Coronavirus: Putin eases Russian lockdown as cases rise – BBC News

Coronavirus: Putin eases Russian lockdown as cases rise – BBC News

Russian President Vladimir Putin says that from Tuesday the nationwide coronavirus lockdown will be eased and businesses will go back to work. He said the country’s “non-working period” imposed to curb the virus had lasted six weeks. The easing of restrictions will affect all sectors of the economy, Mr Putin said, but some regions may keep tighter controls if necessary. Russia now has the third-highest number of confirmed infections worldwide. In the last 24 hours it reported a record daily rise of 11,656 cases, bringing the official total to 221,344. #BBCOS #BBCOutsideSource Please subscribe HERE

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  1. You know there are no serious problems in the world when people spend their time complaining about slight sound quality on a 14 minute video.

  2. Has the entire world gone mad? Everyone wearing masks (that do very little)? Hotels opening but continuing social distancing? (What's the point then?) People being scared to even pass by another person in the street or supermarket? Stop it!

  3. 1. Why can you go to Walmart but not Kohl's?
    2. Why the Dollar store and not a mom-and-pop shop?
    3. Why has no health official talked about real immune strength?
    4. Why should you stay inside but yet heat and sunlight kill the virus?
    5. Why can't kids (who are at little to no risk) play on an outdoor playground, where sun kills this virus?
    6. Why don't people know that these are "recommendations" not laws because they have not gone through due process?
    7. Why is it okay for government officials to get a haircut, but not common citizens?
    8. Why the fear, when this virus has a less than 1% death rate?
    9. Why have coroners questioned death certificates listed as CV-19?
    10. Why are areas like Chicago and NY gearing up for mass vaccination?
    11. What makes one person essential and another not?
    12. Doesn't shelter at home; mean there is a whole population of people, not staying home so we can?
    13. Why are they dividing us?
    14. How do people not know that we are a Republic, not a democracy?
    15. Where has the flu gone?
    16. Why do the homeless consistently demonstrate the lowest infection rates?
    ——->this ^ one REALLY intrigues me
    17. Why are they telling us to mask up after 2 months of lockdown?
    18. Why is the CDC saying kids need to be masked when they return to school or attend church, when they know cloth masks restrict oxygen?
    19. What is this oppression and loss of liberty doing to the mental health of our kids and to us?
    20. Why have most other death rates dropped since the virus?
    21. Why did world leaders meet in China in October 2019?
    22. Why are the common people being controlled by the government and no one is controlling the government?
    23. Why are hospitals paid more for Covid 19 deaths?
    24. Why are some doctors speaking out and then getting silenced?
    25. Why did Obama/Fauci give the Wuhan lab $334 million dollars?
    26. What does a computer geek have to do with a pandemic and why does he want 7 billion corona virus vaccines?
    27. Why ID 2020, Agenda 21 and 2030?
    28. Why do they need a bill (HS 6666) for contact tracing? Is it only for funding?
    29. Why did Dr. Fauci say in 2017 that the Trump administration would be faced with a " SURPRISE PANDEMIC " and then runs the pandemic team?
    30. Why are they infringing on religious freedoms?
    31. Why can 500 people shop at Menards or Home Depot, but we are not allowed to go into a religious building or the wide open spaces of parks, camping fields, beaches?
    32. Why has the germ theory never been proven?
    33. Why have the tests during the Spanish flu that disproved person-to-person contact not been taught in schools, to doctors, and known to the general public?
    34. Why are doctors being censored in FB/Twitter/Youtube, but Gates, who is not a doctor, but is taking a leadership role in global "health", hasn't been?
    35. Why is an ex-terrorist the head of the WHO?
    36. Why has Youtube said it would ban anything that doesn't agree with the WHO when the US, because of mismanagement, have temporarily disengaged from the WHO?
    37. Why are dem. Govs following the exact protocols of China/Italy and France when numbers and cultures are so different?
    38. Why was the HQC test rigged, yet known for sars to prove a higher effective rate than remdesivir that is lower, but more expensive.
    29. Why did Fauci oversee the remdesivir trial?
    39. Why have the ventilator protocol issues never been addressed?
    40. How exactly is it that (they say) one can have the COVID-19 virus, recover, but not be immune. Yet, a vaccine, for a virus they still don't understand, is going to give you immunity?
    41. Why is this virus political?
    The list of contradictions and inequities in policy and directives seem almost endless, these are just a few…
    I don't care if you’re Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or vote for unicorns, if you're not asking these questions you should be.

  4. The kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Jesus is coming soon! What will you be doing for the Lord on his return? God bless all! God loves us! Lets all bare good fruit for the Lord

  5. Social distance is BS . They want to distance people so they can track you the same way they track the military in the battlefield . All countries are control by the NWO , that's why they read the same script . We all don't wear the same size shoes ? Or do we ? Let's face it , there is another agenda . The truth is in plain sight , is for those who have eyes to see it .

  6. We won't be allowed out till they stop using figures that include suspected covid deaths where people have not had a test at all and people who died from other means but tested positive at some point from covid (most cases people die after testing positive for covid not that they died from covid) but if you take the "official" figure it still only works out at 0.05% of the population but these figures are way out if you go to which has the death rate for all Europe not just for covid but in general and it shows the UKs covid death figures are impossible unless people have stopped dieing in accidents, heart attacks, strokes, cancer and so on

  7. Northern Europe is OPEN we are trying to add more flights too but some are already in place and are trying to speed up border openings even if ANYBODY can cross borders with a VALID excuse Everybody is welcome to visit Scandinavia (NORDEN ) and relax and hang out ANYTIME and of course EVERYBODY is welcome !

  8. I'm reading a lot of complaints about the sound only coming from the left so I thought I'd answer in a style that the BBC used to defend its recent 'changes' to Dr Who.
    "The sound isn't broken, it was always like this. You were just too bigoted to notice. People get too hung up on how the sound should be based on what they're used too. It's time to let go of that now! And if you still don't like it, maybe this style of sound isn't for you anymore…

    …and if you're a straight, white male you can fuck right off! But remember to pay your licence fee on the way out thank you!"

  9. Fear mongering. China was already underreporting cases, now they start reporting everything accurately. We have to cohabit with it to some extent, you can not shut Down the planet for 11 new cases. It is the dream of a police state to keep a qr code on every person.

  10. Russia was too complacent, shutting the borders was not enough and doing nothing for 6-8 weeks right up until they decided to test to see if the virus somehow got into the country, which an enormous country Russia is was a matter of time. Exploding ventilators, a country that still moderate poverty, alcoholism didn't expect to farewell, to begin with.

  11. It's unbelievable The psychosis that these countries are in.I firmly believe that more people are going to die of the after effects of the lockdown than people are going to die of the actual virus LOL and it's proving itself now

  12. the countries in denial x 90 days are the ones topping the list.China ( 16.000 deaths – night shifts at crematoriums ) italy ,US ,UK , Russia ,Iran ,Brazil.
    Goverments are making more damages then the virus itself , typical mother nature spark that men turns into a spectacular disaster.
    Let us see if the chinese will stop to sleep with the enemy (i.e. wildlife) since 5 of the 7 virus since 1957 started there wich gives 1 idea that it is not un epidiomology problem but a cultural one.

  13. Why is it that both countries that Putin is in charge of now has the most and the second most cases of the coronavirus? Maybe he's just not a good leader…

  14. This is terrible, and i living here…
    Working on the ambulance.
    Спасибо за освещение данной темы для остального мира.

  15. I learned one thing today. Every leftist news station around the world, has their comments sections looking like shit. What the hell is wrong with all you expert commenters? Get the gloom and doom attituted out of your lives. My god.

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