Biden becomes first Democrat in 28 years to win Georgia

Biden becomes first Democrat in 28 years to win Georgia

Joe Biden will win Georgia, CNN projected, striking at the heart of what has been a Republican presidential stronghold for nearly three decades. The former vice president is the first Democratic nominee to triumph in Georgia since Bill Clinton did it in 1992. Biden’s victory adds 16 electoral votes to his tally, bringing him to 306 — matching President Donald Trump’s 2016 total. With CNN’s projection that Trump will win North Carolina, the final tally is 306-232, a landslide for the President-elect, who flipped five states and a congressional district in Nebraska from red to blue in 2020. The symmetry provides the President with yet another bitter pill to swallow. Trump has spent years tweeting and talking up his margin of victory against Hillary Clinton — one that has now been turned on its head in a final, national rebuke of his presidency. #2020Election #CNN #News

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  1. Turns out that local race in Nevada overturned due to vote of 10 votes difference between win and lose. Election threw out due to 138 votes not being true votes, but voter fraud. Trump correct. Need to throw out election results and start over.

  2. Congratulations to Biden supporters. Biden already started selecting his administration from Amazon, Lyft, Uber , Airbnb , Citigroup ….the biggest corporate exploiters ! Congrats!!!

  3. US Election : … and the winner is…..  Wall Street, military industrial complex, oligarchs,  nepotism and corruption. This is what fraudulent CNN was fighting for and will never admit!!!!


  5. Socialize punks who went to college came out with no jobs and $100,000 debt came out to vote dem why would they want to pay their tuition when the government would pay it for them

  6. Well it’s official it will always be known that the only way the Democrats can win an election is to cheat they prove that time and time again starting in 2015 and it will never end until the Democratic Party is erased you heard me I said erased. …late…

  7. Are you kidding me.? After all the major voting fraud uncovered with tons of evidence to back it, you are really going to pretend like you honestly won Georgia. Well sure, anybody can produce the number of fake mail-in ballots, as needed. The world knows that the Democrats did not win this election, and major fraud was committed, in every Democrat Battleground State. Trump will definitely be our President for the next 4 years. People are going to prison, both Democrats and the Media.

  8. Came here to watch the whiners when they find out mistakes is not fraud. And those mistakes still didn't help Trump.
    Maybe we got tired of him grabbing us by our crotch. Trumpublicans love it, but the normal American Citizen does not.

  9. To all you Biden fans calling for our President to concede, I hate to break it to you but new evidence everyday pops up that there was in fact massive voter-fraud, ironically Joe Biden himself admitted to it ( All joking aside, thousands of new votes each day are miraculously being found, oddly enough most of them in favor of Trump! This election is far from over.

  10. Corrupt media is eroding some people’s brains into tofu. Media are the propaganda mouthpieces for the power elites and the industrial complex. Weak minds believe what’s given to them as gospels

  11. CNN
    Talk about Cuomo's 25 k raise…??

    Everyone okay with that…??
    You know Democratics…their for the working man?? right.

    Still swallowing that 1945 FDR played out commie BS.
    The democratic party is Dead.
    JFK was the last…
    Remember…"ask not what your country can do for but what You can do for your country"??
    Do you say that?
    Do you believe that is what our culture believes?
    Do you think that's what they teach in our public schools?
    Do you teach that to your children?

    Sounds more Republican to me…YOU do for your country???
    No hand outs??
    No entitlement??
    Earn it?
    You are in control?
    Do what for your country??
    Sounds like a MAGA idea to me…
    JFK would be a republican today…asking people to do something for the country in which you live in??
    What does your party say today…it's a far cry from that speech in 1961.
    Woke up!!
    This so called Democratic party is a foreign Left party influenced from China and Russia.

    Did you get a nice raise from your employer?
    Governor Cuomo did… he deserves it! working hard to save lives and keep NY safe.
    Ask the families of the 7k people that died in nursing and long term care facilities…put back there left to die by HIS executive order.
    Ask those families how grateful they are to him…
    Democratic party destroying what they touch since 1828.

    Party of the Ku Klux Klan
    Party of Jim Crow
    Party slavery and segregation.
    Party of red lining.
    Party of the ghettos.
    Party of the man that said ..If you can't figure out to vote for me or Trump then "You ain't BLACK"…

    Come on man…Free your mind
    He's been that guy his whole political life.
    Congratulations…what small ignorant man he is for saying anything like that.

    Time to woke up from the party that have enslaved your mind.

    TO be free you must .
    Shut off CNN,MSNBC, and think for yourselves.
    You'll be surprised at what you see as truth and real.

    But you gotta want to be FREE…

    Join the free people we have plenty of room and best of all… we're free from the LEFT thought police. You can be too.
    You're not a victim.
    You're a free human being…act like it!
    Think free and you will be free… do it today!

  12. I Dont understand why the democrats have such a sick fiendish need to be in power and have control.
    So much so that they are willing to do anything to gain power.
    Fraud , Lies , cheating , slander deception.
    Its a short walk for them to become mass murderers to gain power.
    We know humanity is capable of going to these depraved levels of action to gain power. we have seen it through history.
    Dont think for a second that the modern left isnt capable and willing to take up the mantle of that wicked one , the great foul fiend of old
    and go to all levels of evil to gain power.
    I pray that God will stop them.

  13. Congrats to President Trump on your 2nd term. You won the legal vote handily. Biden, you and your criminal empire are done. The supreme court will never award you the Presidency after hearing all the evidence of fraud this morning. You and your media mob can go to hell!

  14. I left the vid as soon as these sad clowns tried claiming senile Biden "won" the election when there is irrefutable proof of real voter fraud that is being uncovered by the day, yet these people just want to ignore it when there are literal sword affidavits and other credible proof that the election was rigged. Of course, all that "credible" media tell you that the election was "fair" so that you can have faith in the corrupt "fair" system that they are known to cheat in and sweep it under the rug. Why would they tell you that the election was fraud when it clearly was? A lot of evidence including deceased people's votes being counted, "glitches" in the software of counting, spectator suppression as well as many other very suspicious and glaringly obvious things that just don't add up and is being purposefully ignored by the media. If you ignore all of this, then you are just another braindead sheep leper who follows everything your "unbiased" and "uncorrupt" totally "credible" media tells you.

  15. My sincere wishes to continue to tramatize a lie and manipulate the people of Holy Father Eternal Spirit. And that the CoV-19 vaccine will take your souls with this biology weapon for you to scratch into eternal life.Because it is the most precious for our only GOD is our Holy Spirit.

  16. Lies biden has not won Georgia it's been overturned .I'm in the uk and I know this channel is a fake network .wake up
    cnn are lieing to you all
    Donald trump will be re-elected 2020
    My advice get a good psychological adviser because you'll be drowning in your tears until 2028 .happy days are here again .Trump 2020- 2024 then Ivanka 2024 -2028.

  17. The people don't choose the president. The electoral college does. While a winner is typically declared on or just after election day, the Electoral College doesn’t actually vote until the Monday after the second Wednesday in December.

  18. So for all of you who thinks Trump is a joke and that his voter fraud claims are a illusion, how are you liking the reality of the new Lock Downs your Democratic States are imposing that are greatly influenced by Biden since he doesn't have the power to directly order them himself. Oh but don't you worry he's just getting started should be installed as the 46th you've seen nothing compared to the past lock downs back in March and May… because Biden says and I quote "The Problem with the first lock down is that is wasn't stringent enough" ENJOY!! CAUSE WE ARE ALL F#*KED and why??? … BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE SOMEBODIES TONE???!!! "COME ON MAN!!"

  19. Democrats just elected the oldest, whitest, out of touch racist they could find! Lol, everything they claim to hate. Going to be a fun four years to watch. I wonder when the liberal progressives are going to realize they were duped? Trump should run again in four years the bernie people will be so mad by then they will vote Trump.

  20. False. Biden is not the elect president until all states certifies elections. The fraud is perpretaded because the voting system asing the in doubt votes to biden. And will need not only a recount but a audit Vote by Vote to determine if each Vite is valid after se are dure that the signature belongs to voter, that is not dead and isnot voting in other county or state. Si we need to cure all the elección at least in the swing states. This only be possible after state courts denine to the and will be forced by the supreme Court and rh en you will see probes, because at this moment you have people declarating that was instructed to accept irregularaties like valid votes by millions.

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