Desperate search for missing victims of earthquake in Turkey and Greek islands – BBC News

Desperate search for missing victims of earthquake in Turkey and Greek islands – BBC News

Rescue teams are continuing to search for around a hundred people missing since a powerful earthquake struck off Turkey’s Aegean coast — causing widespread damage in the city of Izmir. At least 69 people are known to have been killed and thousands are homeless. Survivors have been pulled out of the rubble of collapsed buildings. Tina Daheley presents BBC News at Ten reporting by international correspondent Orla Guerin from the scene of the rescue operation. Please subscribe HERE

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  14. The comments all sympathize with the Turkish people, and this is good and very humane, but believe me, if all these earthquakes occurred in Greece or France and not Turkey, they would say immediately that it is a punishment from God on France.

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  16. No one Say that this Coast was Greek for 10.000 years is Turk Not 1000 years Now :/ today they wanna steel Greek See they don’t Stop So we Wait You We take them Back You go Down 🙂

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