Armenia and Azerbaijan fight over disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region – BBC News

Armenia and Azerbaijan fight over disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region – BBC News

Fierce fighting continues to rage following a flare-up of a decades-old conflict in the Caucasus region of south-eastern Europe. Armed forces belonging to Azerbaijan and Armenia both say they have the upper-hand. At the heart of the conflict is a dispute over control of the mountainous region of Nagorno-Karabakh. It is recognised as part of Azerbaijan, but has been controlled by ethnic Armenians since a war in the 1990s. Tens of thousands of people died during the war and a million others were forced to leave their homes. Other countries are concerned that the latest fighting could spill out of the region and draw in neighbouring powers, including Turkey, Russia and Iran. Please subscribe HERE

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  1. First as BBC I was expecting you to do more deep dive and Armenia was not taking over the area since 90s These lands belongs to Armenia for more thank 1500 years
    Also why Armenia with 3M population will attack Azerbaijan 10M population
    Turkey is sending terrorists from Syria to fight against Armenia

  2. The great Leadership of His Excellency Honorable President Tayyib Erdegon is the Lion of this decade His Excellency will correct all the past wrongs to make it just His Excellency is unstoppable keep winning is His Excellency only way.

  3. As of October 9, a total of 20 civilians have been killed – a little girl, 7 women and 12 men. The child, 5 women and 4 men were killed in the yard of their houses, the others – in public places of different settlements (central square, residential district). Deaths were recorded in Stepanakert (7 persons), Martuni (6 persons), Hadrut (1 person), Martakert (3 persons), in the village of Alashan (1 person) and in the vicinity of the village of Mets Shen of the Martakert region (1 person), in the Aygestan village of Askeran region (1 person).
    A total of about 101 people were wounded, of which 81 received serious injuries. 68 of them are male and 13 are female citizens.
    38 of the wounded were injured in the immediate result of a shell blast at or near their houses, 6 –while being transported to a relatively safe place, 11 – in the work place and 26 – in other public places.
    According to the verified data, in Stepanakert and adjacent to it places 34 civilians were wounded, in the town of Hadrut in Hadrut region – 3, in Taghaser village – 3, in Vardashat – 1, in Martuni regional center of Martuni region – 14, in Spitak Shen – 1, in Martakert town of Martakert region – 2, in the visinity of Maghavuz community – 6, in Nerkin Horatagh – 2, in Alashan – 3, in Mataghis – 1, in Karvachar town of Shahumyan region – 2 persons, in Shushi town – 3 persons, in Askeran town of Askeran region – 1 person, in Aygestan village – 2 persons, in Hochants village of Kashatagh region – 3 persons.
    Since September 27, the Azerbaijani armed forces have targeted more than 120 civilian settlements in the Republic of Artsakh. As a result, numerous infrastructure, public and private property damages have been recorded. In particular, based on preliminary data, more than 5800 immovable private property (residential houses, shops, etc.), more than 520 cars, about 960 infrastructural, public and industrial facilities were seriously damaged.
    The Report also stresses that the casualties and injuries have been recorded because of the use by Azerbaijan prohibited weaponry and methods. Azerbaijan is using heavy and wide-range missiles and aircraft against civilian population, some of which are of cluster munition type. In the mentioned time period, the Azerbaijani armed forces have deliberately and intentionally targeted vital infrastructure in Stepanakert and a number of other populated areas, which is a serious war crime that deepens the humanitarian crisis in Artsakh.
    Find the details of the Report on the following link:
    We remind that the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman continues the fact-finding mission and the results will be regularly updated.

  4. I swear we will not give u even 1 step our territory armenia!Karabakh is ours,it is undeniable and historical fact,u also know it,just u digress everytime!coz u don't have facts,Karabakh is Azerbaijan!

  5. Azerbaijan army is superior , use high-tech attack drones and destroy only armenians military targets with high accuracy , it is all over internet , BUT Armenian army attack and kill civilians, Armenian army launches conventional medium-range ballistic missiles, in to the large cities, kills childrens, SHAME on you Armenia. This is a war crime !!!!!!!

  6. #DontBelieveArmenia
    The UN Security Council condemned the Armenian invasion and occupation of Azerbaijan's territories, making its position clear and unambiguous by passing four resolutions, which addressed Armenian aggression-Resolutions 822, 853, 874, and 884, which included the following provisions:

    (1) Expressing serious concern at the deterioration of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan and at the tensions between them and continuation of the conflict in and around the Nagorno-Karabakh region of the Azerbaijan Republic;

    (2) Expressing grave concern at the displacement of a large number of civilians within the Azerbaijan Republic;

    (3) Reaffirming the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and all other States in the region;

    (4) Reaffirming the inviolability of international borders and the inadmissibility of the use of force for the acquisition of territory.

    Ultimately, the Security Council condemned the seizure and occupation of the Kalbajar, Aghdam, Fuzuli, Zangilan districts and all other occupied areas in Azerbaijan and demanded the immediate cessation of all armed hostilities along with the unilateral withdrawal of occupying forces from all those districts and areas

  7. 1. Nagorno-Karabakh is not a disputed territory. This is the territory of Azerbaijan. Both historically and officially recognized by the whole world, including Armenia.

    2. Armenia has occupied not only Nagorno-Karabakh, to which the claimant is Yerevan, but also 7 Azerbaijan regions around it, which Armenia was not going to give up all these years peacefully.

    3. The war is not on the territory of Armenia. The Azerbaijani army is not trying to seize the territory of Armenia or any part of it. The war that began with the occupation of the territories of Azerbaijan more than 30 years ago and as a result of which up to 20% of the territory of Azerbaijan was occupied, is the liberating one to get the lands back to Azerbaijan.

    4. Azerbaijan could liberate its territories 30 years ago. Could also do that during 30 recent years. Our country has a numerical superiority of the army, a numerical and qualitative superiority of equipment and military weapons. And if you ask why this has not been done before the answer is that as a result of the ceasefire in May 1994, the parties pledged to resolve the conflict peacefully and to do it with the help of mediators – the OSCE Minsk Group. Unfortunately, over all these years, official Yerevan has not shown the political will for the peaceful liberation of at least 1 cm2 of the occupied land.

    5. Azerbaijan has repeatedly said that we are adherents of a peaceful solution to the conflict. However, with Nikol Pashinyan, the negotiation process has frozen completely, his statements contradicted the peaceful settlement of the conflict, and the increasing shelling of civilians living on the front line only transferred the conflict from partially frozen to unfrozen. The last straw in the cup of patience of official Baku was the shelling of civilians in Azerbaijan in the front-line zone morning on 27.09.2020

  8. There is a deception and misinformation campaign by Armenian Lobby. I recommend all to do your own research. However western media is biased towards Armenian story, so not sure where you can hear Azerbaijan's side. Here is some info.

    Karabakh and the surrounding 7 districts are within the legal borders of Azerbaijan. According to United Nations Resolutions 822, 853, 874 and 884 (, Armenia is an occupying party and must withdraw all military forces from Azerbaijan borders. I found following BBC interview with Armenian PM Pashinyan to be fair:

    Azerbaijan citizens of Armenian ethnicity in Karabakh region are free to practice their culture and religion as any other ethnic groups in Azerbaijan. There are Armenian descent people living in other neighboring countries as well such as Georgia, Turkey and Russia. The region is mixed with multiple ethnic groups over the thousands of years and Armenia's occupying a neighbor state's land for ethnic reasons is wrong. We should differentiate states from ethnic groups. Armenia and Azerbaijan are states, while each may have citizens from Armenian and Azerbaijani ethnicity. That is how it is in this type of multi-ethnic regions.

    Here is a window to ethnic richness of Azerbaijan:

  9. Nagorno-Karabakh is not a breakaway or disputed region!!! It's an integral and internationally recognised part of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Moreover, it's an occupied territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The ones that are lack of knowledge regarding what is happening in Karabakh If you spend some time and read court case of Chiragov and others v Armenia, numerous resolutions of OIC (BTW, Qatar is also a member state), Resolutions of EU and PACE, you could clearly see that Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding 7 regions of Azerbaijan are considered as territories under the occupation of the Republic of Armenia. What Azerbaijan is undertaking now is nothing, but an exercise of an inherent right of self-defence under Article 51 of the UN Charter.

    Azerbaijan is not threatening territorial integrity of any country. But wants its internationally recognised territories to be liberated from Armenian occupation. #KarabakhisAzerbaijan

  10. AZERIS dont hold war in armenia.they dont target and attack cities of Armenia, but armenia target many of AZERI CITIES . who is the agressor then? who occupied 20 % of AZERBAIJAN lands officially recognized by the world nations and 600.000 internally displaced persons from NAGORNO KARABAKH? while 30.000 armenians live in AZERBAIJAN REPUBLIC, no even one azeri live in Armenia,then who is humanitarian?…..WORLD COMMUNITY IS STILL KEEPING SILENT TO THIS CRIME To HUMANITY……..WHY arent UN 4 resolutions implementing?
    we demand the JUSTICE to the occupation by Armenia as a member of world community!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #stoparmenianaggression #stoparmenianoccupation #peacetoAZERBAIJAN #peaceforGanja

  11. The situation in Nagorno-Karabakh has reached a diplomatic impasse. No one wants to give in, even if the past can destroy the future.

    Whole families are losing their children, husbands and brothers. The war left no one aside. Countries still send their volunteers to war like heroes – with flags, applause and tears from sisters and mothers… while there are already thousands killed and people continue to die and innocent children suffer..

    War is when completely innocent people die for the interests of others. End this war now, tomorrow will be too late. Come to a peace agreement for a brighter future, listen to the voices of your people!

    Armenians, Azerbaijanis, lay down your arms and do not volunteer in the war!

    Because sometimes victory brings so many losses that it looks more like defeat.

    #prayfortheWorld #movementForPeace

  12. For about 30 years international communities asking Armenian troops to leave the occupied Azerbaijani territories.
    Any peace talks attempted by Azerbaijan with Armenia, French, Russian and USA monitoring were sabotaged by Armenian authorities for last 27 years. Every attempt were hard, meticulous work for both sides and monitoring countries, everything were documented.
    Today Armenian authorities show, how much they care about the life of their citizens.
    Armenian authorities don’t have a peace in their plans…

  13. Karabakh is an internationally recognized, integral part of Azerbaijan that was occupied by Armenian forces .
    Here are the List of United Nations Security Council resolutions on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict:

    No:822. Calls for the cessation of hostilities and the withdrawal of all occupying forces from the Kelbajar district and other recently occupied areas of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Expresses its support for the peace process to be pursued within the framework of the CSCE. (April 30, 1993)

    No: 853. Demands the immediate cessation of all hostilities; Calls on the withdrawal of the occupying forces from the district of Agdam and other recently occupied areas of the Republic of Azerbaijan and reaffirms UN Resolution 822. Endorses the continuing efforts by the Minsk Group of the CSCE to achieve a peaceful resolution to the conflict. (July 29, 1993)

    No:874. Calls for the preservation of the ceasefire, cessation of hostilities and withdrawal of forces from recently occupied districts of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and reaffirms UN Resolutions 822 and 853. Reiterates again its full support for the peace process being pursued within the framework of the CSCE. (October 14, 1993)

    No: 884. Condemns the recent violations of the cease-fire established between the parties, which resulted in a resumption of hostilities; calls upon the Government of Armenia to use its influence to achieve compliance by the Armenians of the Nagorno-Karabakh region of the Republic of Azerbaijan with resolutions 822, 853 and 874; demands from the parties concerned the immediate cessation of armed hostilities; calls for the "withdrawal of occupying forces" from the Zangelan district and the city of Goradiz and reaffirms UN Resolutions 822, 853, 874. Strongly urges the parties concerned to continue to seek a negotiated settlement of the conflict within the context of the CSCE Minsk process. (November 12, 1993).

  14. Despite the pandemic, and a call for a global ceasefire by #UnitedNations #UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, on September 27th, 2020 #Azerbaijani troops comprised of terrorists and mercenaries from Syria and armed with superior Turkish and Israeili weaponry launched an all-out war against people of #Artsakh, and have been aggressively shelling cities, bombing and killing civilians, destroying churches, hospitals, schools and daycares. We have to #TakeAction to raise awareness of #AzerbaijaniAggression, #StopTurkey and urge our governments to #RecognizeArtsakh.

    You should realize that by staying uninvolved you are very much involved in contributing (working hard day in, day out and paying taxes to your governments) to the world dominated by dictatorship, aggression, brutality – all kinds of crimes against the humanity. You could make a real difference and if you choose to "stay uninvolved", you are sure to leave a legacy of a world rife with crimes committed against humanity.

    #RecognizeArtsakh #StopAzerbaijaniAggression #StopTurkishAggression #GlobalGoals #SpeakUp

  15. What a great ADVERTISEMENT for Russian weapons! 2 Turkish F-16 and few drones destroyed entire army based on Russian military equipment. After this war Russians will not be able to sell 1 single bullet to anybody, ha, ha, ha

  16. What a great ADVERTISEMENT for Russian weapons! 2 Turkish F-16 and few drones destroyed entire army based on Russian military equipment. After this war Russians will not be able to sell 1 single bullet to anybody, ha, ha, ha

  17. What a great ADVERTISEMENT for Russian weapons! 2 Turkish F-16 and few drones destroyed entire army based on Russian military equipment. After this war Russians will not be able to sell 1 single bullet to anybody, ha, ha, ha

  18. Azerbaijan or better to be called Shirvan( its original name before russian mock up with it) was always part of Iran and has to be added to Iran again . Treaty of Golestan and Turkamanchai were finished on 2013 and by international law Azerbaijan ( Shirvan) and Armenia(Aran) has to be added to Iran again. I have to say from ancient time other side of Aras river never called Azerbaijan it was always shervan and Aran.
    The area north of the Aras River, including the territory of the contemporary nations of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and the North Caucasian Republic of Dagestan, were part of Iran until they were occupied by Russia during the 19th century.
    The following are those was seprated from iran by treaty of Golestan and treaty of Turkamanchai:
    All the cities, towns, and villages of Georgia, including all the villages and towns on the coast of the Black Sea, such as:Megrelia,Abkhazia,Imeretia,Guria;Almost all cities, towns and villages of the khanates in the South Caucasus and partly North Caucasus:Baku khanate,Shirvan Khanate,Derbent Khanate,Karabakh khanate,Ganja khanate,Shaki Khanate,Quba Khanate,part of the Talysh Khanate; Armenia and remaining part of Azerbaijan(shirvan).

  19. Amenia is terrorist state, They killed 50.000 Turkish civilians during first world war just to scare people to leave from the lands they want to occupy from Turkey so they did same to Azerbaijan 30 years ago to occupy karabag and scare people, they killed more than 10.000 civilians in Azerbaijan and forced 1.000.000 people to leave their lands from Karabag, This is the way they think and act to gain lands from others.These people are real Criminal guys.

  20. From 1991, there were attacks by the armenians contrary to international law and these attacks which in 1992 alone in Hocali over 683 women and children and old people were brutally murdered. These people were killed and massacred by the Armenians on the soil of Aserbeidjan.

    Unfortunately it goes much worse and further, everything has been documented, a lot of documentation has been published and has been communicated to the UN.
    At that time, Armenia was well armed and well trained in military and equipment. Azerbaijan was unfortunately very at a disadvantage …
    why, it had only trained artists and philosophers, and in military-technical matters was not given access by the soviet republic.

    So Azerbaijan had nothing to bring against the Armenian attacks.

    Imagine four men sharing an AK47 … and trying to defend themselves against tanks and artillery … the Armenians shamelessly exploited this overwhelming power.

    so the region of Nagorno-Karabakh was occupied by the Armenians.

    28 years have passed since then. The UN resolutions against the usurper Armenia were pronounced, and Armenia was asked to evacuate and leave the occupied territories.

    So far nothing has happened in this direction, the minsk group Russia, France and the USA have done nothing. nothing done. just keep silent.

    It has also been documented under international law that there were well over a million Azerbaijani refugees from the areas around Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding area.

    thre is propaganda, for the interests of the Armenians and against the interests of the Azerbaijanis.

    What about Azerbaijani rights? Over a million people have been brutally evicted from their homeland.

    In the recent actions it slowly seeps out that Armenia started the attacks incited by France (lured with false promises) (very intelligent).

    Fortunately, these and other reasons have led Russia to deliberately hold back and not take an active part in this matter.

    The big game is exposed France, Macron's games will not lead to success in this situation, and that is good. It is interesting that the USA and Iran are in the same boat as the French. allied against the Azerbaijanis.

    Azerbaijan has finally started an offensive, the liberation of the occupied countries from the brutal Armenians.
    The last stand in this matter was four days ago: 8,400 Armenian soldiers and countless tanks, cannons, artillery and other military equipment were neutralized.

    There is more information on this in the image-rich documentation.
    Unfortunately, there are also counter-attacks by the Armenians who are unable to take action against military units, instead they attack civilian cities with short and medium-range missiles, people and cities that are not in war zones but outside, mind you. There is also plenty of picture material for this.

    See BBC and other news programs reporting on genje.

    The successful Azerbaijani actions continue against the invaders of Nagorno-Karabakh

  21. That region has always been and belonged to Armenians, in Azerbaijan and in Turkey there are hundreds of Armenian churches that carbon dating been used that showed  2000 years old. That's a fact. I don't think those churches dropped out of the sky the church has been there thousands of years with Armenian crosses carved into the stones. 

    Plus you always say you UN recognized that region belongs to Azerbaijan that's very interesting. So let's say you have a house that you lived there for centuries but other people came VOTED and decided that your house has been recognized by them and you should leave, I wonder if you will leave just like that walk away ? Just because other people recognize your house belongs to them don't you think there is no logic and or common sense. 

    Next one you guys claiming that Armenians they bombed civilians cities that's very interesting as well because stepanakert has been bombed so many times right inside the  City where does civilians stay live there is no army base whatsoever so how come it's okay for you people to do that but it's not okay for Armenians to respond to that. 

    There are dates there are videos with footages the day you start bombing right before Armenians responded back. 

    Why don't you keep her go do your research stop lying because every single lie has been discovered you guys put videos that dates a year ago or even before that like a child picture that it's crying and you said this is new footage then we find out that picture was taken a year ago in a totally different place and we found another child picture that you were claiming the results of Armenian bombing video has been found got a police officer from Azerbaijan telling that girl to cry and while she start crying forcefully they took a picture of her right after she finished Runs away so continue playing or whatever she was doing so every single videos that you people put it's totally lie and all of them has been discovered.

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