CNN’s Keilar confronts Trump campaign official: Are dead Americans funny to you?

CNN’s Keilar confronts Trump campaign official: Are dead Americans funny to you?

CNN’s Brianna Keilar confronts Trump 2020 campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh about President Donald Trump’s use of racist language and recent comments about coronavirus testing that he made at a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. #BriannaKeilar #CNN #News

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  1. This country has gone insane. Look at what Japan did: they postponed the Olympics for a year to save human lives. IMHO the elections should do the same thing. That is what "for the people" means. But instead, the politicians want people to come out and infect each other for their personal political gain. WTF.

  2. Brianna's head is beautifully proportioned, with such a pretty face. That Tim guy seems to have a head the size of his torso, with a big empty brain inside.

  3. How uneducated are you to say openly that people with temp are allowed to cool down. Everything is a joke in this administration. Let’s all just gather and vote this trash out.

  4. It’s not okay to gather in groups without PPE and distancing, unless you want to suffer the aftermath of COVID-19. DJT is now admitting this due to his horrible poll numbers.

  5. Tim, a word of advice sir. If you ever have to do another interview with this super/woman you better have your friggin statistics fact checked, dude. Because she just handed your testes to you! Put ‘em in a jar, on your mantle, little lackey.

  6. Hello from Europe, so far we know here…the Trump administration tooked measures since January…long before the pandemic arrived. Every day they call the people to take social distancing and they managed even to pay you to not to gather. But we all saw that the americans simply didn´t give a sh** on the guidelines. You guys did whatever you wanted, arguing civil rights and liberty and stuff. It´s unbelieveble that you now blame Trump for the mess. Here in Youtube you can take a look back on your behavior in the pandemic. These numbers are yours…not Trump´s.

  7. This guy is like T

    When Trump talks, it is like watching someone talking to a mirror. What he says about others is him speaking about himself. His legacy of a Trump monument is a Wall built with funds taken from our armed services and a COVID-19 cemetery which increases daily due to his action of inaction. Now he is trying to add our children to this monument by requiring schools to open with his action of inaction on safety guidelines. Maybe he will do an Executive Order for these children’s own COVID-19 Cemetery

    His child may or may not go back to school (if T determines if it is safe to do so) while are children are directed to or schools loose funding

    Watched him on tv like an 8 year old made to apologize for something he did wrong.

    The former president was floored by Trump's declaration that he takes no responsibility for his administration's coronavirus shortcomings.

    Retired Military generals concerned about his actions

  8. You know he works for trump because he made a fool of himself. How many questions did trump take? Moron." leadership of trump"? He can't even spell the word leadership. Pops poor little brad is out lmao

  9. No that not true it's the qualified immunity that we want to be taken away so cop's won't getaway with murder of innocent people
    And beating them while handcuffed and choking them until unconscious this is why
    All cop's should lose their qualified immunity so they can be changed for there crimes that they been getting away with all these years

  10. "Yeah, but- & Whatabbout-ism & yes, but & well, we're gonna & we've already ". Deny, discredit, delay, and detract. Every single one of these folks only have excuses. Only, always, and ever. Excuses. No question, MR. Biden is the only choice. And not for nothin' but I am in Florida, and DeSantis is flapping his gums over the crisis here-he's NOT handling, NOT dealing, NOT maintaining, and for sure-NOT making a difference.

  11. CNN if your pushing this political propaganda nonsense once again, because we've seen it all before, then you have blood on your hands!!!??? While you're bashing the Presidents character for more zombie votes, people are getting killed out here!!?? ..and could you explain to us all why you support BLM.fraud who is clearly hiding behind words such as "peaceful protest" and "disinformation" ????

    Their zombie converts aren't acting like the living dead for no reason and you people know it!!?? Your hatred towards your own President is not noteworthy, and this isn't new information, so why are you wasting our time!!??? Your going to polish up the madness, and push this propaganda nonsense, and give us more fake news!???

    Forget about what you feel Trump should be saying or doing, are you not holding hands with BLM.fraud and the wolves behind the scenes!?? The lives and even minds of people are being hijacked, and you sit there and tell us this is only about police brutality!??? What are you smoking, and stop playing the dense card!??

    What you have to say about the President is old news, why not shed some light on what's really going on out here, and why your ok with pushing political propaganda like it ain't no thing!!??? Children are being murdered and you are holding hands with anti-American domestic terrorist groups, so go punch your pillow and stop talking about the President!!???

    Watching his every move during this pandemic right?? ..well don't be such hypocrites, propaganda pushers need to keep their mouths locked down, nothing should be let out, especially all this fake news!?? The living dead are trashing America, and here you are telling us what the President is doing during this pandemic!??? It makes no sense at all!??? And don't forget you support a pro choice domestic terrorist group, so ALL LIVES MATTER!!! I say political propaganda and Planned Parenthood is more deadly than Covid 19, so stop being such hypocrites!!??? While your sharing with the world how much you hate your own President, each second of that nonsense, a life is being terminated and disassembled in the womb!!???

    I guess that isn't violent enough right, can't play the racist card, I get it!?? The spot light was giving you to much heat, so now you want to step away from the light, it's funny how the news can back up from what they were reporting, back to Covid right, let's forget about the domestic terrorist on the streets, and the violence we are witnessing!???

    Lives lost due to the virus, let's play that card now, maybe they'll forget that we support pro choice domestic terrorist groups!??? Masses of people walking around like the living dead, and now you care about the virus again!??? Politics and deception is the real virus here, and working together for the people is to much to ask I guess!???

  12. I looks like self inflicted pain. I like Brianna and will watch many more clips. She plays with this guy. I don't understand he wants to come back when he gets his ass kicked so much.

  13. wuhan province? jesus lord christ, these Trump goons are stupind beyond pale. It is Wuhan city, there is no Wuhan province…Hubei is the province of which Wuhan is the capital. You would hope they know at least this, since they are using it…..shows you they dont know their own shit either.

  14. To say Trump can debate is ridiculous all trump does is create propaganda he couldnt debate to save his life you cant claim someone who can barely read uses inarticulate talk points he cant even read a teleprompter properly

  15. It's not funny at all, to laugh or even comment on come on people, stop and really look back, trump said to the world defy your mayor and governor let's get back to work, now even more people are infected with the virus. Look at him now , truthfully he is not American, because he only cares about his selfish self, question did America ever have this mess with any other President, me myself can name 4 that we had not troubles with. I know the difference between right and wrong, and he's wrong.

  16. Biden is smart… He's laying low, while those idiots shoot themselves in the foot… Day after day after day after day after day after… ….. ….. …. … …

  17. If this guy is in charge of communications no wonder so much stupid shit comes out of his campaign lol. If they had a fever, we pulled them aside until they could cool down lol. That’s a straight lie. A fever doesn’t go down in a few minutes

  18. CNN: says it is bad for a mass group of people to be in one single area, in a Trump rally

    Also CNN: is okay with these mass gatherings of protesters for blm
    Sounds like a whole lot of hypocrites are against the president

  19. Funny when the left dances on a mayors lawn it's ok covid dont mess with protesters . But have a trump rally and CNN calls it blasphemy cus of health risks
    I absolutely love CNN the and the dingbats in the comments

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