Former Trump official backing Biden says others will speak out

Former Trump official backing Biden says others will speak out

Former Trump administration official Miles Taylor, who recently endorsed Joe Biden for president, tells CNN’s Jake Tapper that he wasn’t alone at the White House in doubting President Donald Trump’s leadership ability and hints others will speak out against Trump. #CNN #News

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  1. All these news channels are garbage. But Rupert Murdoch should be arrested… how are the most powerful institutions in our country that is solely responsible for brainwashing all of us allowed to be run by nationals that are not even citizens?

  2. For balance, what about interview the thousands who have abandoned the Democrats? Do you remember what "journalism" means? Cable Nonsense Network has no right to exist. Time to shut up shop and go home.

  3. This dialogue, no matter how much evidence is shown, facts are spoken, records are released, will not change the Cults mind.
    There’s no reasoning with them. You can show them evidence of: criminal activity, Russian interference, sexual abuse, incestuous remarks, racist words and behaviors, anti-science rhetoric, and plain ole tapes of him admitting to lying to the American people… and it. still. won’t. matter. Because they’re voting with their indoctrinated fear and paranoia. Cheetoh is fear mongering and it’s working. That’s how captors treat hostages, not the way the Commander and Chief should treat citizens

  4. It certainly seems Trump is unpredictable. He appears to love those, interested in bringing harm to America. His goal is to obtain full power, being a dictator. He will not move out of the White House, and something tells me, he will have Russian forces there, to ensure his success. Perhaps, what I just said, seems far fetched, but, did you ever think a President, could stir up so much shit, turn America upside down? He cares about no one except himself.

  5. Its ASTOUNDING to see how many defections that come from this administration. When there are as many defections and people speaking out, there has to be some credibility here. There is just too many people speaking out to deny their credibility. If this was a regular business, you would start to wonder about the reputation and credibility of that business with so many people leaving and speaking out against their former employer. A business with so many defections and disgruntled employees with such a high turnover rate says A LOT about their business practices and just how shady and untrustworthy it is

  6. I could almost believe you. But then you want to support biden nothing Trump does could ever be worse than biden neither are perfect. But supporting abortion is against god so that makes me know biden wouldn't get my vote

  7. I just had a frightening thought…another one. Trumpty Dumpty wants America and Americans to be despised as much as he is as a punishment for his inferiority complex. We're F'd if he is not properly disposed of on November 3rd.

  8. So MILES, how much did they pay you to appear on this show and talk BS about Donald Trump?

    Donald Trump DID NOT think it was policy to gas ILLEGALS CHARGING OUR BORDER!!

    He was praising the quick response to protect our Border Patrol!

    You are an extreme fool!




    Why do you feel compelled to LIE?

    When the President asked a question about the rotation of the storm, it took only seconds to be answered.

    President Trump has always declared early STATE OF EMERGENCY so the affected areas have everything they need immediately after the storm passes.

    It is impossible to force residents to evacuate and it is impossible to evacuate most areas in the path of a hurricane because of the over population of those areas.


    THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES are on the air 24/7 with weather advisories and what areas to evacuate.

    You are a blatant LIAR!!

    Good thing you were FIRED!! YOU ARE INCOMPETENT!

  10. But if you like it that way, like to be CONTROLLED. I know its scary, that is why the trend of kings and queen, emperors etc etc live on for centuries. There is a difference between noble and commoners. Should you choose to accept it or not?

  11. This guy blinks too much, and every one of his mannerisms while he's lying gives him away.

    Also, doesn't it seem like the reporter is leading him into a type of storyline that has been heard from already, like they are trying to characterize Trump in such a manner……. I think it speaks well for journalism at CNN.
    Here's the question; What does CNN have to gain by doing this? Who would they be doing it for? How would anyone else gain from this type of reporting?

  12. The biggest problem is not Trump, it’s the people that support and vote for him. The things we see in Trump as faults they see as something positive and praise him for these character traits. When he talks out of his ass, they see him as a straight shooter that doesn’t cave to those PC liberals. His personality isn’t unique, he is just like all of his hardcore supporters: racist, sexist, mean, corrupt, inept, ignorant, narcissistic, dumb, unhealthy, paranoid, and proud of these traits. The fact is that not a single day goes by without trump saying or doing something horrific, and with all the crazy stuff that he’s done in the last 4 years that people STILL support him is really scary. The other part that’s worrisome is that his party members still support him because they care so much more about keeping their power then the fate of the country they’re supposed to serve. It is shameful and we need to hold these people accountable, but the way things go I doubt anything is gonna change.

  13. What did you do to make president trump fire you im a proud veteran who is proud to have trump as our commander and cheif take a look at your.buddy biden any man that allowed a former first lady who would disrespect the American flag get.up their and speak up for him does not deserve to be president

  14. You do realize how idiotic CNN sounds? YOU DO UNDERSTAND THAT THE STATISTICS ARE WRONG AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL WIN THIS ELECTION BY VOTING FOR DONALD J TRUMP? Oh!! You don’t? CNN is comparable to TMZ. You all are a bunch of paid deep state so called journalists that wouldn’t know the truth if it was in front of you. CNN should be prosecuted for inciting violence. When you talk of misuse of tax payer dollars why don’t you speak of Biden using tax payer dollars to fund foreign wars in Ukraine? Investigators in Ukraine just released a 7o minute press release and have named Joe Biden as one of those going to be prosecuted for stealing billions from the people of Ukraine and giving tax payer dollars to an oligarch that would behead his foes. CNN!!! I am calling you out right now!! Report the facts!! Stop reporting lies

  15. Like I say all the time I'm really thankful and really proud of myself for supporting Hillary Clinton in 2016!! I really wish that she would be our current president right now with Tim Kaine!!! I definitely miss Barack Obama as president so much. He has been such an inspiration to me since 2008 when I was 12-13 years old!!! I miss reasonable, thoughtful and calming leadership!!! I'm really hoping that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win in November to abolish QANON, to dedicate the memory of RBG and to keep Barack Obama's legacy that he worked so hard at, I'm really hoping that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win in November officially!! Elizabeth Warren, Eric Swalwell, Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg and Cory Booker will make great cabinet members!!! Hillary Clinton will make a great US AG!!! Hopefully Barack Obama and Michelle Obama can be members of The Supreme Court!!! The systemic racism in this country needs to end as well!!

  16. This young man is nothing short of a hero and a role model for his party to speak out against the darkness. It does not matter what party you belong to, one can choose to speak the truth to promote righteousness with the courage of David as he confronted Goliath. May God protect Miles Taylor for his fearlessness and truth telling…

  17. What are you gonna do about it?! Have news reports!? He wins their will be no ore elections because he will appoint gov, mayors and police chifes…And judges?!

  18. He's clearly been unfit for leadership since day 1, OFCOURSE a lot of good and professional people are still speaking out. It's a man-baby incompetent sleazbag- of course he's bad for America! I'm sorry if you didn't want to see it before you you're only fooling yourself at this point (and not doing a good either unless you really are a sociopath like you pretend to be).

  19. trump will waste our taxes on anything that makes him feel good, while not paying taxes, then tells us that our OUR taxes can't go towards us with intelligently investing in our own country…
    if only conservatives were actually fiscally responsible but clearly, with all the pandemic stimulus meant for small businesses instead handed over to trumps rich buddies, that's not the case at all. They don't care about America, or life or family values, freedom, democracy…

  20. ofcourse a skidmark like cushner – who only got the job because of his daddy-in-law- would try to downplay this clearly skill professional man (who is also a lifelong republican with many facts to discuss)… YIKES GUYS maybe make sure your entire ass isn't out before trying to insult someone else's pants!

  21. Donald Trump do not know many ppl such as Rex Tellyson, General Mattis, General Kelly, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort. But sure knows Hope Hicks biblically. When she is positive so is he.

  22. Great guy, I just don't get how he didn't know Trump was bad from the beginning, in fact, how anybody thought Trump was a good guy and was going to be a good president?? It puzzles my mind

  23. Completely bogus. Trump is the last president to star a war. Anyone who has been alive has noticed he has been very against war and has brought home all our troops. this guy is lying and paid by CNN.

  24. 6:57 he's talking about russians. wiki leaks shows russian hacking group colluded with clinton campaign to try and get her to win. it was the opposite. epic times has real story. this is all lies he says

  25. Personality of betrayal like Mikes Taylor is used to dig out for information but absolutely cannot be used to work with … CNN will not hire you and Democrat will disgust you. Taylor are too young and stupid

  26. Realizing this is a couple of months old, when Trump denies knowing someone who speaks out against him, it's a weak attempt to disavow that person's knowledge of him as much as "disinheriting" the person, the way he saw his own Dad do to his elder brother, the way he has threatened his own sons in their lifetimes. He's a prince, eh?
    I'm impressed with this young man. It's brave of him to come out with bare honesty about this manchild president, and he represents himself, and the better virtues of the GOP I remember growing up with, despite my ideological differences in some areas.

  27. Those former trump administration who's supporting biden that just telling me there part of a swamp ha ha ha..theyre just showing who they really are MAGA 2020

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