Bubba Wallace responds after FBI hate crime investigation

Bubba Wallace responds after FBI hate crime investigation

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace speaks to CNN’s Don Lemon after the FBI said a noose found in his team garage at the Talladega Superspeedway has been there since last year and he, therefore, is not a victim of a hate crime.

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  1. He shrugs off any motive as if being rich and famous is an alibi…Jussie Smollett comes to mind. Bubba is the Kaepernick of NASCAR. The Jussie Smollett of acting. When you lack the skills and crave attention, just play the victim card.

  2. Bubba Wallace stay off lemons show he going to get you fired he never knows when to let go he keep stirring pot lemon is nothing you look like you got caught man your face is swollen lemon wish you looked like bubba and got white girlfriend but lemon you don't

  3. It wasn't a hate crime intended for Bubba specifically, but was intended for any black person. I grew up in "the South" and am sick and tired of the people posting so many hateful ignorant replies. Bubba was rightfully shook, even though it was an old noose. It was a NOOSE and put there to intimidate BLACK PEOPLE….PERIOD. Blows my mind how many ignorant people are still posting and blaming Bubba for something he didn't cause.

  4. If you can't see Bubba is an intelligent honest good person, from the way he's explained the situation, you are a lost cause. Don't @ me if you plan on rebutting this (especially if you needed to google to understand what "rebutting" means).

  5. Good on Bubba and good on Nascar…never thought I'd see that happen. This is a turning point and the ones who don't want positive change need to realize their agenda is coming to an end.

  6. Seeing as most of the comments here are directed hate toward Bubba, I'm betting that the same people are flagging good comments to get them taken down, or that the admin is siding with them. Either way, times are changing, so get used to it.

  7. Bubba Smollet, a mediocre driver on an underfunded team, that is on the verge of closing their doors permanently! What better way to get some attention (and potential sponsors) then to stage a fake hate crime. NASCAR buys in, and all of a sudden people are paying attention to NASCAR once again. ONLY problem is, this so called “Hate Crime” was never a hate crime!! Making matters worse is that Bubba Smollet keeps referring to the pull rope as a noose. The FBI says no noose, Bubba Smollet says “It’s a Noose”!!!!! He’s a fraud, and this entire thing is a joke. Richard Petty should be embarrassed as well as NASCAR. Bubba Smollet will be gone from NASCAR in 2021, not because he’s black (well only 50% actually), but because he is just an average driver. Plain and simple!!!! Maybe Bubba, Jessie and Colin can all get together and plan their next Fake Hate Crime? Coming to a city near you in 2021!!!!!!!!

  8. The comments on this page speak for themselves, and yet complain about being called racist? Truth hurts for those who lack the stones to own what they are. The butthurt bigots who cry like little girls when called racists, the haters on this page . . . your orange psychotic hero will never Make America White Again because it never was. The sick fux on this page will find hate destroys the hater.

  9. Bubba Wallace = The Storm
    All of this is psyop- getting people to STOP paying attention to the Rollong out of 5G technology and the taking down of the United States by the WARLORDS who ru n this world.

    This is a distraction by the New World Order. NASCAR just like other pro sports is run by the Cabal/ Freemasons/ psychopathic elite

  10. I love how a fake story, can be so easily exposed. Then so blatantly lied about in the media, then after everything blows up. Coddled and bailed out by the same media, that wants to impeach trump for eating a ham sandwich on sunday.

  11. Man, if he's that angry about a noose, he should stay the hell away from any automobiles..Because they were invented by a white man, and all whites are racist, right? Sorry, I had to hit my head on the desk in order to type that previous statement. I think the libs are just walking around in a semi-concuss state. I'm so glad this "story" wasted the time of all those FBI agents that could have been…Oh, I don't know…PROTECTING US FROM ACTUAL DANGER!

  12. Hmm not sure why he's still pissed! Maybe make it illegal to tie a rope?? Would that make it all better? I love Bubba but come on we have bigger issues than something that was proved to NOT be against him.

  13. Racism towards white people is getting worse. The mainstream media (democratic activists) is doing everything in their power to start a race war. 13% of the polulation against the rest of the nation!

  14. "Dethrone me from the pedestal I am on" 0 humbleness, these guys so full of themselves, very arrogant. What kind of character to defend. Lol… These guys tears fall from heaven, they are so high up on their pedestals! LOL

  15. Another thing is the confederate flag has flown for 40 years before this incident and now bubba comes in and makes a big deal and wines and moans and bitches and they had to take it down

  16. Another disadvantaged rich black American, who has white people all around him lifting him up in life, working on his behalf, who has to pretend like he’s a victim of racism. When I was a white kid in high school a group of white kids constantly intimidated me, and various times either knocked me down or hit me. I didn’t cry victim and make the whole damn school glorify my existence in a parade.

  17. ** BLM is a militant, Marxist front: https://youtu.be/_TJpqSZ8ACc
    • BLM rioters drive a car through a shopping center window: https://youtu.be/WkO1rV3AYSA
    • Marxist BLM organizer Tamika Mallory said, "Don’t talk to us about looting… I don’t give a damn if they burn down Target!" https://youtu.be/XkGC1jdEtKc .
    • Marxist BLM organizer Hawk Newsom said "We will burn down this system and replace it!" https://youtu.be/njv3PznKqME
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  18. 4:00 "I never seen the noose, I never reported it"
    9:00 "I actually got evidence of what was hanging in my garage, OVER MY CAR around my picture guys"

    Over his car? Not from the photos NOOSCAR released.

    Thanks Don and Jussie for the hoax evidence!

  19. Bubba The Cry Baby Wall Ass , is such a loser on the track he thought he would get ahead of the pack by throwing in the Racist Card ! Proving The Only Racist there was Bubba The Wall Ass ! And his followers !

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