Colbert doesn’t want Trump back on his show ‘for safety’s sake’

Colbert doesn’t want Trump back on his show ‘for safety’s sake’

Comedian Stephen Colbert sits down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper for a candid discussion about Donald Trump’s presidency. Watch Anderson’s full interview tomorrow at 9pm on CNN. #CNN #News

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  1. Is trump really a liar though? Obviously he says factually incorrect things all the time, but idk if they count as lies because I think he truly believes what he says. To me, Trump intentionally lies occasionally, but most of his lies are because he is delusional and living in a fantasy world in which he is right about everything

  2. "We are constantly being told by this administration 'You don't see what you see, you don't hear what you hear,' now they are saying 'You don't feel what you feel.'" — Colbert nailed it. Perfect words to describe this administration's gaslighting.

  3. I agree with Colbert's comments, unfortunately his comments are either just as accurate or more accurate when applied to the Dems. So who do I side with? Who do I vote for? Neither side is on my side, they're both insane and lying through their teeth.

  4. Yes safety for bashing Donald and breeding hate toward him. Has little to do with the president and more to do with Steven as he was most likely picked on when he was younger and now had a forum where he can trash someone from a safe distance. Like both Steven and Donald’s results…not a fan of his mouth but I can look by that if the numbers his is producing and if he continues to do so the. I’m ok

  5. He can open a new restaurant chain after he's impeached: 'Traitor Trumps'. It will be the world's best most perfect restaurant ever. You get free bottle of fake tanning with each meal. Russians eat free.

  6. trump would never do those shows anyway…………you have to have balls to hang with the likes of Colbert or Oliver because its their job to make fun of you and just going by his tweets his balls have long ago packed up and left him behind

  7. I can't believe that the Stephen Colbert peeling a banana while faking a news report in London has become what he is today. But who am I fooling here, that banana thing was a masterpiece and I'm soooooo thrilled to see that my former heroes have become my actual knights. I'm French and I could let myself rejecting the US altogether because of Trump but no other country on earth has people like Colbert or John Oliver or Trevor Noah or their Yoda master, dear, dear, Jon. So I still love you, America.
    Most likely country to turn really, really frightening but until you incarceration, I know that you'll deliver the sanity and laughter we need, Stephen.

  8. Colbert doesn’t even have a show without Trump he made you Steven thanks for keeping Trump dominating your show your excellent for advertising and for the Trump campaign 2020 it’s already won!!

  9. There are many of us out here that can’t stand Trump…..but what’s the alternative? Clinton would have been as corrupt with more war mongering and more attempts to remove basic rights. Who is an option now? The DNC won’t allow Bernie to win and Biden doesn’t have a chance. Warren is a garbage human along with most of the rest. There are good democrats it they’ve mostly been eliminated. Gabbard would be good but she was excommunicated from the inner DNC circles after refusing to go along with the DNC and Hillary’s cheating corruption in 2016. Yang would be awesome but Democrats don’t appear to want someone whose more about intelligence and problem solving then they are about dividing us with identity politics. There are no good options.

  10. This sounds almost like trump is entirely solipsistic, and yet wants others along in his singular reality.
    erk… the second after I wrote this, colbert said the same thing.

  11. Decent men like these two will help us get through this nightmare. I only hope that Trump is treated like McCarthy was after his hateful communism hunt in the 50s. That means dying with his reputation and life in tatters. No one deserves it more

  12. Can Stephen just run for president so I can watch him make fun of himself ? Lmao can you imagine that as a bit on his night show oh I would love it. I love Stephen he’s great, he’s intelligent and funny all at once, his wife has a great man to spend time with.

  13. i understand why he would want it to be blender talk, so that you can get a margarita out of it…..
    but he's missing the fact that chopper talk opens up the possibility of him walking into the rear rota blades and leaving a mess on the lawn.

  14. Colbert is as funny as two dead flies. Look up his ties with Nazi NASA and the voyager project. Another ass wipe hideing in comedy to achieve a biased political adjenda. Just like Saturday night live does. Another so called well placed plant who will be placed in the back of the room with a dunce cap on; with all the upturned others.

  15. Stephen, please stop pronouncing your co-bert as in cheese,you were born Stephen Colbert…( Colbert) like Stephen Colbert and ernie …and for some reason you remind me of an elf ,and that's a good thing ,I like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!! with my elf on the shelf….lol lol lol ha ha ha

  16. Hello Anderson, if you were running the impeachment inquiry this would be all over as your guests tend to open up to you and seem truthful so would all the people testifying. Thank you!

  17. Any Catholic knows that that it's a sin ito lie by omission which Colbert does routinely , specifically ,he omits context. As a foreign observer, Colbert unnerves me, his violence and viciousness is thinly veiled , he struggles to control his language and his temper. Deeply sinister and troubled individual IMO.

  18. Nobody should ever, ever, ever allow DJT access to a microphone, a Twitter feed, or any news content after we throw his ass in jail alongside Bernie Madoff.

  19. I do not think I could have survived the last 3 plus years without the intelligent, informative and funny monologues Colbert has been dishing out every evening. Gives me hope that yes, there are people who really get it. Thank you Mr. Colbert for keeping me sane all these years.

  20. This is a nation of immigrants yes but America’s population and economics isn’t the same as it was in the early 20th century, thus suggesting continued immigration will make America even better doesn’t make any sense

  21. I have a somewhat elementary theory of Trump. Rumors that he doesn’t actually know how to read. Well, I think the reason why he hates the media is because, first of all, he’s the laughing stock. But also, I don’t think he has the ability to understand, to comprehend what is being said about him. If he was listening to Colbert, the only thing he’d walk away with would be “Colbert doesn’t like me, he’s the biggest loser” but he if could pay attention to whats being said about him, or have someone who can speak to him down at his level and make him understand (hello Ivanka), there might be a slither of hope that he would improve and not be so “wounded dog biting everyone”.

  22. Colbert should interview Herr Trump- live from San Quentin, Leavenworth or Sing-Sing. Not that Trump would tell the truth but his lies and maximum bull would reveal why he got there in the first place.

  23. Yes because democrats have been so much better for the country and against corruption. Oh wait, corporations bribe them off too. I guess democrats suck too. In other news, Epstein was murdered by the deep state.

  24. Trump is a gaslighter. That is the way gaslighters keep a strong hold on their victims: they say the victim doesn't experience things right and that it's the victim's fault for thinking and feeling "wrongly."

    I don't think that it's a cosmic coincidence that a movie about Mister Fred Rogers is coming out within the next month. I think cosmically this movie is here for a lot of healing.

  25. In a way Colbert owes us a second
    Trump appearance. The first one was such a let down. He did everything but lick trump's shoes.
    I get that this late night broadcast tv was new to him, but he had no edge at all. It was not only a let down, it was embarrassing.

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