China’s Uighur camp detainees allege systematic rape – BBC News

China’s Uighur camp detainees allege systematic rape – BBC News

Women in China’s “re-education” camps for Uighurs have been systematically raped, sexually abused, and tortured, according to detailed new accounts obtained by the BBC. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews

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  1. U.S. and its allies have dropped 46 bombs per day for 20 years. In 227 years of its 244-year history, the U.S. has been at war for nearly every year of its existence as an independent nation.

  2. Seems a large num. of people in lack of media literacy. Any CCTV system in China with such little cam. can tell the truth. Captioned with whatever a highschool stud coud say

  3. nobody in china believe western news, there are lies always, fuck the blind News organizations of western country, they only believe law of the jungle,it's not about human culture. human's belief should be stop poverty. but the western news don't care about this. so ,he,he

  4. Not denying that abuses could have happened in some of the camps but doesn't prove it's systemic.
    If there were abuses, then the perpetrators should be caught and punished just like anywhere else. But politicizing and weaponizing it against China sounds too convenient and transparent .
    What happened when Abu Graib and Guantanamo happened? Did the world condemned US? Yes , they "corrected" Abu Graib, or did they? Were the guilty soldiers punished but subsequently let off with commuted sentences? Guantanamo and other secret torture camps are still around the world. So why the double standards if indeed there were actual abuses in the camps?

  5. Look at the comment section. When Muslims are tortured everyone is saying its fake. But when it came to twin towers and WMD IN Iraq you all jumped on board even tho bush Jr just wanted to find an excuse to finish his dads job in Afghanistan and Iraq. People are stupid asf.

  6. Diyu. where souls are taken after death to atone for the sins they committed when they were alive. sinners are subjected to gruesome tortures until their "deaths", after which they are restored to their original state for the torture they did to others be done to them for eternity.

  7. This is such bullshit. Keep hiring paid actresses for their fixed stories.

    Britain itself has similar programs.
    For example:
    The British DDP (Desistance and Disengagement Programme),
    TPIMA (Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Act)
    British 4P (Prevent, Pursue, Protect, and Prepare) Program
    British HII Project (Healthy Identities Intervention)
    AlFurqan Program
    etc. For program like HII and TPIMA, authorities can detain and jail suspects without enough evidence but under


    Check them out, these are all facts which BBC will NEVER tell you. They may cover these here and there but definitely not like how they report Xinjiang fake news.

    French depolarization project established at least 12 depolarization centers(camps) all over France. Nobody talks about that.

    BBC why dont you dig in and try to find out how many injustice in your British depolarization programs? Dig in the genocides still being committed in middle east and all over the world by western allies everyday right now?
    Please share this comment and let more to know BBC's bias and double standards.

  8. Assignment Asia ep 75
    that is where bbc got some of its doctored footages from.
    now you can make your own mind up if western media is trustworthy or not.

  9. Just stop it, NONE of you saw a damn thing, stop making up the story. Any normal human would not allow this to happen in their country, but some people think all Chinese people have no conscience and been brainwashed, that's outrageous. Please, Chinese people are just like any others, they also have their family, their children. The fact is that China has never had any kind of racial hatred propaganda, and many Uyghur celebrities are very popular in China, you can google it. if China really trying to do what she talking about, China would have racial hatred education a long time ago. Without racial hatred propaganda, this kind of thing will be exposed very quickly and everyone will stand and against it. GO TO XINJIANG AND USE YOUR EYES.

  10. Even this was a true story can you prove this was not a single case? Like a kneel kill case just happened in US doesn't mean kneel kill always happen.

  11. Please come and visit real Xinjiang, Chineses welcome everyone who can see and speak truth. When a reporter start to speak lie, he lost his heart and soul, white never can be converted to black, fake news

  12. Okay fine. But what about the atrocities happening in our own country in the USofA? There are children and women migrants abused at detention camps, especially at the one in Arizona. Human trafficking is having a field day with the new flood of immigrant women and children! I am an American and I would love to see China publicly point out the inhumane condition of the migrant camps all along our US borders so that way SOMEBODY out there will pay attention to what is happening right under our noses.

  13. Dude, Im form XINJIANG. IT IS ALL FAKE, ALL BULLSHIT, Stop spreading rumor about China. BBC fucks with everyone and none of them knows. More hilarious, people are sending their meaningless sympathy to a fake news, LMAO.

  14. Allow me to save you guys some time. I have known about this for over a decade. You will find fake comments trying to change the narrative but they are easy to dismantle. The politicians will not do anything because there is no strong support (so you must speak and engage to end their suffering).
    Many people who first denied, have changed their views after visiting. Even Attrny Gnrl of USA who hates Muslims said it's ethnic cleansing and genocide, because dehumanization by an unchecked power is a human crisis and a lot of evidence supported by guards themselves.

  15. Gulf of Tonkin, Kuwait incubator baby, Iraq WMD, Libya Viagra mass rape, Syria chemical weapons, the list goes on; but the tactic remain the same, ‘We lied, we cheated, we stole’: Pompeo.

  16. The fake story basic on a girl want to apply the refugee green card in Australia and she put the fake story in her application. The international media use the fake story,that make people in Xinjiang and all Chinese very angry because a lot people foolished by the fake news. Please come to Xinjiang have a look, don't fool by the fake story. You also can search on web, a lot youtuber driving thought cities,mountains and deserts in Xinjiang. It is a beautiful place.

  17. Recently, I see many denouncing that "BBC's Uighur reports are total lies", but I don't think the statements of TikTok girl and these sexually violated women are "total lies." Please continue to seek the truth, despite the growing backlashes.

  18. countries bombing Mideast all the time, talk about how much they care about Muslims? and people actually believe it, are you freaking kidding me? save your BS to yourself.

  19. I have one question – How did she leave China, leaving from an Airport in China with a valid Chinese passport, and the date of issuance is when she was in held in re-education camp? Just asking for a friend.

  20. Chinese communist President Xi JinPing has a history of human rights violations. Unfortunately he is too powerful of a dictator. There are no elections. Divine intervention is our hope.

  21. Could all this propaganda be a smole screen to delay belt and road initiative. No way are western cameras allowed in to China so the BBC must be fake. Cancel your licenses if you havent done so. If this situation in China were true Iran would not be dealing with them and neither would Russia.

  22. It's crazy to see how CCP propaganda bots are in these comments. Hopefully the only country with some balls does something about Myanmar, we all know the rest of the world won't do anything including my country.

  23. Fake testimonies. useless propaganda. You imperialist americans are desperate because china is the only country thay cannot stop growing. So you make up all of this "genocide" to further the anti-chinese sentiment. But it will be useless. The gap is closing and china will eventually be the worlds highest ranked economy by 2025.

  24. Stop purchasing all Chinese products. Watch the money flow dry up. Let all the companies that send their manufacturing there and support that corrupt to the bone political system rot. If you do business with China, we won't be doing business with you. It's time for their single largest cash cow to cut off the milk.

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