Fact check: Trump suggests protests led to rise in Covid-19 cases

Fact check: Trump suggests protests led to rise in Covid-19 cases

CNN’s Daniel Dale fact-checks President Trump’s claim that Covid-19 cases “started to rise among young Americans shortly after demonstrations,” referring to the racial justice protests in response to the killing of George Floyd. #CNN #News

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  1. Trump's correct. Only left wing medical experts believe in covid19. Why doesnt these same left wing medical experts treat the proven deadly disease of AIDS the same way it treats this covid hoax?

  2. Trump lied, he doesn't have 5 or 6 personal friends. He may have that many acquaintances that caught it, but I haven't seen any dying filthy rich folks.

  3. Yeah and he suddenly started speaking in tongues, primarily "hungry caveman" but he was also speaking dumass fluently. He said he never knew he was that connected with god. He wants to invite god to a reduced price golf outing and he can stay invisible if he needs to.

  4. Come on, Don. Of course, the protests/riots caused an increase in Covid cases. Many people not wearing masks, no social distancing, and yelling , chanting and screaming? Perfect way to spread this disease.

  5. The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) is a brief 30-question test that takes around 10 to 15 minutes to complete and is designed to assess people for dementia.

    It is not a game and it is not a test that you challenge someone to.

    The test aims to identify cognitive impairment – the test is not designed to be difficult.
    It is administered for a reason – why was trump screened in such a way?

    He did not “ace” it, nobody aces it! It is the first part of a, perhaps ongoing, evaluation process.

    If you are scored at 26 or above then you are considered to be normal.

    A scoring below that may lead to further tests.

    People with Alzheimer's disease scored an average of 16.2. source: Wikipedia

    The fact that trump is bragging about “acing” a screening test is, in itself, cause for concern.

    I've seen quite a lot of sample tests and can't see that the last few questions are harder than any other. I don't believe that trump was prepared for the statement by Chris Wallace that he'd taken it and didn't find it difficult!

    Then to brag about it with another Fox News interviewer is scary – Person, woman, man, camera, TV.

    'Cognitively there' is not a phrase you hear often!

    OK – that was me being uncharacteristically serious for a brief period of time and I’m sorry for that.

    trump is obviously batcrap crazy and scoring 100% (if true) won’t change that.

  6. Don Lemon the dumb CNN fake news employee that can’t tell the difference between a rhino and Hippo. That’s all you need to know about this propagandist IQ. Don go back to kindergarten and learn the animals. Get your blanket for your naps.

  7. Persuasion is using information to advance your point of view. Propaganda is using disinformation to advance your point of view. Trump propagandizes and is not persuasive.

  8. LIES LIES LIES! This is just trump in desperation trying to promote fear and hatred further dividing the country. He's trying to cover his ineptitude and ignorance. Pretending to show empathy is sad because we know he doesn't feel it. Of course he pivots to talking about his " intelligence test ". We are aware of how insecure he is. Such a scared weak little man/child. Makes me sick.

  9. The fact is Trump started the daily briefings for a platform to his re-election and if he has no Doctors or scientist on stage or giving information then the briefings are useless as far as I'm concerned.
    They need poll workers because most poll workers are older and highest risk for the virus so if you are a young healthy adult and want to help Democracy and also make some money as a poll workers go here http://www.powerthepolls.org/TDS
    Register to vote today and ask for a mail ballot or if you go the polls WEAR A MASK!! Vote like your life depends on it, "Because it does." VOTE BLUE, VOTE BIDEN 2020!! Vote blue from local elections to the Presidency 2020!!
    Trump and the Republicans do not care about anyone but their big donors and staying power. The Trump Administration, the DOJ, and 13 Republican Attorney Generals are currently at the Supreme Court arguing that the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) and the specific clause for pre-existing conditions should be abolished which would affect everyone and leave 30+ million families in the middle without healthcare coverage of an out of control PANDEMIC that has already claimed the lives of over 140,000 Americans. Vote for a return of decency, leadership, and empathy to the United States, VOTE BLUE, VOTE BIDEN 2020!!!

  10. excuse me as i think everyone else would agree with me what about his supporters when they were prtesting about opning of the shops and going back to work they were not social distancing need to get your facts right idiot

  11. We all must remember the use of mixed messages is to convince people to mistrust ALL information. Cultivating mistrust of all information is a longstanding preferred choice of citizen control in Russian history. It was employed by the Russians who attacked our 2016 Presidential election. They have used that tactic on their own people for decades – quite deliberately by the Russian government controlled by the CCCP in the collapsed Soviet Government and still in use there today.

    Social media platforms were employed by the Russians inside our own country to help elect Trump and cleave supporters away from Clinton, much the better candidate and a person very feared by Putin.

    This tactic benefits Trump because the people who are induced to feel fear or disgust from the conflicting messages are lured by his brash so-called anti-establishment politically incorrect posturing that he is a truth teller, when he is only a practiced imposter.

    We should expect the same attempts in the 2020 election by Trump and his surrogates. Some will try to convince people with one type of message, others will promote competing ideas but in the end it is still a message to con people into doing what they otherwise would not do. Propaganda creates a need to take action. Some turn to critical thinking, research, discussion, self-education and some look to others to tell them what to think. This is a necessary weakness in a nation which wishes to rule itself rather than submit to the dictates of would-be tyrants and autocrats.

    We best anticipate these tactics, learn to recognize them, and vow not to be enslaved by their use.

  12. I think it makes sense that the protest contributed to the spread rather they asked the questions during contact tracing or not. Thousands of people packed together on the streets during a pandemic. My statements in no way takes away from the movement itself, it just makes sense. Why politicize it. If these protests did not contribute but going to the beach and other gatherings did then I don’t know what media outlet to believe.

  13. If you believe “protest” in no way have some sort of effect on the increase in Covid cases you literally have no common sense. You preach about wearing mask and social distancing … have you seen these “protests” ?? Exactly my point CNN is so bullshit

  14. one think, trump relaxing of closing down..does it INCLUDE mandatory wearing of mask or not ? if yes, well, it is exactly what blm protesters are doing, so how can you blame this on trum and not on booth parties ?

  15. Take the poll: How will democratic cities function with less tax revenue as a result of their shutdowns and school closures and millions of less tax revenue coming in? Raising property tax and vehicle tax as well as gas tax is the only way to keep funding city employees whom consistently vote democrat as well as the teacher unions. If you own a house or property open your wallets because the democrats are coming to raise your taxes to pay for what? expanding their voter base permitting illegal aliens to vote? Vote for change. Everyone knows there is a 97% survival rate with covid, 50,000,000 tests completed and the media still hyping fear: 150000 covid related deaths/50,000,000 tests completed. Do the Math. The democrat plan is to put fear in America through Riots, Covid, Russia, Russia, Russia like the American voters are lemmings following the sour sounds of the negative fake press, pathetic. Hey Media, you are not that powerful yet but you are pathetic. What did Kamala Harris say about Joe Biden related to school busing in the democratic primary? deceptive politics. Face it, Democrats in power have no concern over the tragic deaths of children in Chicago or anywhere else, you know why…… they want power and they believe the riots is a means to an end. Your safety and security means 0 to the democratic party or the main stream media. It is clear as day.

  16. Trump is still attempting to use the briefings as a rally. He does not give out facts children do get the virus they have died and some have long term health issues. He is also attempting to ignore the virus as much as possible. He never gives any details about anything except the words very good perfect and fantastic but not really a full intelligent sentence that a person could understand what the issue is that he is rambling on about. He plagiarises everyone else words and deeds. He is a joke in his own words.

  17. We all said it 2 months ago.U cnn Idiots didnt listen then and now yall tryin to hide the fact that the protests had a huge impact on recent covid increases. It's obvious!

  18. CNN continuously claiming to be "fact checking" anything is a complete joke and a lie. They aren't "fact checking" squat! all they are doing is putting a Communist Party style propaganda spin on everything President Trump says. What is most amusing and still disturbing is when they claim that they have some kind of U.S. Intelligence sources that are telling them the "facts". First of all I worked in Intelligence (NSA) several years ago and I am fully aware of how it works and what the policies and rules are, so I can say with absolute certainty that CNN has NO inside source currently working with full access within ANY of the U.S. Intelligence agencies…THEY ARE LYING!!! Secondly, if CNN or any other Liberal tabloid media source had an inside source then by virtue of their own reporting they would be outing someone who would be facing federal prison time for directly violating their security oaths, and it wouldn't be very difficult to figure out who was giving out the information….especially if it was part of a mole hunt and was deliberately false. Most people who go through what they go through to get into the U.S. Intelligence agencies are people of good character and conscience and are not a bunch of extremist political zealots…otherwise they would never pass the security background investigation, and would never be cleared to work where they are. They are not about to sacrifice their job, their future, or their freedom over some stupid media interview story. CNN has been corrupted and are nothing but bald faced liars.

  19. I saw this comment in my email only today.
    First of all, Trump never got advice from some Nigerian witch doctor….but I think I know who you are referring to. That woman is actually an MD. Yes she is a Nigerian, but she is a lduly icensed physician.
    Many months prior to that video going viral (the one with the black female MD ,whom you refer to as a witch doctor) Trump directly knew of a French doctor's administration of Hydroxychloroquine to 25 patients, and almost all of them recovered. That , to him (and to many doctors, inreported in media) proved very significant in the datk search for some cure the covid19 infections.
    I disagree with Trump on the idea of taking disinfectants as course of action against the corona virus….like most normal people.
    However, I think I understand why hevsaid that.
    You see the principle behind the effectivenesd of Hydrochloroquine is that it changes the ph level within the cells. The corina virus needs a very high acidity in the cell's internal structure especially within the cytoplasm. Hydrochloroquine is very alkaline. Therefore the effect of this drug on the cellular level is a reduction in acidity blocking the process of attachment of the covid19 virus (and othe corona viruses) Reduced viral load on the immune system gives the individual patitient a fighting chance. A big one.
    Now…general disinfectants usially have a very alkaline ph level. Something upon which the covid19 virus cannot thrive.
    All this is Trump's basis for coming up with such a crazy idea. I disagree with it but I do understand the science behind it.
    I don't mean to waste time discussing boring technical details….but I really hate it when mainstream media, headed by CNN is ever ready to attack even without kniwing the other side. What matters is that they are able to find fault …every minute, every hour every day.
    Now they even accuse Trump of stealing post office boxes…..when investigation has shown that the USPS had only been doing its regular taking of and replacing of the post boxes
    I dont only listen to Fox. I lsten n watch an Australian news agency that reports on everything, not like CNN which refuses to show how damaged Chcago, Minneapolis, NewYork Seattle n Portland are ….., and the several deaths aused by blacks on whites,, even among children.
    I hate it how CNN refuses to cover how destroyed many many busineses are as a result of the burning and looting of tons of BLM thugs I ve seen live streamed from people phones. …all because it doesn't fit their narrative..
    To say they are unfair would be a damn understatement.
    This youtube channel The Ring of Fire..is another which keeps on spewing awful lies……and dark left wing ideas.
    I dont know exactly who is winning now in surveys or polls as i am not updated on these things…however, I know one thing foe sure. For the good of the country no one should ever vote for democrats especially Joe Biden n Harris.
    Radical left ideas can never make a nation great, especially since they seeek to abolish the nuclear family, promote, LGBT, totally disregard biblical principles ( thank you for planting the seeds, Barack Hussein Ibama!) Dishonor the second amendment and constantly release convicted felons, rapists paid murderer,,etc into the streets, make their leftist attorneys refuse to presss charges on arrested violent thugs they say are "peaceful protesters" in spite of vidoe and eyewitness accounts of actual injury, damage and arson…..done i. Oh mainstream media will never shoe these things…….of course. To them, BLM is a peaceful group, but evidence lwft n right shows its a terrorist organization with actually no true regard for black lives. They want the abolition of the nuclear family, n private property n other Socialist stuff which is directly in opposition to the Judeo -Christian values the USA was founded on.

  20. Trump tweeting "LIBERATE" three states led to the spread of corona! Trump listening to Kushner,Limbaugh and Hannity instead of to doctors and scientists led to the spread of corona!

  21. kelly Lavato—your whole his-story is a lie….It.s a Hooaaaxxxx,,,,It's going to gooooo awaaaay. it's like the flu. kids don't get sick, wearing the mask don't help, but now you are wearing a mask..you need more lies…KELLY LAVATO…hiding your reply…

  22. Trump is a bad guy. Should I be thrilled that the Dems shoved the worst possible candidate to run against him? Biden has 47 years of imprisoning millions of black and brown people for corporate prison profit, endlessly endorsing wars for profit for Raytheon, and he was the King of credit card fraud for companies like MBNA. Do I vote against Trump because he lied or do I vote against Biden because he lied and killed over a million people in the continuation of wars over the hoax of WMD? Or should I vote against Biden because he imprisoned MILLIONS of black and brown people for corporate profit? They charge taxpayers $75,000 per prisoner. Apparently it is a very lucrative business that Biden and Harris worked overtime to create and support (remember, Biden: "I wrote the crime bill").

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