Governor Newsom responds to recall effort against him

Governor Newsom responds to recall effort against him

California Gov. Gavin Newsom launched a new campaign Monday denouncing a recall effort against him and blasting the calls for his ouster as a Republican-backed movement supported by “anti-vaxxers, Q-Anon conspiracy theorists and anti-immigrant Trump supporters.” #CNN #News

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  1. It’s true, restaurants were open, but that isn’t the point. That man wanted restaurants closed and everyone to stay at home… until he wanted to go to a birthday party. Typical politician, skirting around facts.

  2. Yes he does and says all that to stay in office people arent stupid thats the utmost importance you all think that people are stupid yes he went to far on everything and now trying to opt out to keep being Mr Big

  3. Ok, even if the Covid numbers are better today, how much damage has been done to the kids mental health, social development, educational development, other health issues caused by all the restrictions. No, just Covid numbers they you can slant easily based on how you count.

  4. No you’re being recall because you tax the crap out of us , you’re the greatest hypocrite in California , and because you are destroying our beloved state . You are pure San Francisco and we the people of the Central Valley we are fed up with your crap even in the big cities the people of California are waking up and your incompetence hopefully will flip the state red .

  5. on the border crisis , california sends a strong message to mexico ,WE ARE A SANTCTUAY STATE WE WILL HIDE YOU GIVE YOU FREE MEDICAL KEEP THE LAW OFF OF YOU AND GIVE YOU 140, 0OO,OOO dollars and if that dont stop you he will give you more !

  6. Gavin (as if you'd read this but talking in the first person is easier), it's not trump voters…I was collecting signatures in Berkeley…BERKELEY!!!! I live in the east bay, I'm NOT a conservative trump voter…I'm a life time Democrat and I voted for Biden faster than you can say "recall"…im sorry but ur a bad governor in my eyes…if you get recalled I doubt ill vote for a republican candidate but I don't think you've done a good job…and now ur blaming the right? Come now, I voted for you and I was wrong you did not handle this well, homelessness is out of control, our education system is a joke, and people are leaving ca in droves further crushing our economy…all the while you let out convicts and let in more immigrants…im ALL for releasing non violent offenders and sanctuary cities but NOT right now, not in these times…we take care of our own and lawful first, then we see where we can help others

    I hate the us vs them rhetoric in this country…there can be good Republicans (speaking as a Democrat) and there ca be bad democrats (speaking as a Democrat)…please stop making this more than it is, it's not a coup…you're lowering yourself to trumps level right now blaming some crazy right wing agenda to oust you…listen to the people and make changes, you probably won't get removed even if the recall goes to the ballot, but the people have clearly spoken that you should be turning stuff around

  7. I guess I’m not paying enough attention to why they want to recall Newsome. Even Ted Cruz got away with flying to Cancun without a recall. People do make mistakes but why do some politicians get away with so much while others make a real mistake, admit it and apologize and still get immediately cancelled. Trump got away with so much crap and couldn’t even get impeached. I’m not siding with anyone but just want a simple explanation of why he’s getting recalled. Jake Tapper you make mistakes too so quit with the I’m judging you face.

  8. This dude should be gone and they sure aren’t Trump supporters because they don’t give a damn about him or California. This is his own people that’s doing this. They are his Democratic Party. People need to start taking blame and stop using trump an escape goat. 10 years from now Trump will be dead and CNN will still blaming him for Democrat problems

  9. This is 100% b.s. I'm a Democrat from California & nothing in this interview is remotely true. It's so embarrassing being a California Democrat. It's so true what everyone says about CNN. They do nothing but b.s. propaganda segments.

  10. I'm none of the characteristics he mentioned and I want Newsom GONE. Here in California we have the highest homeless population, shit on the street,, highest taxes, one of the highest covid numbers with businesses still closed and some gone forever. All while Newsom goes to eat at a fancy restaurant with his rich friends. Fuck him, GOODBYE

  11. I voted democrat … I live in California and I signed the petition .. it’s not about what party you side with it’s about how terribly this man has governed .. aside form the pandemic .. the homeless crisis is his biggest failure !

  12. he destroyed 20K plus small business in California…. he pushes stupid agenda and make up rules as he goes… now he trying to say he did it the right way… yeah right… too little too late… we are f/k and he doesn't feel bad about all these people… except to say… I'm going to help you and I see a light at the end of the tunnel … really… we are bankrupt and you are saying it is a mistake… omg….using I'm human excuses is not what people want to hear… we need to get rid of his aunt Pelosi too… she just bankrupt America..

  13. California, I know it’s a tough ask because you’re a very liberal state.

    Give the republicans a chance in your state. Give them a shot to see if you have a state that is better managed and more free than you’ve seen under this dictator, who might be the worst or second worst governor in this nation. Liberal republicans exist, and they would respect the majority of your social beliefs. The nations strongest economy needs someone who is willing to expand your economic output and willing to ensure you are reopened and able to provide for your own.

    Sincerely, a Republican from a blue state that stares in horror at what’s happening to our strongest states.

  14. This govenor is a failure! He wants all businesses to fail and be dependent on government aid! The homeless problem is an issue and his mismanagement of the state budget is a joke. Recall this narcissist and rules for thee, but not for me.

  15. I think Newsom is really one of the better politicians of the intolerable 'woke' ilk . He's not very honest here exaggerating the trope of huge "white supremacy" He knows there aren't a large amount of far right bigotry .

  16. This guy is arrogant because he knows all persons running the recall count and verification are Democrats. They will bury the recall if they can. Pelosi crime family still in control.

  17. the only good answer he could have given: "if the people choose someone else, then i am not what they want. best of luck." why would he be worried about losing his job? isnt his job dependent on his performance and what his citizens want? should that be the only thing he wants?

  18. It has nothing to do with the fact that they allow open air drug use now in California. has nothing to do with the fact that you have to step over piles of shit in San Francisco. it has nothing to do with the fact That you Ineptly handled the coronavirus situation. It has nothing to do with the fact that you are a complete and total hypocrite who goes out to eat while people are actually starving. Everything has to be partisan because that's the only way you can keep control. People are waking up to the 2 party system being a joke. And you democrats are definitely the biggest punch line……

  19. All 10 of us will be there to vote for Newsom. Republicans are counting on their immoral racists to vote. Just imagine if we have a republican governor? Look at Texas, Florida, Arizona, Georgia, should I go on???

  20. As a 40yr Cali Dem I can say…..Newsom is a prime example of California's democratic entitlement. He is an arrogant man who acts like he was born to RULE. The republicans will always try to disrupt the Democrats' power and I hope voters will remember the last time they got a recall on the ballot…….a tough-talking republican movie star who put the state 8 billion into dept only to have a real leader dig the state out. Total waste of taxpayers money, even if Newsom is a dick

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