Europe: The Big Vote – BBC News

Europe: The Big Vote – BBC News

The European elections 2019 – the elections we were told we’d never have, the elections the government doesn’t want. We were supposed to have left the EU by now, but nearly 600 people will in an election costing £100 million to choose MEPs to take up seats in a parliament we are not meant to be part of. So how did we get here? The BBC’s Andrew Marr gives us his personal take. Please subscribe HERE

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  1. Biased Marr again parroting the "UKIP is far-right" propaganda which so many traditional Labour areas have disproved.

    The 1975 vote was whether to stay in the European Economic Community (he didn't say that properly) and for 30 years FO paper 30/1048 was suppressed, because it stated the true objectives of the European totalitarian project.

  2. Andrew Marr, sneering liberal elitist, disgustingly biased and blinked by his arrogance and ignorance and I weep that that I pay his wages and for his propaganda machine based institution. Give us the bloody news, not your champagne fuelled socialistic personal opinions. Disgusting.

  3. If the Globalists didn't respect the result of the referendum, why does anyone who voted to Leave or Remain seriously think they'll respect their vote in the European elections?

  4. Everything we get from BBC news nowadays is editorial, a biased opinion. Why don’t we get the news, impartial straight and true? The BBC is infested with trendy socialists and liberal elitists.

  5. presenters be it a news reader or political programme presenter on the bbc are nothing but mouth pieces reading of a script that is shoved in front of them by those upstairs.

  6. GREAT britain had to get rid of napoleon the kaiser and hitler and once again we are called on to rid europe of the eu a union designed to keep germany and france happy

  7. I didn’t think there was a more biased news channel than Fox News however the BBC in its entirety is biased in not only there news but there programming too. It’s such a shame a once well respected institution has sank so low

  8. Another EU parlament?? what does he mean?? what parlament?? I will try and research this – yet if I fail to find an answer – then and only then will I ask the internet You Tube for the info —

  9. How sad. When I was small I loved the BBC; Auntie Beeb to millions of us. Respect. Now…… let us call it mess media. It has become a disgrace to the former British notion of 'fair play'.

  10. 10:49 "The annual net migration figure rose to nearly 200,000 people by 2009, and this when the effect of…." Come on Andrew old son! It's "had risen" not "rose". You're the BBC man! You have a duty to protect the Queen's English. Whatever is happening to the pluperfect, and the perfect-with-have?! Answer: It's the Americans I tells you,

  11. It's a simple message to and for any and all branches of Government regardless of partisan affiliation.
    Honour the will of the people,take your fingers out of your ears and get the bloody job done.
    There is no need for a second referendum and any talk of such nonsense is an insult to every democracy on this planet.
    This is not an elementary school playground dispute, "do-overs" are NOT an option.
    Partisanship is founded upon division, Patriotism is founded upon unity….
    Which do you think will protect and preserve the UK's Sovereignty?

  12. He talks about "healing " and "mutual respect" ,which is all a bit of a joke really as this guy is a lefty remainer and this is reflected in his programme.From the outset the remain campaign has been rude aggressive disparaging and offensive to the brexiteers. They've used the left wing media to hammer the population with lies , misleading facts and general indoctrination .Whilst this has been playing out those in government have been undermining democracy, trying to remove brexit and replace it with what they want.They go on TV and act mealy mouthed about unity and compromise whilst they try to legislate against the democratic referendum whilst advocating a second referendum as people didn't understand the first one and anyway things have "moved on". So by having a second referendum the healing process can begin especially as they want the two questions changed to be Theresa May's deal (that no one wants) or remain thereby removing brexit altogether. How's that for healing and mutual respect. What a load of cobblers.

  13. I don't mind the BBC being left-liberal particularly – I just wish that they had the balls to admit it and that I didn't have to fund it. This report is so anti-Brexit it is nauseating.

  14. The BBC has been and is playing an active role in denying the will of the people. The people have spoken. No more remainer PM’s, no more remainer media. You have had your turn, which BTW was more than you ever deserved having lost the referendum. WTO Brexit is the only way forward.

  15. More drivel from the British Brainwashing Corporation. Marr is so biased to the left and is a Remainer, big time. I get my news from a variety of other providers which shows the bbc bias—————- Shameful!

  16. British People played their part it was just the greed of the United Nations who were going to fuck them in the arse that made them wake up. They were happy to be part of the European union as long as nothing changed but it did change in 2015 the United Nations decided to ramp up their agenda 21 the people saw through this and wanted their sovereignty back…… It’s not rocket science

  17. BBC has proven itself to be fake news.. why watch this? Support and respect from the Netherlands with all the government (leftist elite) manipulation. The people's vote is already known.. stop indoctrinating people and accept the people's choice.. the democracy has been betrayed

  18. EU Brussel's types have always known about the 'how to boil a frog ' pacing of social change. Yet now they're about too much too soon too quickly. They have exposed their NWO bullshit yet agin & the people say it stinks again & again. Now the true will of the people can wrestle back control of they're basic democracy & reaffirm its bedrock. Least you be an idiot.

  19. Sorry there was no surprise: The vote meant to favour The brexiteers as not all residents were given The vote like for The Scottish referendum as they knew that it they did so brexit would never had happened. Also since when 17 million is a majority in a country of 67 million??? Surely a meaningful majority should be a round 34 millions: remember that The referendum was not a simple election but an epocal change of direction for The whole country which cannot be switched back easily NOR quickly…it was clearly designed for The scope and they succeeded…well done…ah who cares that they cheated and lied they still won…they are still shining they victory ball on their white trousers… anyone?

  20. It goes back long before 2016. We were in the EEC for a long time, then suddenly, without being asked, we got signed up to the EU. Despite what the BBC are showing you, the EEC and EU are separate things.

  21. I only came here because I was curious as to how the far-left propaganda channel, the BBC, would talk about this. It's getting to the point where the BBC and the other left-wing bias-factories have to deal with the reality that their silencing one side while pushing the diseased far-left agenda for the other.. isn't working. People are getting their information from non-mainstream sites on the internet, and BBC's BS has been seen as such for years now. Britain and the rest of the world see right through them. Britain needs to cut off the funding and let the BBC enter the real world of commercial television. It boggles my mind to think these guys actually go house to house looking for money, and if you refuse, ask to search your home for.. antennas… LOL What a joke.

    All of Europe's mainstream, Sky, BBC, DW and others are going the way of CNN soon. For those who don't know, the laughing stock of the U.S>, CNN has just laid off hundreds of people (this is after the buyouts). Outside of airports, nobody is watching them or the other left-wing stations. I watch Youtube channels that have more viewers than CNN. BBC is next, but you guys need to cut off their public funding so they're exposed to the reality of dwindling viewership (most don't know they can refuse to pay).. Let them get by on their own merit.. or fail for a lack thereof.

  22. Scotland referendum = Yes 53.7%, No 47.7%. Brexit Leave 52%, 48%. Now remainers are asking for a second referendum, in that case The NO voters in Scotland deserve a second referendum too

  23. Every time liberals or globalists loose an election they want a do-over. "Lets vote again on Brexit" they screech. IN USA, they loose an election, Trump wins, and the Dems want endless hearings and investigations. Then when the find nothing, they want another investigation DO-OVER! Its the same story every time the Libs loose! They are spoiled brats.

  24. Hear we go the bbc, and the southern elite, are trying to say the brexit party didn't win, they are doing this by adding up the votes of all the other parties, and saying the leavers came second, what a load of bbc, southern, remainer, bullshit, and like Labour, they are a disgrace

  25. We the people voted to leave not turn to page two and have another go because Remain didnt like the vote the PEOPLE have voted and it should stand we will vote brexit party in a general election BBC which part of leave do you not understand

  26. I think Scotland and Ireland (and even England) should rewrite the rules that bother them the most about the union today. Think of it more like a union renegotiation than a complete breakdown of the economic fabric of the area. Focus in on the issues and fix them, in a way which does not bankrupt the region or reopen old struggles. Zero in on the problems and straighten them out. No hard borders and no unfair laws, and migration should be determined locally, not through international agreements.

  27. what a load of meandering waffle. Marr misses out some keys aspects:
    what we signed up for in 1975 changed via the back door they changed the treaty and eroded the Uk's independence, the european high court, the lack of transparency in the EU, the imposition of rules, giving up our fishing waters the list goes on, in addition the british people took a stand against immigration with no controls, our schools doctors offices and welfare system and facilities now creaking under the strain of mass immigration woefully underestimated by previous government. To cap it all he fails to mention why the 2016 vote was never enacted, that we had a remain prime minister, and a majority remain bias in the house of commons, so many facts conveniently left out.

  28. BBC (Brussells broadcasting corporation) Fake news section (MARR) now the most Discredited Bias News outlet on the planet…how far the mighty have fallen its a disgrace….Maybe a good start would be to stop taking EU money for output…

  29. I cringe at his voice and the BBC'S take on British politics, I now live in southern Ontario, yet still am proud of Britain. Born in Glasgow, left to live on the Isle of Wight and moved to Canada in 1984. always in pursuit of work ! but legally, and at some considerable expense, now retired. And yes, Make "Britain Great Again"

  30. Over YouTube frequencies hiding hypnotic suggestions. They manufactured schizophrenia and causing headaches to the left side of the brain. Torture and mania.Two mental illness manufactured for years.Involving a television company and that company who has been given access to a northern rail employee for years previously British rail without consent to to this.They are going to Court over this.The psychiatrists are human rights criminal s the brothers are human rights criminal s and anyone putting their voice into a manufactured schizophrenia inflicting device is a human rights criminal and hated unwanted.The television company is involved in the human rights crime civil harassment and elites are not above the law and protecting them just adds to worse court cases against them.To steal a human life!Grotesque toxic inhuman exploitation
    The trade unions are crap and will fave critics for allowing this when they should of said no.What can a trade union do against the NHS shielding this human rights crime. In human its taking place .Don't call Russia, Iran,Syria or North Korea.The British using frequency weapons on its own people in the UK,!Its real its got to be fought and challenged in court.

  31. without the influence of the BBC, brexit would by now have been ruled out. Ironically, if we leave the EU, it will be mainly due to the BBC and its unpopular socialist agenda.

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