Do you really understand Einstein’s theory of relativity? – BBC News

Do you really understand Einstein’s theory of relativity? – BBC News

Almost everyone has heard of Albert Einstein, the Nobel prize-winning genius whose theories overturned centuries of scientific thought. But how much do you understand the work that made him really famous – his theory of general relativity? Here, we talk you through the science that changed the way we understand the universe. Video production: Kako Abraham and Camilla Costa Editor: Carol Olona Voice: Claire Press Please subscribe HERE

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  1. Is there any doubt that the Light is the fastest moving things in the Universe ? Einstein's thought was his ●Imagination● .There are many thoughts about the Universe including Religious Imagination.
    Then What they found in Switzerland?

  2. Lol, this is so stupid, all theoretical and they consider him a genius, lol… Pure fantasy, like a lil kid reading a super hero comic book…

  3. The only fact in this video is that your imagination could fly higher and higher.
    Time isn't real it's made up. All time is is our measuring of how long it takes earth to orbit.

  4. A pic is a frame of a moment was nice..
    I skip some sort of boring stuff…whle want watch the credits..
    Id like to made friendships and talk about universe…id like to do sport and vactations with motor bicycle and i like myself the most..dont like humans…had meet alot selfish people and wanna leave this shit hole planet…ma wife calls me…

  5. The thing is, Newton isn't wrong. His formula is still used nowadays. Newton's law is his *theory* of gravity. Theories cannot be wrong. They can be incomplete. Newton's theory was incomplete in its explanations about what gravity is, in the first place. Scientific theories cannot be not debunked or proven wrong, they are incomplete by their very constraint of being falsifiable. Only better theories can take their place. Einstein's theory is now the current theory about gravitation. Maybe we can have a better theory about gravity (quantum gravity?) in the future, because I have found many physicists who hypothesize and strongly claim that GR has some massive flaws in its implications, particularly in the case of singularities and event horizon areas.


  7. Einstein stopped science for 100 years. having appropriated other people's discoveries, people believed this Jewish cheater. Einstein talked a lot with the Rothschilds and his main goal was for people to not get access to free energy and for people to be addicted to money

  8. My theory is:

    Space is not curved, time is not the 4th dimension, gravity is not caused by curvature of space, time does not slow down when you travel faster, speed of light is not the maximum speed in nature, and these are all laughable childish theories. Gravity is from the entire system of the Universe, if you want to understand gravity, you have to understand the whole forces of universe. These theories are a waste of time in my opinion. These are imaginary fairy tale stories. there are no such things as dark matter, etc. All don't make any sense. I don't have PHD nor do I even know much science, but I do have common sense, science has to correspond with philosophical common sense.

  9. Like lasers his infinate values from the currents are real and were and are wasted ,my picture demonstrates 100 % closed opposing itself pivoted sideways blades no betz. loss is 0 . Opverces gaps between blades in betz just its thin edge of blade verses it's own fully opposing flat half .or pure wind energy. Blocking and releasing to mechanical systems and . brainwashing by betz authors

  10. Six six six three equal parts minerals RNA free DNA sequence of immortality alixiur of life fountain of youth holy grail to Einstein through Radio eukaryotic cells patches of angels and God's copied into his DNA making him metahumanoselectropersones and immortal

  11. If relativity in space stipulate that, the mass of an object
    increase when it get close to light.. my question is,
    How does this theory influence the solar system,
    as in the mass of the planet closer to the sun.

  12. No experiment done till today to make understand sun attracts any other planets towarss ot by its massive sibstance. It can be done if any larger object can be move with greater or in multiply revolution as sun.

  13. What kind of stupid question is this. I understand it very well. I u understand Quantum Mechanics very well too. What I really understand extremely well is that Climate Change science is pseudoscience built on the foundation of lies and deceit.

  14. The theory is wrong. Personally I feel some theories should be classified as abstract mathematics and not physics.

    I am TRAVELING close to the SPEED of light and I use the best Quality HIGH SPEED CAMERA to SNAP both a STATIONED CLOCK and MY watch, will both show DIFFERENT TIME?
    I don't think so.

    Physics these days is becoming too lazy due to high reliance on statistics and abstract mathematics.
    A physics synthetic formula can solve problem, it may not necessarily answer the question.

    A fluke physics equation is just like a psychic. It solves problems and the same conflict with reality.

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