Coronavirus: How Mexican cartels are taking advantage of pandemic – BBC News

Coronavirus: How Mexican cartels are taking advantage of pandemic – BBC News

Mexico is one of the countries most badly affected by coronavirus in Latin America. A months long shutdown has left many unable to work, with the government accused of not doing enough to help. Now, some of Mexico’s powerful drug cartels are trying to step in to fill the void. The BBC secured exclusive access to one cartel trying to win over the hearts and minds of Mexico’s poor. Please subscribe HERE

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  1. Just wait until the new world order is formed and money loses it value, these guys are going out of business. Money will now be digital and traced. That will be the end of this business lol

  2. I feel that this is fair despite criminals or not,they need help from their people,they provide resources that government cant give, the biggest gangsters in the world are the politicians,they make their own rule and make sure everybody has to abide,if not we rot in prison, look at it in another perspective and its very clear to see .

  3. Goverment is the best .fuck u all cartel piece of shit u shitty dogs goverment is the best of all. u kill others to protect themself .but government will kill themself to protect others

  4. You know what it pisses me off cause politicians wanna be like “oh the cartel is only giving them those supplies because they expect support back and back-up.” In my opinion I mean, are these politicians living in the commons folk shoes? I think we can agree anyone that plays a part within the cartel always has to watch their own moves, which they should already know that they are getting themselves into, and look over their shoulder here and there, it’s a 50/50 experience and if they are helping others of low income get by, why jeopardize that cause the government wants them to do the right thing. This has been going on for so long what is even doing the right thing to them? Only the strong will survive in this cold ass world.

  5. I don't get how BBC, other news channels and journalists etc are able to meet and film with people in cartels but the police or government aren't able to find them.

  6. Those sicarios May be sick and twisted motherf*****s but they are workers at the end of the day working a crazy job making money to support themselves and their families in a country that doesn’t pay a lot to make a decent living. It’s not for everyone though

  7. Why does the government not salute the giving of food and other essentials to the poor? Because these corrupt rich politicians care nothing for the poor, but build their careers upon the backs of the poor and honest working folk.

  8. When your government does nothing, help is help. They are feeding innocent civilians and children. Yes it's blood money but what should we do sit back and watch your family starve to death or receive an aid package from the only people there to offer one. I think the government should stop stuffing it's own pockets and step up rather than criticise.

  9. Cartels are kind of bad but they put food on the table and money in pockets of the people.
    What's the difference between big pharmaceutical industry and cartels be honest nothing but big pharmaceutical get away with it and cartels have to fight.

  10. 1:30 she doesn't looks like average poor women or even working-class women in Mexico, looks more like the usually Cartels Lord's wife or mistresses who is from supermodel agency. This is the ultimate propaganda & psychology warfare from the Cartels I think.

  11. They are just copying the yakuza and other criminal organizations at this point. Trying to get the people on their side by offering help to them when the government can't in times of need. The yakuza are fond of sending help whenever natural disasters struck. Is a good strategy. More easy to recruit people too in the future for those who dream of making a quick buck and idolize them. But don't fool yourself. Is blood money that they are using. Is a shame the government is rotten and nothing will change.

  12. I wonder what can those experts do except of talking bullshit, the cartels is also helping people even the acts are not selfless but atleast they helped and do something, and the things did by those experts is only suggestion and comment ,maybe they did help but I never heard any news about that, this is my opinion, someone can tell me if I am wrong tq.

  13. It's funny seeing some people praising the cartel because they help a group of people. It's just a way to gain political support so they have more scouts on the streets the most famous person for doing this was pablo Escobar he helped a whole city and more he owned the city but killed and sold drugs and his using that power. The cartel does the same thing

  14. Lol they are not taking advantage of the pandemic.. they seem just to help people.. by the way the UK governement a while ago was an OPIMU CARTEL.. so you are really not in a position to talk… much less to do propaganda.. when cartels kill people theybtake advantage not when they help them… what do governments do about the covid ? Tell bullshit to people ? Governements have always been scared by drug lords.. becaise populations like them more than they likz the governement (escobar and many others)… and if we talk about some crappy corrupt goverments.. are they really better than cartels ? They are just cartels in uniforms (police etc…)

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