Doctor’s Facebook profile reported as fake after sharing his Covid-19 story

Doctor’s Facebook profile reported as fake after sharing his Covid-19 story

Dr. David Burkard, a 28-year-old emergency room physician, shares a cautionary tale after his battle with Covid-19 left him struggling to breathe. CNN’s Sara Sidner has the details. #CNN #News

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  1. 3:09, no, he SHOULD be scaring people, thats the ONLY thing the most of these doubters will listen to (i would hope). doctors and nurses should be taking videos of the patients who are the very worst and putting these on youtube (with consent of course). thats the only thing that will have ANY impact on some people. too many people have died in the US that could have been saved had someone took the lead and told everyone that covid 19 isnt a hoax and WILL kill you…………

  2. Thanks to fake news Coronamania is sweeping the nation again. Fearmongering! The media has innocent people jumping down endless rabbit holes every time they ring their Pavlovian covid bell.

    So what if one person almost died? That doesn't mean the rest of us will keel over if we catch it. By that logic if I win lotto then everyone else wins lotto. How stupid.

    NUMBERS DON'T LIE PEOPLE. All viruses kill, but covid barely kills a soul. Over the past 10 months covid has killed less than 240k out of a population of 330mm. According to CDC your chances of dying from covid if you catch it is 6 in 1000, that's right out of 1000 ppl with covid only 6 die and 994 survive; and again according to CDC 94% of the 240k victims so far had other serious diseases.

    It is a joke of a virus elevated to black plague proportions by a corrupt media that long ago turned against us in favor of money and power. Every day it's covid this and covid that and more covid, covid covid, civid for breakfast , yum , covid for dinner, yum.

  3. The President’s election legal team put on a 90 minute press conference on Thursday that laid out their plan to overturn the election by exposing “massive voter fraud.” The President’s point man on the effort, Rudy Giuliani, says he can “overturn the election in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada and Arizona with more than double the votes needed.”

    Sidney Powell, another top former federal prosecutor on the President’s team, says Dominion voter machines were also used in electronic voter fraud on a nationwide scale. Powell said the Dominion voting system was used, and it was imported from Venezuela and owned by people who are friends of the communist government. Powell also charged, “There was massive money influence of communist Venezuela and China” in effort to get a Biden win.

    Meanwhile, the lying propaganda media is continuing its psyop and disinformation campaign. It claims, without proof, that President Trump’s “voter fraud claims are baseless” and “voter fraud claims are thoroughly discredited” when, in fact, they are nowhere near discredited.

  4. Stop with being a 'runner' makes someone healthy. It's bullshit.
    Majority of runners think running is the ticket for them to eat unhealthy.
    Aside from two, all the 'runners' I know end their runs with a pint and pie.
    Running does not make you healthy. A healthy diet makes you healthy.

  5. [Nov 20] What if election finality is decided only on domestic elements? <> REPORTED WORLDWIDE RESPONSES to NYT publication on pro & cones of US-IRAN ACT include Russian taking Ukraine? China Taiwan? Vietnam? Philippines? and responses by Iran, SA, Israel, Taliban, Hezbollah, Turkey? And US, EU, NATO, AU, NZ re-responding? and Market-Economy reactions? Can we shed international & domestic light on some remnant dark corners of unrepairable election invalidations, [UEI], that none can fix? Unlike in 2000, SC today has not yet effected its authority to heal today's runaway horizons of Nation-Divided? If that proves unattainable, as expected, No Alternative, No-Escape is left but national runoff. We anticipate two runoff goods, at least: UEI evaporate and pretext for the aforementioned responses to drawers return. More at IN and Utube…..

  6. Remember how from Nov 7 till Nov 9 there was no mention of COVID on this network as they celebrated what they thought was a Biden win and how COVID reappeared on Nov 9 once they realized Trump was not conceding the election and in fact contesting it So its back to scaring the public into submission

  7. There are different mutations of the virus are there not? I know of 2 people and 1 family who have only experienced a loss of taste and smell. 1 felt dizzy, 2 who recovered rather quickly, and I only know of 1 person who has passed without any co-morbidities. I think we need more understanding and less fear mongering. Doctors where I’m from say there is more harm to locking down the community than not. We need to stop imposing draconian measures then being caught opposing them. Your ship is sinking and we see past the fear. I acknowledge that the virus is real but the bigger picture is being skewed. The bigger picture being the fabric of life and liberty for all, and not just for left leaners who supposedly mail in ballots but celebrate, riot, and loot on the streets. And dine-in. I almost forgot about that one.

  8. COVID IS NOT FAKE, but the spreading rate is. Even now, we can already see, in statistics, how invariably every other cause of death is reported to have dropped, and if you bother to look into how medical assistence is putting every other medical conidition aside, you'll see how. Other diseases, when not treated after the first symptoms appear, will leave you in a fragile state, after that, even a simple cold can trigger a deadly response( heart and lung failure). Almost every single covid test can become positive for a wide range of virus, which means that even cold or flu cases are being statisticly reported as covid. Do you realize that thousands of people die of these diseases every year? Check out the statistics, how they are being manipulated, and how governments are approving faxist control measures because of it. Stay safe but be minded of the power of a paranoia propaganda( this is a defined terrorist attack, it causes terror to the population).

  9. It's no joke!! I know someone in their early 30's went in because they thought they had pneumonia, they did find cancer however it was only the beginning and treatment hadn't started. She got Covid and went into cardiac arrest and died.

  10. Trump The Godfather of Much Deception when he returns to power will make Democracy a Dictatorship! Together with the Top of the Republicans, he turns this Republican Party into a Criminal Organization that the world does not want to do business with! They are well helped by FOX News to get this done!!!

    If Trump comes to power with a dirty, mean way, then Democracy is over and the USA will have a hard time because there have no Allies more in this world!!!

  11. The Rona has cost the economy 16 trillion dollars. More than all the wars since 9-11 combined. 4 times the loss of the Great Recession. Journal of the American medical association found that school closures in the US could be associated with an estimated 5.35 million years of life loss for US children.
    Yelp found 2/3rds of all businesses that have closed will not reopen.
    6% of deaths have the virus listed as the only cause. 40% of the deaths are linked to nursing homes. 0.6% of the population.

  12. A friend of mine got it pretty early on and was out sick for three weeks. Really sick, chills, fever, miserable sick. Luckily, she didn't need the hospital, but her experience really hit home that I don't want this

  13. These stories are tough to hear. Praying for his full recovery. I am not a doctor, but I am wondering what his Vitamin D levels were, and how much viral load he got when he got it, because these are some things that could explain why he got so sick. Feel better Dr. David!

  14. Yeah but TRUMP AND FAMILY didn’t go thru non of this this tells you it was a lie to try to get VOTES wow the whole trump family just got fox in 3 days lol. All lies lies lies. People wake up people who catch this will go thru hell in don’t make it.

  15. I've never seen such stupidity. Thank goodness that I'm a Zealander living in New Zealand. My Prime Minister took it very seriously and hurt down the country. Now in large we have been living a normal life for months. Its real and you just need to take their advice and take the precautions. Its about being a reasonable adult.

  16. We have a family member who tested positive. He never smoked, had no underlying issues, had just turned 58, and worked full-time. He was admitted to the ICU and put on oxygen 24/7 after he experienced a high fever and a constant cough so rough that he thought he had broken his ribs. He refused to go to the hospital even after his high fever caused him to talk gibberish. He finally got tested and sent to the hospital. Fast forward 4 months, he's home, he's lost a lot of weight, his muscles atrophied, he's still on oxygen 24/7. They did lab work every couple of weeks to see if he had any organ damage. About a month after he got home, his legs started to swell up like tree trunks. Back to the hospital he went; diagnosed with congestive heart failure. His skin color looks like that of a drowned person. White/pale/grey/blue all mixed together. Now he's sitting at home not knowing what to do with himself. He had to resign from work since he's not capable of performing his duties. To this day he denies it was COVID even though he had tested positive and his lab work showed antibodies for COVID. The good thing is he's not a mask denier anymore. Little late, but….

  17. Just wish that all of the snowflakes and anti-maskers would sign away their medical rights if they contract Covid and leave the beds and medical care available for those who are taking this pandemic seriously and still contract the virus. Sending positive thoughts to this Doctor that he will make a full recovery and not suffer any long term medical complications.

  18. While it seems the Right tend to think in polarizing terms, and with a novel disease the group think is COVID-19 is not a threat or a hoax. However, we know the virus targets the lungs, brain, kidnies, and other end organs, but we don't know what the long-term effects will be.

  19. CNN media lying about covid they scaring Trump supporters not to gather in DC for protesting its all about Trump cnn liar evil piece of shit.. people dont believe CNN continue supporting Trump protest for Trump dont let them to steal the election

  20. Dr. Scott LastGasp: A quack doctor for a quack President. Makes appearances on Faux News, a quack news program, dispensing quack advice. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and smells like a pig…it's a Republican! Fire it!

  21. Toxic Trump on the 253,000+ Americans he killed with his gross incompetence and horrific homicidal criminal negligence: "The thought of even one American death keeps me up all night tweeting…and golfing all day! Except when I'm irresponsibly conducting super-spreader events!"

  22. Toxic Trump: "We're rounding the bend!"
    Translation: We're heading off a cliff with COVID-19.
    Toxic Trump: "We're rounding the turn!"
    Translation: We're spinning in circles, repeating the same mistakes.
    Infinite corners; an accelerating downward (or is it upward?) death spiral.
    You can steam, you can scream,
    You can laugh, you can cry,
    You can die. Toxic Trump and GOP cult don't give a damn.

    Just praying for your sins to be forgiven, and saying the name of Jesus at the end of your prayer will not make your sins that are red as scarlet be white as snow. In this time of disaster and pandemic like COVID-19 Fathe God is calling you now to come before His Word, and be guided into all Truth through the Spirit of Truth, and truly wash away your sins.

  24. All that talk about running made me tired lol. But bless his heart and i hope he does good and i hope that him and the other patients with this plague beat it. And bless those who lives were lost, God rest their souls.

  25. AND WHO is at fault for getting and spreading COVID?? Wouldn’t that be the person running around without a mask, in groups?? Maybe you would like Trump to do what they did in China: mandatory countrywide lockdown that, if violated, they lock you in your home?? ONLY IDIOTS DO NOT KNOW that decisions are made at the state level concerning COVID, NOT at the Federal level!! The President CANNOT force ANYTHING!! AND ONLY IDIOTS/HATERS blame The President for COVID cases!! Think For Yourselves, IF YOU STILL CAN!!

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