France, Germany and Italy suspend AstraZeneca vaccine – BBC News

France, Germany and Italy suspend AstraZeneca vaccine – BBC News

Germany, France and Italy have halted rollouts of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, after a series of incidents in Europe involving blood clots. They join several smaller European nations who have halted vaccinations as a precaution while checks are made. The World Health Organization has said there is no evidence that the incidents are caused by the vaccine. It said it was reviewing reports relating to the jab, but it was important vaccinations continued. Please subscribe HERE #Coronavirus #Covid #Vaccine #BBCNews

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  1. So of the 17,000,000 people that have been vaccinated, there have been 15 events of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and 22 events of pulmonary embolism reported after vaccination. People seriously believe it's linked to the vaccine? These reported numbers are lower than the number that would be expected to occur naturally within that population size. This is the EU distracting everyone from the fact that they royally fucked up by delaying the Pfizer vaccine distribution, and all the anti-vaxxers are wetting themselves in excitement over it.

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  3. Just because of the coronavirus situation I found out that there is no truth in this world, only my dog barks the truth without barking.

  4. 37 out of 17 MILLION people vaccinated with AstraZeneca developed a blood clot with no proof of a link. Statistically out of 17 MILLION people, 34 will be struck by lightning this year.

  5. What must be considered is that people are NOT just statistics! There must hundreds of thousands of people around the world who are thrombophyliacs, the opposite of haemophiliacs, since it affects both men and women. My mother, a paediatrician, didn't know she had it until her first stroke, and I was diagnosed right afterward, with her sister not having the condition. In my case, it's a double strike, since I suffered from a severe allergic reaction to a booster shot of the BCG vaccine at age five and a half. Luckily, I didn't end up a drooling wheelchair-bound encephalopathy victim, but I could have. Better safer than sorry!

  6. If younger population are willing to take Astra Zeneca, they should be given the vaccine.There are plenty of blood thinners like aspirin and garlic that can offset the risk. Protection against disease is more important!

  7. This is the most dumbest statistic – only a few people died from vaccination. Yeah, it is ONLY if they re some distant strange people unrelated to u. And if they re your own mother, father, sister, brother – then what will u say? Even one would be more than enough

  8. India and china government want de population and the cruel terrorist government of both country not trustable so people's of those county do not trust. Asrtrazenca banned in many countries due to clot. All the world jews and rich people leaders UN leaders medical staff must be given corona virus vaccines to get win the people trust.

  9. Millions of people have had this vaccine 7 people have had blood clots mean while astrzenica also gets the blame by that german woman in the eu de lying or whatever her name is that astrazenica has underperformed in delivering the vaccine to europe that is why they are behind UK in delivering vaccination of its population. It is of course nothing to do with the EU being very slow in approving all the vaccines and it then being ordered centrally for the whole of the EU by brussel as nan would say "what a load of shit".

  10. Everyone who has taken these Vaccines are just guinea pigs on an experiment…. these Vaccines are experimental and can cause long term damage and is not covered by your life insurance never trust any politician or Fake news media that tell you its ok it's all mind control. thousands have died from experimental vaccines in the past do your own research and never trust your Government…

  11. Interesting. The cheapest (by far) western vaccine may (or may not ) have some side effects. Who benefits in this situation? The competition, of course. And not Russians or Chinese – only Big companies like Pfizer etc. It would't surprise me if those companies play their part in this.

  12. Blood clots are only one of the problems caused by these Experimental Biological Agents. there have been hundreds of deaths and thousands of severe adverse events, including heart attacks, seizures, blindness, paralysys, miscarriages,…… this is just the immediate effects. The worst is still to come, according to many honest scientists. It will be a few months to 2 years before the full effects of the 'jab' are seen.
    An article in Children’s Health Defence, Thu Feb 11, 2021 actually said that blood clots could result from these mRNA 'vaccines'. Dr. J. Patrick Whelan, a pediatric rheumatologist, warned the FDA in December that mRNA vaccines could cause microvascular injury to the brain, heart, liver and kidneys in ways not assessed in safety trials.

    Typically – Whelan’s concerns were not acknowledged.
    The spike protein alone — which the mRNA vaccines instruct the body to make — has been implicated as a key cause of injury and death in COVID-19 infections.

    Based on the research conducted to date, it is very likely that some recipients of the spike protein mRNA vaccines will experience the same symptoms and injuries associated with the virus.

    Further: These Experimental Biological Agents will cause Antibody Dependant Enhancement , Immune Enhancement or Pathogenic Priming in the months to come.

    Instead of causing immunity, it causes a person to over-react in a negative way if they should ultimately be exposed to another coronavirus. This is well known to scientists.The body has a cytokine storm: it actually has a more aggressive reaction and attacks its own lungs, its own liver; it has a sepsis response in the body

    According to honest scientists: It is a biological impossibility that SARS Cov2 can be causing illness now – That virus has gone; the world has developed immunity; the virus has mutated so much it does not cause disease; it is called endemic; that is not the causative agent.
    Whatever it is that is killing people now – it is not the same thing (SARS Cov2) that killed them in the Spring.

    Also – the mutant strains are actually the result of lockdown: Lockdowns, social distancing and wearing masks do not stop transmission – they only modify it.

    The problem with ‘flattening the curve’, is that you encourage the emergence of mutant strains of the virus that are more transmissible. If you make it more difficult to be transmitted, strains will emerge that are more successful at transmission.

    That is what we now see: the emergence of more transmissible forms of the virus. Lockdowns have created this.
    The same with the ‘vaccine’, there will be strains that will mutate and evade the vaccine. They are forcing the virus to mutate.

  13. At least in Italy, the suspension of the AstraZeneca vaccine was a political decision not supported by the scientific authority. Italian politicians followed the decisions taken first by Germany and then by France. It was a mistake made in good faith while waiting for the health authority to issue its judgment.

  14. EVERY NORMAL HUMAN SHOULD SUSPEND IT! It is NOT a vaccine ,its experimental mixture,i dont understand how much braindead you must be to put that in your body! A vaccine is developed for years,why you all allow someone to experiment with you or force it on you??? They ASK you to sign declaration its your responsibility what happens after,not theirs! Does that not ring a bell? Its like you go to buy an oven and manufacturers tells you….oh i cant guarantee if it wont kill you or if it will work! Come on….no matter how stupid someone can be must be able to get that. They REFUSE to take responsibility for what they ÇREATED,they are not liable! It is not a vaccine,its gmo biological product nobody knows anything about….jeez…unbelievable

  15. Writing this on 19-03-21 just read article off a reliable news site pulled this little gem for an update,
    “Our scientific position is that this vaccine is a safe and effective option to protect citizens against Covid-19,” said the head of the EMA, Emer Cooke.

  16. Fine. Please kindly return all the vaccines back the the UK and erm… good luck with Covid. Hope you've said your goodbyes to your grandparents.

  17. They'll find some way, whether tried or not, legal or not, to generate political issues at our expense.
    These greedy power-hungry rich care not of the consequences; on the contrary, they isolate themselves from the affects!
    With the Covid, they address a global pandemic, whether created or not, to secure more wealth and protection for themselves.
    I wouldn't put it past these amoral people to use this crisis for conducting studies, to see how this artificial vector changes the human DNA.

    Almost twenty years since the mapping of the human genome: Have we been playing God?
    What if we spliced into the sequence the particular color-changing attributes of Chameleon lizards?
    Can we adjust where hair grows on our bodies?
    What about growing human compatible organs in animals — or some kind of host?
    Could we actually set the clock on when people die?
    Obviously DNA can be altered to increase mortality. Just use a virus, or something even better like a synthetically made, virus mimicking, DNA targeting inoculation.

  18. Why things are so insane in Israel atm (and why vaccines are just a financial scam)

    It took me some time to figure out why Israel seems to be ahead of everyone else as far as fascist "vaccination" is concerned, why vaccines are being pushed onto the population with such force over there.

    The reason for this is the usual – commercial gain. Pfizer's shareholders include many of the largest Israeli monopolies (Discount Bank, Leumi Bank, Sellcom, etc.), and also the so-called "Israel Corporation", which must be the Israeli government itself.

    See for yourself

    A lot of people seem to think that vaccines are some kind of satanic plan of slowly killing the population and especially the elderly, getting rid of extra mouths to feed, so to speak. This may be the case in some areas, maybe. But the main purpose of the fascist vaccination is this – capitalist monopolies, which own the governmental apparatus, take your taxes from the treasury and use them to buy a product you don't need. They own the shares in pharmaceutical companies and they just make you buy their product. They take your money and put it in their pockets, saying that it's for your own good LOL. They can't just rob you openly, now can they. They gotta disguise it, hide it behind a noble cause. And if you take an honest look around, you will see that this kind of disguised robbery, carried out by the monopolistic capital, happens all the time and all around us. How can we not know this! Is there even a single adult left who hasn't heard of corrupt (fraudulent) schemes at the state level? Is there anyone who has not become a victim of legalized robbery?

  19. A nurse from Georgia (Sakartvelo), who was shot AstraZeneca, gave an interview to media and then suddenly she stunned and taken to intensive care unit. Today she died.

  20. Jesus Christ is coming back soon and will give everyone the reward they deserve. Repent to God and Christ and confess and repent of your sins! Accept Christ as your Lord and Savior! Forgive and love one another. Live holy! Read the Bible and learn to live as pleases God and Christ! Don't take the c-vax. Don't get tested! No Make-Up! Do not worship "saints" statues! No worldy music! Fast! No TV! Don't love the world or anything in the world! No sinful desires! Ask for God's opinion! No pagan or church festivals! No ornaments or jewellery! No videogames! Don't listen to worldly teachings!

  21. There is evidence by now, here the facts: as of today, March 23rd, 2021, Germany counts 16 cases of severe brain hemmorraghes and Cerebral venous sinus thromboses (CVST) most in combination with a low level of blood platelets, all 4-16 days after vaccination with Astrazeneca. 4 of them deadly. 15 out of these were women aged 20-55, healthy individuals in their prime. In most cases it has already been confirmed by doctors that this was caused by a strong immune response triggered by the vaccine. You can fact check this information on the site of Paul Ehrlich Institute and on diverse media outlets like FAZ or ZDF.

  22. At this moment I highly doubt, that Oxford is an "elite" University , since they are involved in developing this absolute trash fest of a vaccine! We here in Germany want our Biontech Vaccine!Why do we have to go along with buying this cheap crap?

  23. This corona virus has taught the world that cash is not the ultimate option for trading. The world needs a touchless currency and that's when bitcoin comes in. Currently in this phase of life. Bitcoin is already making legitimate and profitable way for investment.

  24. Luke 8:17 For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

    YOUR EYES WILL BE WIDE OPEN AND EVERYTHING FALLS INTO PLACE…ONCE YOU RESEARCH ID2020 and also the World Economic Forum's 'Great Reset'. two arms of the same plan to force us into a China-Model economic/medical prison-society. The 'Reset' is the social-engineering/political/economic arm and ID2020 is the medical-pharma/digital-surveillance arm. Both are operating in tandem to build-up a new globalist vision…where they – the 1% – have total control over the freedom-less 99%. This 'virus' is being used as a means to implement these joint agenda's. ID2020 was officially launched in 2016 – 4 years in advance of covid in 2020…did THE PLANNERS have a Crystal ball to accurately predict the year of Covid-19 ? Both ID2020 and the Reset and the rich and powerful behind them have been preparing for many years to reshape our societies/economies/lives and these changes are all being rolled-out under Covid-measures…Immunity-Passports/digital track-tracing surveillance and mass-vaccinations.

  25. French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday announced that a 'limited lockdown' will be imposed across the nation to curb the spread of coronavirus disease (Covid-19.Y’all should develop an online income means and focus more on bitcoin. I have been into bitcoin for a while now.

  26. ES SIND MEHRERE Polizisten die das machen.. Auch lassen sie die Leute nicht zu Ruhekommen. Sie sind scharfauf ihre Frauen und Kinder und drohen uns mit Ländertausch.

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