Easing lockdown “highly irresponsible” warns UK government adviser – BBC News

Easing lockdown “highly irresponsible” warns UK government adviser – BBC News

Pubs, restaurants and hairdressers are all preparing to open their doors again in most of England. The government says it is safe to do so as long as the guidelines are followed carefully. But one member of SAGE, the group of senior scientific government advisers, is warning that the moves are too extensive and “highly irresponsible”. Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting from Health Editor Hugh Pym. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog

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  1. Anything that the government mandates, the BBC will be against.
    It is high time the BBC was trashed. It is now a political party and breaks its charter on a daily basis.

  2. When planning battles,military strategists work out the casualties – dead,wounded etc.If the numbers are acceptable,the battle goes ahead.Why do I get the impression that this is what the Govt are doing? They just reduce the lockdown,but it’s your fault if you die!!(it’s still there folks,if you never meet the enemy,you never get shot.

  3. Why the hell are people still swallowing this garbage bbc and mainstream media are vile everyone needs to find alternative media where people speak the truth and not all the garb these peopke fill peoples heads with fear !!

  4. UK government adviser – read overpaid, under educated moron. The only "highly irresponsible" things the government did were to lock down perfectly healthy people, destroy businesses and fuck up the economy for no good reason.

  5. i don’t know why they are reporting on this just as Maxwell is arrested and when the press could be asking why Trump did nothing about Russian bounties on US soldiers

  6. Can someone please explain to me why in the heart of a pandemic there is a new minority group forming of "there's no virus", similar to flat earthers conspiracists, that will probably soon be out marching & think its all made up.

  7. I see the weekly update on our Covid figures has been, err, ‘delayed’. This is a scandal and fooling no one. The government are trying to hide and obscure the figures. I never thought to see such behaviour from a UK government. This is a deliberate cover up to keep citizens ignorant of the facts. Disgraceful. That some can support such undemocratic actions is even more shameful.

  8. Thanks Caspar,I understood that.FPTP voting sadly makes them equal.We need to change the system. Red/blue, left/right means 16m voters are irrelevant! That isn’t democracy!!!!

  9. .There is no virus like they tell, go and see Dr Judy Miko vits and DrAndrew Kaufman on his you tube channel .Very few deaths have happened compared to a bad flu season and it is no worse than a flu despite what you are fed by the controlled MSM..Anyone who dies is labelled died WITH the virus.They died of other causes.
    The fear is ramped up by the BBC and all the MSM

  10. BBC always against the government…. it's up to US… more will die if the economy tanks.. everyone needs to get healthy, stay healthy and think of others. WE need to take responsibility!!

  11. It’s ok if you feel like you could be at risk of infection , just set up a “ Support Bubble “ and the virus will leave you alone . What with those and “ Air Bridges “ it will have no chance of getting you. This is how pathetic it has become , bloody bubbles and bridges.

  12. …Will someone Actually make the politicians UNDERSTAND how testing works. They medics tried to tell the commitee that it is a very blunt instrument this week but these people just cant grasp how it works. It does not pick up covid until you've had it for at least five days.

  13. It’s still like a jet liner crashing every single day at Heathrow killing all those on board. Would you still take a flight if that was happening every day; no, there would be an absolute outcry and the grounding of all flights.

  14. the UK Gouvernment, along with those of many other coutries, are going way too far, way too soon, with phaising out the lockdowns. what people don't seem to realise is that coronavirus fatalities have been falling because of these very restrictions that are now being abolished. also, many people will be too ignorant to understand that the dangers of viral infection are as real as ever. they will think "oh, everything is going back to normal, so the disease has gone, now" & they will be huddleing together in groups, talking, laughing & spitting in each other's faces, shareing cans or bottles of beer, bags of tortilas, etc, & the infection & death levels will soar, sky high!. of course, what this is realy all about is economy. never mind if millions more people have to die, just so long as everyone can go back to work, support themselves, & pay their taxes again. then, when ,due to all this haste, the pandemic turns into an E.L.E, & the population dwindles down & down, the last handfull of humans, left alive on this planet, will shake their heads in bewilderment & say "i wonder what went wrong!!!!"

  15. Would this be the government that took advice from an adulterer that used a 15 year out of date model to predict the spread in the first place?

  16. The existence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA is based on faith, not fact. There is no scientific proof that those RNA sequences (deemed to match that of the novel coronavirus) are the causative agent of what is called COVID-19

  17. How convenient (for some) Dr. Mullis died, aged 74, of pneumonia, August 2019, just before covid-19 appeared.

    His Nobel award PCR Test, used now to claim identification of covid-19 is impossible.

    He would have voiced this strongly ….. Some couldn't have that.

    Covid-19, As a unique deadly strain has simply not been found.

  18. Last year I survived pulmonary embolism. It's better to have your health than be rich. The lockdown was sensible to save more people. Going to the beach is not important at this stage. Pubs to are not a thing that is needed. Got to think of all those who lost their lives to covid19 and be happy to be here still. It's not all about money.

  19. This oppressive racist government is deluded and satanic. U let these piss heads do this and opress the innocent just for standing in their own garden. To he'll with uk government. All lies all corrupted. This country should overthrow the government and rid of the police. And have a good practicing Muslim leader like Turkish prime minister or another sincere good individual. There was no to less crime with all pubs n clubs shut which was fantastic. Now the problems start again.

  20. Pubs, restaurants and hairdressers are all preparing to open their doors again in most of England. The government says it is safe to do so as long as the guidelines are followed carefully.
    But one member of SAGE, the group of senior scientific government advisers, is warning that the moves are too extensive and “highly irresponsible”. Now the latest official number of people reported to have died after testing positive for COVID-19 in the past twenty-four hours increased by one-hundred-and-seventy-six, bringing that total number of deaths to forty-three-thousand-nine-hundred-and-six. Our Health Editor, Hugh Pym has more details.

    Pym: preparing for opening time in Saturday in England, for restaurants, cafes, hairdressers and many other traders and on Friday for some of those in Northern Ireland and amongst them all there's a keen sense of anticipation.

    Ian Hoyos, Champs Barbers: Can't wait to make everyone look good again. Everyone's walking around with a helmet on their heads so I can't wait to just get back to my craft. It's been hard not cutting hair.

    Pym: Pubs too will reopen on Saturday in England after more than three months of lockdown, but there's a warning from a member of government's expert advisory committee SAGE that it's too risky and shouldn't be allowed.

    Professor Susan Michie, behavioural psychologist, UCL & member of Sage: What will happen is the government turns around and blames the people for behaving irresponsibly when actually I would say it's highly irresponsible to have so many lifting of restrictions and doing it on Saturday, especially opening pubs and restaurants indoors where there's likely to be a high rate of transmission.

    Pym: A government spokesperson said clear guidelines have been set out for pubs and other venues in England to keep customers safe and that measures would be kept under constant review.

    Dawn who's a critical care nurse was one of the faces of the early stages of the crisis with a plea to stop panic buying in supermarkets.

    Dawn: (in video)For people like me who are going to be looking after you when you're at your lowest just please stop it!

    Pym: Now with lockdown measures about to ease she had this message.

    Dawn: Logically people need to have a bit more of a normal life back and I totally understand that but yes it is quite worrying when you see this pictures, these scenes of people close to each-other and it is a concern and I'm hoping people will just remember what we're all doing, what we're all fighting against really.

    Pym: Expanding virus testing and the tracing of contacts of people who are infected is seen as essential if future outbreaks are to be spotted and curbed. A former Health Secretary told me he believes that a major increase in testing capacity is required.

    Jeremy Hunt, MP, Chair, Health Select Committee: The next big step needs to be to introduce mass testing starting with healthcare-workers and people in the care-system and the NHS so that we can make sure hospitals and care-homes really are safe and nip in the bud any infections that start there.

    Pym:Testing after the lockdown this weekend will be especially important. Today people were drinking outdoors, NHS leaders and ministers will watch anxiously to see how they use their new freedom to go into pubs and bars across most of England.

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