Biden asked about police reform and violent protests at CNN town hall

Biden asked about police reform and violent protests at CNN town hall

During a CNN town hall, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was asked about how he would improve race relations, ongoing violence in US cities, calls to defund police and benefitting from White privilege. #Biden #CNN #News

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  1. I truly do not understand how anyone could support a party that refuses to address antifa, riots, destruction of businesses, attacks on police, our cities, states and country? Denial of the true issues within our communities. I am a sociologist and I must say the mentality of the Democratic party is out of control and unacceptable for a civilized society.

  2. Liar!! He knows exactly all that violence is happening mostly in blue states. President Trump has offered help to stop the violence and Democrats have said no. They need to agree, which is dumb to me. If American people are been tormented with violence, the governor or mayor should be force to take action to protect citizens if they fait to do so the President should be able to act for the protection of the people and their properties.

  3. The honest answer is: your group commits more crime than any other and unfortunately it is affecting the way you are percieved. The don't snitch attitude you have as a group is doing more damage to your community than anything else. If you are not going to cooperate I can't help you. The guys getting killed are thugs and you should be happy that they are off the streets.

  4. The left Democrars do not want legal immigrants because legal immigrants work hard and live honest lives, instead the left wants to bring in illegal criminals who will vote for them. The left wants to get rid of police, they want chaos in the cities and in people's lives. Biden has no plan for the economy … his only plan is infrastructure – something that state leaders put money in, in time of recession, to create jobs because there is no other economy and opportunities. Of course you need to put money into infrasteucture, the only problem is that this is Biden's only economic plan. He lies through his teeth on everything else, just listen to his townhall …. he sounds like this "we are going to give money here and there, we will give these people money and you will become rich everyone will have a house, if you ask banks for money, they will give you whatever you want" … I wonder from which tree Biden is going to get this money – with no economic plan. If Biden wins, the USA is screwwwed. Liar, liar pants on fire – the stupid and uneducated people will believe you, but intelligent people see through your lies. Trump is right. Trump 2020. #tuckercarlson

  5. What Biden should have added is that chaos and violence in cities with Democrat leadership show that they will allow anarchists' burn down the businesses of even black people who worked their whole lives to build. BLM and Antifa are terrorist organizations and the DAs turn them loose when they are caught. I am all for Blacks but those groups are only making things worse.

    I can't vote Democrat because too many of them want to defund the police and then take away our guns. They are even prosecuting one couple who just flashed guns when a protest group tore down their gate and were threating them. Too many of Democrat leaders are absolutely stupid…and most of the media like CNN is worse.

  6. 2020 for President Trump…GUYS THEY DE CLASSIFIED @t CIA BRIEFED OBAMA ON HILLARY PLANS TO LINK TRUMP TO RUSSIAN THE SWAMP DOING Absolutely incredible, seriously how has FAKE NEWS NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC not covered any of this Hillary, Obama, Biden, Brannon, Comey. and Biden this swamp treason This is insanity, everyone in this country needs to see this BEFORE they vote. It's all a sham!

  7. Oh yeah Joe you’re not the dude from Scranton here’s a guy that sold out in America and did dirty deals all over the world to enrich yourself don’t pretend that you’re still the average Joe because you’re not do you live off of billions of dollars From selling out the American people you’re a crook

  8. Hard to denounce antifa Joe , when your the founding member. And everybody and their dog knows that white supremacists weren’t burning down America it was antifa and that’s not an idea that’s a fact .

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  10. This guy is a professional panderer, he will tell you what you want to hear, but their is no action backing anything he says. He’s been in government so long and has done nothing.

  11. That’s amazing because that’s what I told my white daughter to do if she got pulled over. Keep your hands on the wheel and don’t move. Apparently nobody else on this planet ever gets targeted. Give me a break Man!!! What a DICK!! He’s NOTHING like us poor people. Take your government butts back to your mansions and your high income wallets and stop talking down to the poor!!! He k it’s NOTHING about the poor, no matter what color. He’s so full of it!! He’s so racist!!!

  12. What the hell does Joe Biden know about being pulled over. For 8 years he had a chauffeur limousine haul his dumb ass around. He road in a government jet to the Ukraine and China to collect his bribe money.
    Joe Biden isn’t going to the Whitehouse unless he gets a invite from President Trump. Don’t hold your breath Lying Joe.

  13. Did he even an audience? President Trump almost had people! Ur what? Ur black brothers? U should make sure, that ur black brothers won’t get to u, when u told everyone, ur kids will not go to a jungle school, among the other racist slurs u made, on tape, is still there, for people to hear! U sir, lie when u open ur mouth!!

  14. Crazy joe, psychologists and counselors are going to help desclate any situation. Biden loves race bait. There is no such thing as white privilege. The only privilege is wealth..

  15. Biden is a criminal…..the FBI is totally corrupt. We have tried to defend them saying that it was only their bad leaders. But that argument is no longer valid, they have betrayed our country because not even one whistler blower has spoken out. The SWAMP is ugly. President Trump needs to be re-elected to drain the swamp.

  16. Biden the lier, he has a pending lawsuit from a woman he touched, that he did not know. She is not the only one. But just as important is the money he received from Ukraine, Russia, and China he should give it to the people he hurt, the American people. If Biden wants to talk about crack cocaine, there are lots of photographs with Hunder Biden enjoying money for a job his dad got for him from China while he was Vice President. Biden is too much, a pathological liar.

  17. Fact Check: First, President Trump handled the “bible” with great care. Second, He had to hold a bible just for people to know, people who dont know DC before that day, it was indeed a Church, before the RADICAL LEFT attempted to burn it to the ground. Third, I have been in Baltimore my entire life and when the rioting over Freddie Gray hit their peak i was going into labor with my son and the national guard was absolutely needed and Utilized to control that situation. I have photos of my ambulance being escorted 12 blocks by police and the final 6 by both local police and the army national guard. That was under your administration. I was then and still am thankful to President Obama for that. You care so much about the protesters and so little about the lives of the people forced to live among them as a consequence to wrong place wrong time. The national guard was there with good reason when you take in to account that this church sits directly across from the White House. Biden runs away at the first sight of trouble, always has….Trump confronts it and its what the people want in a president. We want to feel safe knowing that our country wont be controlled by a bunch of mobs that didnt get their way and decided to get their own justice. White Supremacists sounds so horrible and definitely gave you the nanosecond of shock value that you were desperately clinging to but if the white supremacists remain just as “peaceful” as all the “Black lives matter” protesters, then what exactly are you condemning? Your the one who fails to condemn both ends. From where i stand they are both counter productive, they both defend the disgusting behavior of their members, both groups have been linked to disgusting violent acts……the problem is that only one of these groups are burning our cities to the ground right now….focus on that, then we can focus on the bald white men peacefully marching with torches, who have just as much right as me to freedom of speech.

  18. Investigating Biden ! He should be tried for treason! He’s been paid off by China ! Who gets loans with no paying back?! Hunter Biden needs to face his crimes!

  19. It's not if you're black or white. It's what neighborhood you're from! And definitely believe him about a bad senator , he knows one well. Also he knows a former vice President that was bad.

  20. This guy is out of control. Top brass turn their backs on Trump because of funding and keeping us out of wars! Tell the truth Mr. Former vice-president. They do not want peace. The rich and powerful are not the ones losing their sons and daughters. This guy is a lie . reason why billionaires are investing in this scam dirt bag.

  21. Big Picture!
    Lip serving is cheap; why Biden, the person waving to empty land, didn't do whatever he is lip-serving in his 8 years?
    If Americans chose Biden, the person waving to empty land, CCP Simplified China would be so delighted and give every American a $20 bill with CCP Simplified China Xi's picture on it : )

    Trump vs. Biden
    Get things done vs. Paint imagery pictures and have things talked for 47 years.
    Leaders get the right things done right; losers get nothing done but keep whining for the sake of whining!
    America vs. Chimerica, just that simple!

  22. Biden the con artist village idiot actually said that police should shoot thugs in the leg who are brandishing deadly weapons??

    Only an anti-police liberal would utter something so ridiculous.

  23. Joe Biden received money from the Chinese through Hunter Biden. You only hear it in the New York Post and Fox News otherwise the corruption media is not publishing this. It may not change votes but it is the worst king of suppression of the news by Twitter Facebook and all the Left. Be very very scared of a Biden and the Left . Yeah Trump is nutty but his policies are not bad and the economy will sink under Biden. No way we make a transition to alternative energy without taxes on all people, not just those over 400 thousand. CNN I HATE YOU AND YOUR LIES.

  24. Trying to explain how fantastic you will be after 47 years of doing nothing but lining your own pockets is a joke. Anderson Cooper must also being going through his own Cognitive Dissonance. Why do I pretend Biden is a good candidate when I know is so corrupt?

  25. Once again all Joe wants to do is lie about Trump every chance he can. Wonder if Joe just did the little libes orcthr big rocks?? JOE DIDNT CARE ABOUT THE RIOTS. HERE HE IS ON TRUMP AGAIN. AND IM NOT SURPRIZED HE DIDNT HEAR THE LAST 100 TIMES TRUMP DENOUNCED WHITE SUPREMACY. ON TRUMP AGAIN. HE WAS TOO SCARED HIDING IN HIS BASEMENT . JOE BIDEN IS A JOKE. A BIG JOKE

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