Germany eases coronavirus restrictions on shops – BBC News

Germany eases coronavirus restrictions on shops – BBC News

Germany has reopened small shops, car dealerships and bicycle stores, in a tentative easing of the coronavirus lockdown imposed nearly a month ago. The country has flattened the curve of new infections and last week said it had got the spread under control. But social distancing remains in force. In Saxony it is mandatory for people to wear face masks in public – and that is strongly recommended elsewhere. The only students back in school are those sitting leaving exams. Germany’s mortality rate from Covid-19 is significantly lower than for many of its European neighbours. Efficient, large-scale testing by diagnostic labs, and tracing of carriers, is seen as a major factor in that. The country on Monday recorded 1,775 new cases for the past day, while the number of deaths linked to Covid-19 rose by 110 to 4,404, according to official figures. Please subscribe HERE

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  1. That is not quite true in some regions of Germany the virus entered through social gatherings such as the so called carneval and the predominant arge of those infected were sixty and above. In the city where I live the first case was a 82 year old women, who got ill in february and died two weeks later.

  2. The countries that have not had a lockdown are doing much better than we are . Our government are taking advice from people and colleges closely connected to Bill Gates that's why we had a global lockdown . When I say closely connected they were bribed with £40 million pound gifts I kid you not .

  3. I live in Germany and what can I say? Due to the ease of restrictions, I expect a massive wave of new infections…most city centres are full of people who go shopping just for fun. The ease came too early!

  4. Let us see in 3 weeks how disciplined the Germans really are! Are they really law abiding? Do they really do social distancing and wear masks to push down the numbers of infections or are they just hiding their true attitudes towards the virus, their feelings about the lockdown?? Lots of praises, prove it in 3 or 4 weeks time!!

  5. This is the opportunity to the world to raise our conciousness about our soul who are one.
    we need to learn…to be all together and recognize we are bound to each other.

  6. So the death rate is increasing in Germany as the virus spreads to older citizens but they are easing restrictions? Did I miss hear that? Am I the only one that thinks it’s counter intuitive to ease restrictions as death rate increases?
    Whatever. I wouldn’t send my kid back to school unless there was a vaccine. A school is the best place for spreading a virus. Then the virus comes home. Granny comes by to visit little Billy. There goes granny. Granny is dead and Billy ends up a hypochondriac.

  7. China must PAY for the Wuhan virus crisis they released on the world. Allowing 5 million people to leave Wuhan during the explosive epidemic pushed out infected people to contaminate the world. China must OWN up and pay back the cost for the disaster they caused. Chinese communists LIE to exist. Now we know the Wuhan virus likely escaped the bio-weapons lab. Not by accident but by incompetence. Lying Chinese communist party, LCCP, told the world Wuhan virus was not dangerous or passing person to person. They lied about the numbers of infected and dead. Now their lies are obvious and lying LCCP wants to adjust the ridiculously low numbers up to save the face they lost. CHINA MUST PAY FOR WUHAN VIRUS. How do you know when the LCCP is lying? When their lips are moving.

  8. St. For how long will this Sars-covid-2 pandemic last? As days go by, people and governments are anxious of what the future holds, how they could go through today and the next days to come. Because of the nature of this covid-I9 pandemic problem, one can not gamble on his/her safety and the security of his/her family. The home becomes the safe place to live for the meantime while because of the anecdotes of deaths of covid-I9 hospitalized people, other places where people could be found are unsafe to be with. Is it okay for people and government to gamble to ease restrictions while there is still novel corona virus? Are the decisions of individual persons make sense to go outside their houses to return to work and for governments to ease restrictions for economic well of their people and their countries correct course of action during this uncertain times? Because there is no other way as months passed, gradual lifting of restrictions based on data of infection and scientific prognosis is the only course of action that can be taken. Returning to normal times, what was used to be before is always in the mindset of people. The question is will human beings live normal lives in times of uncertainty of the economy, unhealthy and insecure environment? It has been said by economic and science analysts, that because of corona virus pandemic, most countries suffered massive unemployment and almost halted the wheels of the economy. Retail and big business suffered incalculable losses. Will leaders of governments be able to hurdle the numerous difficulties in the return to what was normal times or will it lead to the times of bleak future of the new Dark Age? Is the survival of the fittest be the rule of the coming days,persons blaming one another, governments blaming one another and a state of war of all,against one another? What if there will be another versatile and more deadly as the novel corona virus? Can one guard himself against on this invisible microbe when he/she goes outside, always be mindful of the presence and danger of the corona virus? What about that during 6 hours outside his house, he/she forgets and is unaware he/she touches the virus? He forgets not to touch his mouth, nose and eyes when it is itching. That the data shown in that certain place, the rate of infection has gone very low. Even the data does not give security that the pandemic is gone. Remember, it takes only one or two persons to have corona virus for Covid-I9 to increase exponentially. The Sars-covid-2 virus is half-dead and half alive, a zombie that eats. As a result, will there be depopulation of human beings and overpopulation of corona viruses and other microbes? During the times of the new normal when it becomes very difficult to undergo economic recovery, self-reliance as a principle and as a way of life of every person and government will be rule. It is inevitable big business will go down, cities and urban areas will no longer be attracted to people simply because there are few jobs available. If this will happen, can modern man live through this new Dark age of apocalypse?

  9. in flughafen die in sie JAL sagt "he is. understand" nur menuscript.
    mit polizei nach Lufthansa dumpft mir zu hassen.
    Kann ich zu nur Japanish.
    nie nie nie.
    sex harassment.
    cabinfrau zucker berg me. damit. Papagei.

  10. Could it be that the German case numbers are high because they've tested so they have a better idea of the real number? I'd like to see the real infection numbers in the UK.

  11. Soros is giving Germany a 100 BILLION dollars, the dark side of the moon , a three legged dog, 5 ZEBRAS , and a partridge in a pear tree, to cancel OCTOBER FEST. Just to make trump look bad .

  12. From St., Serlito. Extending restrictions or easing restriction because of corona virus is not easy for governments to decide. The big question is the effect on the economy. Is there light on the end of the tunnel? The grim warning is coming in the horizon of the new Dark Age. Extending restrictions will only lead to greater damage to economy and easing restrictions based on the data which is not foul proof while ignoring the presence and the capability of the covid-I9 virus have incalculable negative consequences in the future. It has been shown there are people who carries the corona virus do not show symptoms. Even there is new normal people going to work, watch sport events, wear masks and observe the required physical distance, there are always opportunity for the virus to creep in. In spite of vigilance, mistakes, negligence may happen where the treacherous covid-I9 will come in to persons, their transmission to more people and again another wave of sufferings and deaths. Again, another lockdowns. So, what is the end of the tunnel? It is problematic and scary. Will tiime come, self-reliance will be the rule?

  13. CHINA and CCP needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE for dishonesty and cover-up at the early stage of OUTBREAK in Wuhan that caused GLOBAL PANDEMIC. They should also compensate the world (especially, Italy, New York etc.} for their deaths and sufferings. I am from Asia.

  14. Greetings everyone, I am using this medium to sympathise to the world in general and also considering those that has lost their loved one's in this pandemic coronavirus, at this juncture, we're making a random supports to ease the stress and starvation ahead of the sit at home order. We scheduled a give away supports with the sum of 1miillon dollars to everyone around there world. We need agents that can splits/distributes this funds to their neighborhoods. Any interested person's should contact me for proper details via

  15. "CHEXIT " – Boycott made in China
    Let's get United against Chanies CCP otherwise they'll colonies all.China start military action as well hold online gaming in China so people can't speak outside.

  16. Germany has Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten on its side who is one of the leading scientists for those pandemic corona viruses. This man invented the PCR Test, which is the best test system available, for the new Coronavirus so Germany had a scientific advantage. As he did for the old SARS Virus. This man man is a genius.

  17. The fact that situation in Germany is better than in some European countries doesn't mean that the situation in Germany is better than in rest of the Europe. It is better than in some European countries and worse if we compare to other European countries. Most European countries are still in better situation than Germany.

  18. Cases are doubled in last two days in Germany it is wrong to reopen any country in this time while there is no vaccine governments of all over the world want to shift the danger from economy to the life of people BE CAREFUL PEOPLE

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  20. Traditional medicines in India cures corona virus. WHO is suppressing Indian Traditional Medicine.

    He is curing patients across the globe in 48hours with Indian Traditional Medicines(Siddha and Ayurveda) . He submitted his papers in UN as well as WHO. But they did not respond.


  21. On the subway in Berlin, April 26, a couple of Korean international students suffered racial discrimination, sexual harassment, and assault.
    The 5 German racists made fun of the Korean couple calling them "corona", attacked the couple and tried to take mobile phone from the Korean man.
    Well, nothing new with these shameless descendants of NAZI CRIMINALS who brutally committed the most atrocious massacres against fellow human beings in mankind history.

  22. The racist Germans are so hilarious. They critized racist acts of French people, but at the same time they committed racist crimes, sexual harrasment and assult against innocent Korean international students. The Nazi criminal descents should be ashamed of themselves.

  23. I am German and I am very interested in Great Britain. I love, for example, English films, thrillers 😉 and the great culture, the wonderful landscapes, British literature, football. My grandfather always heard BBC secretly during the war, it was dangerous for him. But he always said … You hear the truth and not the lies. He told me that shortly before he died in 1982. Perhaps that's where my interest comes from.
    But what really surprised me was how British politics dealt with the corona crisis. A Boris Johnson who didn't want it to happen and only made the whole thing worse. A health system that was saved from being broken by all parties and now doctors and nurses are laboriously kept up and running. I think my British friends are thinking carefully about whom you trust. Everything stays healthy and takes care of you.

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  25. 75 years ago the Nazis were beaten, Germany became a democratic Country with the help of europe and the US. Germany stands for discipline, humanity, engineering, human rights and great health system and economy. As a German I do Not forget The help from the us and the Rest of europe since 1945. I just would like to ask the world, to not call us nazis anymore…we are the total Opposite…

  26. England weak, America weak, France weak, Russia weak. It's all according to ze plan. Just wait for ze next couple of month. Don't look anywhere in to the Ardennes. We don't do nothing there. Never.

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