind as a form of compromise, by getting people of different races and ethnicities to unite around a nonracial subject, that sense of unity would bleed into ur other subject of focus

  14. Don will pretend like he don't understand what bro meant by the( other things )that are being pushed by the BLM movement,but he knows he meant the lgbtq movement,don did come out the closet a while back,smfh

  15. BLM
    If it wasn’t so ANTIFA driven
    & sponsored by people who hate America it’d be down right harmful. “Oh wait, it is.
    How does one dismantle the most loving & generous country in the world?
    People are literally dying to get into this “fascist/racist” nation. Yet our over paid, teachers & fat cat unions are teaching our children “1918” propaganda that even liberal historians have issue with.
    BLM creates a conversation that has nothing to do with the future and everything to do with the past. Than they create an impossible BLM litmus test. In which all parties are guilty unless you kiss the ring of the NEW INSTITUTION, in which you’re controlled by the past & a diabolical Marxists regime. There will never be opportunities for redemption no matter how deep the white guilt & check enclosed. While this madness is happening all of the sudden a pandemic is appears where the citizens can no longer communicate naturally & where much of the communication & “social distancing” is all created on line, being documented & stored for the next highest bidder. Now you have all these humans cocooned & suspended in a virtual arguments about the past that you had nothing to do with & a future that depends on corrupt & created mass hysteria.
    See how they run?

  16. When I heard about this interview and Terry’s view on the whole thing I was pleasantly surprised. This interview says a lot about Don Lemon. Terry Crews has only wholesome intentions and isn’t blinded by the racist name calling towards black conservatives/specific views and for that I am so grateful to have someone respectable to stand up for this position.

  17. He only mentions his high profile as a figure in entertainment because he’s nervous the people hearing his opinion will also think independently from the mainstream narrative that BLM is all good and necessary, not to warn him of the possible backlash. Terry Crews can handle it better than him.

  18. 6:00 "I have a skin as tough as an armadillo I think maybe you should adapt that"

    How has Terry Crews shown any sign of weakness?
    he stood up to millions of people including black liberals in the hollywood scene
    and put his entire career in jeopardy
    Don Lemon preaches to the choir every day and get's butt hurt over the President on a daily
    Don seems like the sensitive one here
    Terry is just using a platform to speak the truth
    what a moron haha

  19. Terry I agree with you 100% thank you for speaking out. If other celebs did this maybe we could take a huge leap in this issue.They won’t in fear of losing their H-pass.Don your a joke any person with common sense can see your destructive motives. Not sure how you sleep

  20. OMG this guy sounds ridiculous, Black Live Matters should be a movement that is all encompassing, otherwise what are we really fighting for if we are not getting to the root issues.

  21. They act like they are giving Terry a chance to talk when all they did was grill him on live TV.. even turning his mic off when lemon talked… oh we're out of time sorry! Lol everytime I watch CNN I see why they call it fake news.

  22. did Don say "Black Lives Matter " is not meant to encompass all issues with black people ? just a movement for a particular portion of equality ? hahahah what a tool !!

  23. Interviewer asks a question
    Terry: Well if you….. <interrupted by onslaught of interviewer's opinions>
    Interviewer: What do you think about that?
    Terry: I think that is….
    Interviewer: You're high profile, you know you're gonna get backlash! This is why we even reached out to book you on our show so we can bolster our shit content with more useless opinions about matters too complicated for two people to hash out.

  24. So black lives only matter and their voices are only heard if they agree 100% one way then? If they vary even a little simply saying that violence shouldn’t go unquestioned is discredited and seen as a enemy of the people…. I see how this goes. I think he just expressed a legitimate concern and he isn’t saying anything was wrong with BLM, it seems he is just saying we need to keep a level head and know that violence and crime isn’t actually helping anything and isn’t getting any good points across.

  25. We need to listen to black voices. Just not THIS voice, because it doesn’t fit our agenda. To be clear, I stopped watching CNN & only came to this despicable “interview” in support of Terry Crews. CNN you are a disgrace!!!

  26. OMG, is this anchor for real? He says he gets it, but he doesn't. The BLM got infiltrated by violent individuals and those original BLM members got taken for a ride into a world they probably really never intended to enter. And Don just won't shut his mouth because Terry is actually talking truth and Don doesn't want to believe it. Does Don live under a rock or something?

  27. BLM activists have to stop targeting Popular brands like they gotta calm down just because they have a big platform it doesn't mean they have anything to do with it like do it your self LMAO

  28. Terry Crew , Dave Chapelle , Chris heart , Candace Owens , Kanye west , Lerry Elder all black people hated by the Democrats all having their voices silenced by the left. Not all of these black people identify as republicans they just said at least 1 thing that opposes the democrats lies and so now they are on a shit list. Democrats dont care about black lives if they did they wouldnt be trying to silence black voices.

  29. I'd like to point out the fact that he interrupted Terry 7 times in 8 minutes. For someone who claims to have skin as tough as an armidillo, you sure seem to want to make sure that your opinion isn't challenged very well by interrupting the person who you are talking to constantly.

  30. Seriously all Terry said was that not all white people are bad and not all black people are good it's a FACT

    just like not all white people are good and not all black people are bad.

    But the fact that people are getting mad at Terry for trying to be the voice of reason is just offensive, I'll admit I'm white and I'm not a BLM protestor and I'm no saint, I can be a strait up asshole to anyone I don't like, but I can proudly say I've never singled anyone out based on superficial reasons like color or religion and I honestly don't care if a bunch of black people hate me simply because they view me as a privileged white guy upon first glance, I honestly don't.

    But I've seen the comments towards Terry on Twitter like "your doing white people's work for them" or "Terry wants what white people have" simply referring to their hatred of all white people despite the FACT that many BLM supporters are white, you seem just fine with letting white people stand up for your cause yet you criticize a BLACK man who says "not all white people are bad"?

    If this movement is honestly about equality where everyone is on an eye to eye level and nobody is treated differently because of race then thats fine, thats perfectly fine, everyone of every race has friends of different color, race and religion don't try to deny it, but to SLAM a guy for his attempt at being on that eye to eye level is killing your cause and makes it seem like all blacks hate whites just for being white.

    I understand this is not the case for all BLM supporters, but to the BLM movement who wish for the hate to truly stop, your cause is not succeeding by getting mad at someone simply for trying to be a mediator

  31. Geez, Lemon, let the man talk. What an absolute pompous dickhead. Mr. Crews, you have my absolute respect. It's pathetic that you were cut off this way. Your voice doesn't fit their narrative, so apparently it doesn't matter

  32. CNN and other news outlets have no morals and push fake stories. Where were y'all when 8 year old Secoriea Turner was shot by BLM protesters? Shame on you for not having an out cry for her.

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