Daniel Dale debunks GOP lawmakers’ Antifa claims

Daniel Dale debunks GOP lawmakers’ Antifa claims

In the wake of pro-Trump supporters storming the Capitol Wednesday, several Republican allies of the President are attempting to shift blame to supposed left-wing activists, namely Antifa. Reps. Mo Brooks, Paul Gosar and Matt Gaetz have all promoted the idea that left-wing extremist group Antifa snuck in with Trump supporters during the rally to provoke the mob. “Evidence growing that fascist ANTIFA orchestrated Capitol attack with clever mob control tactics,” Brooks, an Alabama Republican, tweeted. “This has all the hallmarks of Antifa provocation,” Gosar, an Arizona Republican, wrote. Gaetz was more specific when he cited, on the House floor — and to loud boos from his Democratic colleagues — an article from the Washington Times, which has since been removed from their website. The article said that a facial recognition firm, XRVision, “claims Antifa infiltrated Trump protesters who stormed Capitol.” The Florida congressman began by saying he didn’t “know if the reports are true” but went on to cite the Washington Times article, saying it contained “compelling evidence” that Antifa had infiltrated the Trump-supporting rioters’ ranks. “(S)ome of the people who breached the Capitol today were not Trump supporters,” Gaetz said. “They were masquerading as Trump supporters and, in fact, were members of the violent terrorist group antifa.” Facts First: None of this is true. The firm cited by the Washington Times has told two news outlets the story is false. The Federal Bureau of Investigation said there is no indication, as of Friday, that Antifa infiltrated the mob. Furthermore, right-wing extremists have been identified in the crowd that stormed the Capitol and CNN has, as of the publishing of this article, seen no evidence whatsoever of a left-wing infiltration of the mob. #DanielDale #CNN #News

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  1. Very good work CNN. This is your task. You must continue with your fact checking, and telling truth to power. Democracy needs you. And the Trump lies? Oh, but of course. The truth cannot pass the lips of HRH The Dear Leader, and those of his enablers. The fish rots from the head down. The FBI must prosecute Trump and all his enablers in and out of government, taking into the charge every instance of encouragement of violence in his entire career. They must track down every participant in the insurrection. They must be arrested, charged and imprisoned. If the FBI fails to do this, then this insurrection will go down in history as the dry run for the terminal destruction of the Republic. Read this:

  2. I agree with these congressmen. The only thing they forgot to mention Trump is the founded and CEO of Antifa. This is the world half of the USA lives in, you media people had better wake up.


  4. Why Joe did'nt ask the investigation to steal vote and fraud election if he is innocent ? Why any court didn't accept the complain of fraud ans steal election ????????

  5. The people who started this were seasoned rioters, people that have spent last 6 months practicing for this moment. People that riot for a living. Weird how MAGA acquired these skills overnight. Weird how all of Trumps loyal followers were listening to him give a speech while the trained meth head rioters got the party started. Guess you cant fact check a myth. https://youtu.be/ONrZLXA2TQk

  6. The insurrectionist mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol at the president’s CALL TO ARMS last week was OVERWHELMINGLY made up of longtime TRUMP SUPPORTERS, including REPUBLICAN Party officials, GOP political DONORSs, FAR-RIGHT MILITIAS, WHITE SUPREMECIST, and adherents of the QAnon myth that the government is secretly controlled by a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophile cannibals. Records show that some were HEAVILY ARMED and included CONVICTED CRIMINALS, such as a Florida man recently released from prison for attempted murder.

  7. Thank you for actually fact checking our side too. It drives me nuts when I see disinformation like that Trump watching the riot video. You can't criticize them for spreading disinformation and then spread it yourselves. Now, that being said, if anyone thinks that this was Antifa or BLM, they are too stupid to be taken seriously. It seems that common sense and logic have vacated the Republican part I've the last 12 years and even more so, over the last 4. Why would Antifa or BLM do this? What would they have to gain by doing this? Trump already lost and their preferred candidate is taking office. Why would they bother "framing Trump supporters now". In reality, no Republican believes that, it's just an ego defense. They can't afford to lose any supporters so they have to accept their extremist and traitorous supporters and have to pander to them.

  8. Matt gate we see how much he a educated fool a pathological liar make me scared of the Floridians that vote for him. Anyway it comes down to racism America biggest dieses .

  9. Hillary didn't sell the Uranium to Russia, Obama didn't spy on the President, Biden didn't sell out America to China, the jobs didn't go to China, Pence is not a traitor, big tech eliminating free speech Antifa and BLM are not looters/thugs, and none of this is Treason. The American people should be happy since ignoring the Constitution is for their own good, right? Now, show us the proof. By the way are the fake voters getting a stimulus check at the land lot address? Is it going to the Democratic party coffers, you know the bigger the stimulus the better…

  10. Republicans debunk CNN 's claims that Trump incited a riot.
    "Go home in peace."
    – Donald J. Trump

    Just because someone says fight, it does not mean, neccesarily, physically. You know this CNN and we are not stupid.

  11. Matt Gaetz is another despicable dude of the same caliber of Hawley, Cruz, Rubio and many more of these traitors who have no conscience and who are a threat to this country . But God’s wrath and judgment are coming down upon them because Almighty God is righteous. May God’s judgment come fast because this is overwhelmingly too much to handle.

  12. Too bad for CNN, known BLM/Antifa activist John Earl Sullivan filmed himself encouraging violence and breaking things, and was right next to Ashli Babbitt when she was shot.

  13. Once Biden takes office, this is what I believe will occur:

    1)China will go to war with Korea and take it by force.

    2)The US will find a reason to go to war with Iran for some moronic reason (The Iranian Nuclear Program would be my guess) so that we can rape their country of oil.

    3) Biden won't last more than 2 year in office. He will step down, making Kamala Harris the new President.

    4) MS-13 will FLOOD into the US thru our now unprotected southern border and drug overdoses, murder rates and child slavery and kidnapping will SKYROCKET!

    5) Portland Oregon will NEVER be reclaimed from ANTIFA. It will, instead, be 'given/granted' to them by the US Government legally as it's own city and will be governed and renamed by their members.

    6) NYC will become utterly uninhabitable by humans and will become the new US Landfill as hoards of rats increase their population to beyond sustainable.

    7) By his 2nd year in office and due, in large part, to the help of his son, Hunter and himself and other members of the Biden family, China will become the New World Power Nation, eclipsing the US of A, making the Biden Family trillions richer, yet no one will question or look into how and/or why.

    8) The Stock Market will fail and crash and burn by 2023.

    9) Homelessness will overtake Seattle, which will become an ACTUAL 'tent city'. People will leave in droves and move to Texas, Arizona and Florida during that mass exodus.

    10) Terrorist will finally succeed in compromising our national security due to policies enacted by the 'New Order' now in control of the US Government who will not only remove themselves and distance themselves from responsibility but take an active part in it's planning and perhaps even finance some of it. Many bombings will occur simultaneously. It will be the Tet Offensive with a twist; it will actually succeed. This is to ensure that panic and anarchy finally ensue, allowing the corrupt elements of our government, the crony elitist, to finally succeed in their plans of evoking marshal law with absolutely no repercussions or accountability, in fact, the general populous will WANT IT. They may even ASK for it. (…and believe me, anyone that voted for Biden IS asking for it by name to which I must respond with 'BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR…')

  14. And now the Trumpists like McCarthy, Cruz, Gaetz, Jordan, are blaming Antifa (which isn't even an organized entity but an ideology) while they continue to support a president who attempted a coup. Recently in Austria a minister stepped down when it was proven her PhD dissertation was plagerized. In Ireland a member of parlament stepped down when it was learned he took a golf vacation in violation of the Covid travel rules. In the USA government officials can support an armed insurrection attempt with no consequences whatsoever. What is wrong with this picture?

  15. ALI ALEXANDER, who ORGANIZED the “Stop the Steal” a conspiracy group movement which ended in a deadly Riot at the Nation's Capitol last Wednesday, said HE DID HATCH THE PLAN to coincide with Congress’s vote to certify the electoral college votes WITH THE HELP OF THREE (3) GOP LAWMAKERS: Reps. Andy BIGGS (Ariz.), Mo BROOKS (Ala.) and Paul A. GOSAR (Ariz.), all hard line Trump supporters.

  16. He doesn't care about anyone else but himself. I'm going to be there with you, and where was he? Watching them, and taking great pride in having so many nice and fine people on his side, they haven't even figured out he set them up. LOL

  17. you didn't debunk shit you parasitic weasel hack. Matt Gaetz was dead on. fucking hero. THIS is the kind of politician that deserves the American people's support. God bless him

  18. CNN has been wrong about everything: Hunter Biden, Russian collusion hoax, Hillary winning in a landslide, vaccine not being available by the end of the year, Covid not coming from China, Steve Scully being hacked, and they wrong about election fraud.

  19. Hmmm and yet they have arrested multiple people who are known organizers for Antifa and BLM who are on video stating that they are going to go dressed up at a Trump supporter.

  20. There may yet be nasty surprises before Joe Biden can be sworn in.

    The swearing in may be disrupted.
    It is surrounded by doubts that
    the handover of government to in coming presdent will be smooth!, if not uneventful.



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