Ex-Trump official: President’s Proud Boys threat was real

Ex-Trump official: President’s Proud Boys threat was real

Former White House National Security Adviser John Bolton reacts to President Donald Trump calling on the far-right group Proud Boys to “stand back, and stand by,” saying that Trump “knew exactly what he was saying.” #CNN #News

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  1. If there was any question as to Bolton’s credibility, it is now settled. Apparently, CNN and Bolton thing they’ll make the most money by peddling falsehoods. In case you aren’t sure what I’m referring to, just google Proud Boys. Notice… they aren’t white supremacists (unless you cost off your view to legacy media).

    Speaking of legacy, don’t use google. Use another search engine.

  2. Yes, Bolton cares about Bolton but he is telling us what to know about this racist president. Don’t be blind to Trump’s wanting to overthrow your country. My country. Our country. Let’s vote now. Let the truth come out.

  3. I'm sick AF of Trump and his supporters calling everyone names. It's disgraceful. Trump may have THINGS, but integrity isn't among them and his base, the 'immoral majority', is showing their true colors by goose stepping behind him in that way.

  4. Kappt'n Pee, I have read all of your comments about how Russia is no longer a COMMUNIST nation, etc, BUT, really, Russia is NO WAY a truly "Democratic" nation either. I now also see how there is alot of mention of how some really unflattering videos could show how some videos will show the music videos that maybe somebody in a band would NOT like to have shown. ANYHOW, REALLY, IF somebody has the GUTS to really come out and speak about any real show about who would be speaking about just who the hell had reached the REAL damn now, featured Problem that is all about a young woman whom had been really in LOVE with some "sorry old sappy jackass" who had been able to be featured into the lineup of "people who could be shown to be illiminated if they needed to be".

  5. I've figured he knew what he was saying all along he stalled the question long enough to think of a good answer and still spat that shit out. I figure when he has to go whether that be now or 4 from now we'll have to toss him and 2 or 3 hundred Nazis out with the national guard. it's disgusting. but hell if we get em all in one place we could just pull a waco and "accidentally" burn it down. building it back would be a small price to pay to be rid of the lot of em.

  6. All cultural appropriators are white. Which is why whites describe themselves as Australians, Americans, Argentinians, Chileans New Zealander’s, Israelis or anywhere they live, they try to replace the locals with themselves. The Europeans. Then they say the country is theirs and try to exclude all others including the indigenous. It is called cultural appropriation, practiced exclusively by Europeans.

  7. He won't condemn these white supremacists because they are voting for him. Same reason Joe Biden won't say anything to alienate open minded people who believe in American values. Not one word!

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  9. So you not voting means, your just okie-fine with things staying the way the are Ambassador? Or perhaps, with a lot more chaos in the next four years? But what do you care you are only thinking of your selfish self. Like WTF do you have to lose being white, male & rich in America. Maybe in addition, quite possibly that you fear a woman president sooner than you think someday for you not to vote!!!

  10. He's part of the party that birthed Trump (see what I did there), he was part of his cabinet, he did nothing to stop him, and he won't even vote against him. He's just in this to promote his book. There's GOP values for you. Coin before Country.

  11. I'm not saying that Hunter is guilty of anything, but over 10% of the people that saw thing reporting of what did happen had something to comment on. We the People of The United State of America ~ has no meaning for the media or press, it's not that they don't have America in their hearts, because they don't have a heart for Americans. If the FBI had this information at didn't investigate it until now, it's up to Mr. Wrey to explain, and up to Mr. Barr to explain, but mostly it's up to the former Vice-President to explain why he used our money guarantee to firer a prosecutor of an important ally of our nation. It would be up to the Trump Administration to get to the bottom of this, but how? The Media and Press will say that he would be doing it for political reasons, and that would be the 10% of the People that trust the Media and Press, now FOX being fair has reported the desire of CNN and MSNBC, but nobody that saw this report feel compelled to say that good old Joe is not a Don. The Trump Administration will be a little different after the election in a few weeks, typically, the internal folks change when the new administration begin, but if anyone knows the president, they know that he's not waiting for a new term, come November 4th, I'm thinking, well ~ win or lose ~ President Trump will have time to dig into his Sun Tzu bag of tricks, we all know how the movie starts, it takes a little encouragement to motivate folks stuck in their ways. The former Vice-President got his job by pointing to a storybook land. Well, President Trump is the hero in our never ending story. The American Story is never ending, it changes when necessary, but never in a bad way, our founders had one objective, to form a more perfect union, not a perfect union, we will never have a perfect union, but to hear the media and press and DNC tell it, we are a screwed up mess. What ever faults we have as a Nation, our constitution is not a part of our faults, we have free speech and that's the law, but lies to the public to influence our elections do not fall into the category of free speech, it's "Bad Form" we have little power to change that, but no American needs to believe that which is not true, what Biden says has not the same validity as what the Trump Administration has accomplished, most of us know we are much better off because of the Administrations idea of America First, it's never been about screwing the other guy, just not getting screwed. Ike took us to the brink of war with U-2's, JFK took us to the brink of war over CUBA, Johnson told the Vietnam commies where the F-105's where going to bomb, Obama never does admit he's half white, and Joe is a Don or so I believe. If he can explain, fine ~ but how can he ~ what is written is what is written. Why would his family be obligated to give him anything but admiration and love? Some member of the Trump family has an issue, it's front page news, for Joe it's a lie, 10% of Americans buy into the DNC, that's 35 million votes, half of what Hillary got, Hillary always claimed the election was about the least worst, and out of it came the best their every was, well maybe 2nd or 3rd, but she and the media and press were wrong, American's felt something with their Don ~ and to this day, the feeling is growing daily, freedom does feel good.

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  13. These SIX THINGS THE LORD HATES, Yes SEVEN are an ABOMINATION to Him: A proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, a false witness who speaks lies, and one who sows discord among brethren.
    …Describes Donald Trump to a tee!

  14. So this guy wants Trump out and the best way in his eyes is throwing his vote away?!!!!!,stipid think,vote for the other guy this election,then vote for whoever the next time…dont throw it away…what if it come down to a few votes!!,can tell he use to wrk for Trump

  15. 1. I call it low cunning. It's what bad people of little intellect use to get the better of intelligent people of good will who have grown up believing that humans are fundamentally decent.
    2. Life is full of hard choices, Mr. Bolton. There are 2 viable Presidential candidates:. CHOOSE THE BEST!

  16. John Bolton is a old war monger, the US would be at war with Iran if he wasn’t booted out, but he knows of what he speaks, Trump is pure evil and will try anything to remain in power…. NOV 3 is going to be at best chaotic, at worse the US will be a Hitler dream

  17. Cnn dumb asf people look up all the times trump has condemned white supremacy who'll get a ridiculous amount of times where he condemns it and how are proud boys white supremacist when there's interracial members

  18. Great Mr Bolton. Well said indeed! LIES, DISORDER & CHAOS. There's NO COMFORT with Trump's Lackey Party.

    The Republicans in Congress were all COMPLICIT – Enablers for Trump. They must go too.

    VOTE DEMOCRAT DOWN YOUR BALLOT. Renew America: 'Make It Sane Again'. OK

  19. Just before the election, he barricaded the White House with unscaleable fences and asked the UN not to interfere in US internal politics…
    I guess he is at least safe, if the populace should try to pry him out of his throne by force…
    Consider trading him for Putin. You’d get a Samaritan in comparison ^.^

  20. This was a good and honest interview. I will say I appreciate that he kept to his beliefs when asked about who he is voting for despite his feelings on Trump. Yet we should all remember that he only got integrity when things went bad for him after working for him. Only now do most Republicans have integrity after prostituting themselves first. I won't forget that and no one else should either.

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  22. Yeah, let’s worry about what the Proud Boys MIGHT do. Meanwhile, BLM and Antifa have rioted for the past six months straight across the country, resulting in over 30 dead, hundreds of cops being injured, and over $1 billion in property damage. “Fiery but mostly peaceful protests,” right CNN?

  23. Isn’t it funny how much CNN loves John now? What about how he has supported the death of thousands of our own kids and many other nations children… congrats CNN.. you will not have the President speak but you will allow this monster to speak.. John eats at weenie hut jr

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