Biden wins Georgia recount as Trump setbacks mount – BBC News

Biden wins Georgia recount as Trump setbacks mount – BBC News

US President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia has been confirmed by a recount, as legal efforts by Donald Trump’s allies to challenge his defeat were dismissed in three states. The Democrat beat his Republican rival in Georgia by 12,284 votes, according to the audit required by state law. Mr Biden said he was confident Mr Trump knew he was not going to win and had shown “incredible irresponsibility”. The Democrat is set to take office in January as the 46th US president. Please subscribe HERE

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  3. 2017 This clown Dr fouchi said in 2017 we are going to expiriance surprise pandemic .I never trusted the government ever since this is 1 percent population control over the majority .

  4. Wrong wrong wrong . Do you really know the news ? Biden is not President elect. Do you understand Covid ?BBC is way out there . Georgia is a mess . Hopefully the electoral college on December 14th will be able to announce who is President .It might end up in the Supreme Court. Just like in 2000 between Gore & Bush. There has been wide spread fraud . Not little numbers like in Georgia. Georgia has been exposed a much larger fraud problem . The governor wants to get out of it . President Trump knew winning Georgia would not be major numbers . The voter fraud that occurred in Georgia was horrible . Extremely anti American . It is better to say nothing than something that is false .

  5. BBC you’re just like the rest of the fake news in the United States you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about so keep your damn lies to yourself. We can do without it in this country.!

  6. If you think trump supporters are just going to lay down for this criminal voter fraud you’re badly mistaken. Biden will never be our President and we will never yield to socialism

  7. Trump is using his racist tactics to cheat by trying to throw out all the black votes. America is paradise for any neo-nazis, and white supremacists. America have always been complacent with systemic Racism. Hate organizations flourished and is imbedded in all levels of law and Government. Trump had four years to plan and destroy democracy. America's complacency have allowed and opened the door for the KKK Grand Wizard (Trump) and neo-nazis, white supremacists administration to occupy the Whitehouse. They hate America.

  8. I am slightly disappointed that the BBC missed one important fact: The recount in George was a hand recount. The hand recount results disprove the bad software theory that Trump's team is putting forth because the hand recount didn't show a significant disparity between computer tabulation and hand tabulation totals.

  9. Thanks for balanced reporting. Expat American wondering what happened to my country. Hopefully in 16 days the matter will be settled when all the states have certified their elections and the transition will be allowed to begin. Even if legitimate questions remain there's no reason for the GSA to prevent sharing of information regarding national security and the current administration's pandemic planning. My suspicion is they don't want it to be revealed because there isn't any.

  10. It is time to remove trump from the White House …We must say enough—enough! He has betrayed our national security, and he will do so again. He has compromised our elections, and he will do so again. You will not change him. You cannot constrain him. He is who he is. Truth matters little to him. What's right matters even less, and decency matters not at all.

  11. I hope this brings the BBC down! We are all watching the scam unfold on the net, so your lies don't work anymore! The mainstream media has had its day & you know it. And once the collusion is proved amongst all you brought n payed for lying news networks i hope you are all shut down & locked up for treason!

  12. The only recount trump will accept is one that calls the election in his favour. Just because he doesn’t like the outcome, doesn’t mean it was fraudulent, it just makes him a bad sport.
    I would love to know the numbers in Georgia. How many votes did both of them pick up or lose.

  13. FAUCI! When I hear Fauci speak, I get hives.
    Do you remember when Fauci sponsored the REMDESIVIR drug?
    Remdesivir a drug that gives serious or very serious side effects such as kidney failure that even the cronies of Fauci the WHO have declared that it is useless.
    Below is the site where you can check the studies performed on Remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine but also on Vitamin D, zinc, Ivermectin etc ….
    Maybe it's time to ask Fauci to disclose all conflicts of interest before letting him talk.
    I have balls full of hearing people with conflicts of interest talk in the mainstream.
    Liens vers :
    L'article de l'American Journal of Medicine
    August 06, 2020DOI:
    Les données pour les pays qui prescrivent

  14. DOES ANYONE actually believe this BULLSHIT is going on. It is all a distraction for the VACCINE roll out that is going on behind the scenes. SLIGHT OF HAND, watch this one but the other hides the trick.

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  16. I came here simply to gloat. Kudos President Elect Joe Biden. Winner of both the Popular and Electoral votes. A REAL LEADER and a HUMBLE ONE at that. The whole world loves you.

  17. Remember Trump voters that the Republican Party looks down upon you and has forsaken your leader, whom they think is a "F***ing Moron!" It's time for you to leave the party that never wanted you to begin with; start your own party and teach the Republicans a lesson!

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  19. President Trump is going to go down as the worst Cry Baby and poor loser he didn't win the winner recount 3 4 5 times and it still going to show the same he should just accept the truth and walk away with whatever dignity he doesn't have

  20. Georgia has NOT done a recount yet, they did a self imposed AUDIT, where they discovered almost 10,000 uncounted ballots. Trump wasn’t able to request a recount until the audit was over.

  21. ГЕСТАПО, ОМОН, НКВД, КГБ, ФСБ это одно и то же, там работают только фашисты, садисты, звери,,, Сталин Путин лукашенко, русский мир !!!❌✔йло путин.

  22. To the naysayers. Had the left not dreamed up a way to oust Trump from day 1 I could accept a Biden win but have watched four years of non-stop attacks on him. Why would t the left try to pull off an illegitimate win? I think we should have a total redo on this election and if not we most definitely should honor its citizens by telling the judges who are denying Trumps right to investigate fraud is transparent and NOT denied. One man gets to deny a lawsuit when it’s half the country demanding it? I still believe Georgia and Pennsylvania are Trumps.

  23. Trump is a disgrace to mankind. He lost but thinks only of himself. Make America great again was and never will be about Trump's ideals. He is the most un American that could ever exist. Understand one simple issue, America has never been not great. Till now because Trump has done nothing for the people he is meant to serve. He never paid his tax, you did. He went bankrupt instead of paying his dues. He has taken an American way of life and freedom which he has never given one second protecting. That is some other suckers job.
    I don't care if you're Irish, British, American, French, German, Russian or like myself, Australian.

    Look past the curtain of nationality for a moment, and realise that every man, every life, human or animal in the mud, every man who looked through a sight.

    Was human.

    Respect the man, not the name, not the nationality, not the religion or the cause.

    Respect the man

    An Australian wrote this 4 years ago and something that stuck with me for 4 years.

    Watch this and tell me Trump Understands. how bad it is to steal an election and what message does that tell the world about American values?

  24. What They Want You To Believe:
    That the Man who proclaims “America First” is bad for our country.
    The Man who fights against The Swamp, is the corrupt one.
    The man who facilitated the US to become Energy Independent for the first time since 1957, lower all fuel prices and create many new energy jobs, does not care about the working people.
    The Man who says we should stand for the National Anthem, is a tyrant and a dictator.
    The Man recently nominated for four Nobel Peace Prizes is an existential threat to the World.
    The Man bringing US troops home and brought peace to the Middle East, doesn’t care about our Military
    The Man who fixed the VA thinks people wounded or killed in battle, are "losers and suckers".
    The Man who increased funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, is a Racist
    The Man who created Opportunity Zones to revitalize distressed inner-city communities, hates minorities.
    The Man who champions School Choice, hates the poor.
    The Man who presided over the largest increase in low and middle-income workers’ earnings in decades, only cares about the rich
    The Man whose policies helped lift millions of minorities out of poverty is, yes, a Racist
    The Man who created millions of low- and middle-income jobs, (prior to COVID), does not care about working people.
    That the Man who saw his net worth go down while in Office – the first in history to do so – only took the job to enrich himself and his Family.
    The Man who doesn't take a salary as President, only cares about himself
    The Man who instituted prison reform and criminal justice reform is a Racist.
    The Man who had a record number of small donations to his Campaign is owned by Wall Street and the Billionaire Elite.
    The Man who began closing the Wealth Gap is only in it for his own financial gain.
    The Man who became the first President to appoint an openly gay person to his Cabinet, is homophobic.
    The Man who held Communist China to account, was wrong to do so.
    The Man that created more favorable Trade Deals, to help the US Worker, is dumb
    The Man who attempts to enforce existing laws, is a dictator.
    The Man that banned travel to-and-from China in Jan, 2020, was a “Racist and Xenophobe” for doing so
    The Man who followed the Constitution and allowed the States to create their own Coronavirus Policies – and then provided them everything they needed – is to blame for all Coronavirus deaths.
    The Man who created the strongest US economy in history – and now has the economy back to just 6.9% unemployment – is not capable of leading us out of the COVID Recession
    The Man who told his supporters to “vote in person”, to avoid possible cheating, is trying to steal the election.
    The Man that has been investigated more than any other President in history, is a crook
    The Man who has been the most transparent President in history, has not been straight with the American people
    The List goes on……….
    This is what “THEY” want you to believe about president Donald Trump!
    Don’t act like sheep!
    Wake up!! Please feel free add to it and share! If you use a laptop or desktop you can copy/paste. We must fight for our freedom and our president to help stop the steal! Trump 2020

  25. The BBC says that they had hoped to hear some of the hard evidence backing up the claims of the President that the election had been stolen, but that we didn't hear anything like that, and that the news conference was largely ridiculed. All I ask is that you watch the FULL news conference (unlike the BBC) – basically lasts 90 min, and then say that it didn't include any evidence. The evidence is actually quite astounding – obviously it needs to be proven in a court, but you can't say (BBC) that we didn't hear any evidence – oh yeah, and lovely behaviour yet again from those (I suspect) on the left – this time mocking a 76 year old.

  26. The Democratic Party is legitimately laughing in the faces of the American people. The blue sheep fell in line, they got their black votes, they cheated a nationalist system. Now get ready for the world & all the President Trump has done to bring nations together, go up in flames.

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