Black Trump voter: I still support the President

Black Trump voter: I still support the President

Pennsylvania voters react to President Donald Trump’s racist tweets directed at four Democratic congresswomen. #CNN #News

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  1. CNN doesn’t even get supported anymore, they’re insanely biased and misinform SO much it’s not even funny, I left the Democratic Party so fast the minute I saw all the misinformation that came from the left, it’s all so biased and Democrats are just so obsessed with making trump look bad and will do everything in their power to make him look bad, disgusting

  2. This is

    This is why the black community is so broken. Blacks need to understand our people have different opinions, and shouldn’t be singled out and bullied just because we don’t have the same mind-set.

  3. That kid was the smartest person in that room lol! He sees through the bullshit and goes for brass tax. For a person to say they would vote for a president based on how they speak and how much smoke they blow up your ass makes you a fool. Shit john f kennedy was one of the sleeziest presidents ever. People loved him through cause he had a silver tounge. Don't be stupid people. Vote with your bank account on your mind

  4. I love how educated the African American kid speaks but other African-Americans would call him uncle Tom and accuse him of speaking like a white man when in reality it's speaking educatedly.

  5. Trump is the first to bring up the point that big cities need help the democrats who run them are stealing them blind of the federal funding they are getting for the people. The big cities are number one in over doses. Trump will be elected again as he is doing what he says and that's a first for a president. I will be voting for him for sure.

  6. Yea. And when he orders us to be kicked out and kills the Africans on the American continent you will still support him. AFEICAN FOOLS LIKE YOU NEED TO DIE. JUST LIKE YOUR STUPID ALBINO LEADER TRUMP.

  7. The go back to your country tweet was not put into the right perspective. He basically said to those women that if you hate this country so much then you can leave and go back to your country fix problems there then comeback to America and show us how it's done. Nothing about that statement involved race.

    CNN focus more on drama than solutions for our country which is sad and detrimental to society


  9. they are not GIVING YOU a fair chance to make up your own opinions on anything….they force it down your neck. There is no substance here it is all opinion based nonsense that should never be twisted as news! NEWS is just that…black and white facts that took place…NOT what this garbage is. oh my its so scary

  10. STOP CENSORING ME YOUTUBE, GOOGLE, ETC!!! Im not saying anything to warrant that nor does general public know this is even occurring. I have fought all day just to get a single post to actually be published on YOUTUBE…a comment!!! ITS HAPPENING! try using different browsers for awhile and compare the results and just watch and see the craziness unfold before you!

  11. Lol. Blk kid (I'm blk n 50) backed down under the CNN lights. But guarantee he's still a strong Trump supporter. Cnn does what it does…cut his feed mid point.

  12. His "go back" comment.. was taken out of context by the media.. if you listen to the entire dialogue, it wasn't race based at all.. stop twisting the facts.. stop with the fake news.. Americans see through the biased news coverage.

  13. The only people who believe that the President is racist are the fake news and those who believe in what the fake news shoves down the ignorant masses throats.
    This country isn't as divided as the msm and the Fascists want it to be.
    They have nothing to attack him on at all. Especially the economy.
    Unfortunately, there are alot of uneducated people who think that the economy is doing the best it ever has because of obama.
    If you paid attention to the numbers though and understood them as they stood during obamas last 2 years in office as well as the uneven balance we had in trade partnership(s), the shifting of the economy didn't really start up until after the President renegotiated the horrible trade deals we've had for far too long.
    You can vomit all you want that the only reason for the economic booming is because of obama but that's just 1 more pathetic lie brought to you by lunatic talking heads on CNN&MSNBC

  14. Trump said to go back to fix their country and show us how it's done before telling us how to run ours. How is that bad. It's sad how some people fall for the bs. But one good thing is that the country has almost half a billion people. What? About 1 million people believe the bs so they won't effect much thankfully

  15. Im glad black Americans are returning to the top. Blacks and whites founded the republican party together and whites,jews,some Hispanics and black americans throughout history have been in the gop. It would be awesome to see black Americans return to theyre original party which is the republican party and both white and black Americans can run it together that would be awesome! Gop lets make that goal happen! MAGA

  16. For a long time I did not believe in racism, until I saw how the Left manipulated black voters and is actually of course racist and ignorant but then never really looked at them as equals or helped them rather they just use them. Trump, I do not believe is well connected to the black community, so I know he’s awkward but as least he’s trying. I’ll give him that.

  17. Notice how none of these people could even look the others in the eye. So much turmoil. How can you even have a rational discussion and work toward a solution when no one is even willing to listen to each other? They have their own ideas and thoughts, and no one else's matter. If you think Joe Biden is the one who can overcome that situation, you believe in the Easter Bunny (to borrow a thought from the one lady)

  18. President Trump did NOT ride in on the coat tails of Obama! Obama tried desperately to put the screws to Trump by a last minute dicision to give Iran, what…3 Billion dollars?? On a nuke deal deal that was never agreed upon, nor signed, by the Iraqie government and then has the unmitigated audacity to SPY on him during his campaign!!! Obamas shovel ready jobs and his "My Brothers Keeper" projects were a JOKE!! Trump has done far more for minorities than Obama ever promised he would. All Obama did was LIE and LIE and LIE!!! But what can u expect from a MUSLUM, Progressive, socialist? Nothing! TRUMP FOR 2020!!!

  19. Well it's certainly possible to be a racist against your in race. That's all this person is. He should know however that although siding with white racists does make him a racist it doesn't make him white

  20. CNN, when you have some REAL news to show us, THEN post it on YouTube, ok? We YouTubers don't need you wasting space like Fox News does. You guys are the most mediocre news station/channel I have ever seen.

  21. Lol, CNN, your irony is so thick and obvious. This is why identity politics is cancer and why you, CNN, lost your credibility a long time ago.

  22. Isn't disrespectful what CNN doing plus what they did they choose 3 killarys voters and 2 Trump's that wasn't a fare game cnn that's just trying to tell us there is more votes than trump nice try cnn

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