Hong Kong security law: Life sentences for breaking China-imposed law – BBC News

Hong Kong security law: Life sentences for breaking China-imposed law – BBC News

People in Hong Kong could face life in jail for breaking a controversial and sweeping new security law imposed by China. The legislation came into force on Tuesday but the full text was only revealed hours afterwards. It was brought in by Beijing following increasing unrest and a widening pro-democracy movement. Critics say the new law effectively curtails protest and undermines Hong Kong’s freedoms. The territory was handed back to China from British control in 1997, but under a unique agreement supposed to protect certain freedoms that people in mainland China do not enjoy – including freedom of speech. Hong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam, defended the law, saying it filled a “gaping hole” in national security. Details have been closely guarded and the Beijing-backed politician admitted she had not seen the draft before commenting. #BBCOS #BBCOutsideSource Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog

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  1. Until humans treat law & social interactions with the same reductionism

    & logic & reason & mathematical modeling of falsifiable testable

    quantifiable actions as the physical sciences,

    there is NO reason to respect human law & pieces of shit who defend human law.

    It is NOT a virtue. There is NO reason to make absolute proclamations

    that any particular action by any particular person is "illegal" or "legal" or a "crime" or "criminal".

    FUCK human law. FUCK human tradition. FUCK nationalism. FUCK habit.


  2. UK has time to care HK, as people are dying. SO HK people's living matters more than Englishman's life.UK has better things to do, focusing on saving not on caring what the hell happening in another country.

  3. So, China has just poisened the entire planet with a virus and now this and China STILL get backing?,….how hasn't China been wiped off the face of the planet?,..why the fukc are we tollerating this?

  4. Where is TANK MAN when you need him ?!? lol poor fact is younger kids have no chance of knowing his legend because the government won't allow it

  5. Yes, “America, stop wearing masks and obeying these Communist Nazi Governors and Mayors,, Nazi Police chiefs. Start fighting now, b4 they keep taking. Covid-19 never got bad enough to shut down the World Economy and does not warrant keeping people from operating their businesses, keeping us from working. Quit allowing them to put restrictions of our rights. Demand 100% return of our normal lives, or this will become us,

  6. My assumption – they’ll bring the protests with them. Hong Kongers got what they wanted with the cancellation of the 2019 Hong Kong extradition bill and the protests and demands continued.

    Beginning of Reign of Terror.

  7. This is Hitler into Rhineland all over again, and the West, again, cannot do anything about it. We will soon see the annexation of Austria, Czechoslovakia, and even Poland of our generation. There are good candidates for this, looking at you Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

  8. The more the people are going to hate their own lives, the more their will be keen to sacrifice it fighting for freedom. Of course the Government of China must control every single one of their own citizens, no one can be trusted.

  9. For those people who celebrate implantation of national security law years late when u or ur family get arrested for no apparent reason sentenced to a l ife-time imprisonment and executed secretly don’t hope others would show even tiny bit of empathy and compassion

  10. Non patriotic HKers finally pushed for a free and massive immigration plan. Go, leave asap. Dont come back to HK. Good luck UK. Agree with statement above. They are not able to understand what is democracy and human right. Have similar fate as with Assange.

  11. Hong Kong returns fully to in China in 2047, you know under the agreement to return the island to the country it was stolen from by the British in the Opium War—a war the British started because they wanted to keep their silver and instead force the Chinese to trade in the socially destructive opium the British cultivated in their Indian colonies, and which they certainly didn’t want shipped to England… So in effect what is at issue is timing, oh and the cherry-picking history and hypocrisy of the West.

  12. Well, as a Chinese, what if I say I stand firmly for the independence of Scotland and Northern Ireland? How about I also support the freedom of any “peaceful” demonstrations with fire bombs flying around on the streets of England. How do you feel about that? Now you can see how we feel about biased western media and the so-called “peaceful” protesters.

  13. Imagine if protesting in the US = life sentence… just let that sit in for a bit…. that's exactly what's happening there right now… When i was a child, a neighbor was beating her kids who were crying so loud that we could hear it from inside our home and my dad went over there to stop them… as a child at the time, I realized how lucky i was and imagined how horrible it would've been if I were in their place next door… One may argue that's their family business so we should stay out of it… where do we draw the line?

  14. carrie lam is the puppet of the CCP FREEZE THE ASSETS AND BILLION DOLLARS OF THE PARTY MEMBERS ABROAD stop doing any kind of trade or business with them don't support the evil CCP

  15. As per China any part of the world which ever been a part of ancient Chinese Kingdom is a part of China, Imagine if Japan claims all its territories from WW2 or British claims its colonies. China has already annexed tibet Xin Xiang and slow moving in south China Sea, east China sea, Ladakh. People only think its just a little land just what they thought when they allowed Hitler to annex Czech

  16. This law is called for and implemented because of the violent thugs have been roaming the city. In addition, Hong Kong is part of China and China is doing as what many other countries are doing … Stay away from Hong Kong and mind your own business .

  17. The blind eye movement dipslayed on the cover is a shame. Girl got shoot by their own rioters and looters, But then blame the police. Whole thing is a joke

  18. There are national security laws in UK, US ect and treason in the US is punishable by death, and why China cannot have such a law in Hong Kong to fight terrorism – so call freedom activists set innocent citizens on fire and murdered a lawyer in the public for voicing law and order. Just saying.

  19. Look what happened when the Kingdom oh Hawaii was overthrown by America.

    Do you like the violent rioters incited by outside agencies to overthrow your country?
    If you don’t, then you are on China’s Hong Kong side.
    If you do, then abolish your own country’s National Security Law, Homeland Security Law, patriot Law, Extradition Law and all the laws that deal with society stability and national security first before you comment and criticise!

  20. After milking billions from HK when it was a colony,it is payback time for UK to match its words with action.Let in the millions of HK refugees desperately trying to leave HK immediately or stop pretending it really cares for them!

  21. 試著逮捕我! 新中國聯邦 宣言! 五大訴求 缺一不可! 光復香港! 革命時代! 香港獨立! 臺灣 獨立!  屌 納粹中國! 天滅中共! 屌 國安法! 屌 國歌法 ! 屌 國安公署! 屌 中共夢! 屌  一帶一路! 屌 中共制造2025! 屌 人民解放軍! 屌 三合會! 香港黑警死全家! Free Tibet! Free Xinjiang!

  22. “It does not mean you can’t have freedom of assembly or anything like that. You can still apply through the Hk police and things like that…” lol wtf.

  23. As a HKer, I fully support National Security Law and Hong Kong Police Force. All rioters and terrorists should be arrested and put in jail for they have been destroying Hong Kong for a year. Many innocent civilians were attacked and killed by the rioters. 5 eyes countries have no right to meddle China and Hong Kong internal affairs unless they withdraw all their own national security law!!

  24. Chinese regime claimed western freedom n liberty is not suitable for HKongers, they preferred better 'Chinese' version of liberty and freedom governed under national security law .

  25. Hong Kong needs National security Laws to resume peace and stability unless the West wants to see Hong Kong and China unstable like Middle East, Venezuela or Belarus now !! Recent media reports from the West are very bias(mostly pro USA or the West but try to demonize or with anti China attitude)!! Dont be hypocritical by the West!!!!!!! Be fair in reporting!!!!

    So the West should stop via their spying agents disturbing peace and stability of Hong Kong and China, Hong Kong is doing very well without interference from the West ( HK people have more than enough freedom and democracy in HK than before 1997 and even more than in the West)!!!

    Any countries from the West without national security laws??????????Let all the beautiful riots happened in Hong Kong to be exported to USA and the West now if the West want more riots like what is happening in USA!!

    China is doing very well for its 1.4 billion people during the past 70 years which makes the West jealous about its outstanding progress in technology such as 5G, so now the West is trying to …………do everything to demonize the Great China and try to topple China like USSR!! All Real Chinese love their mother country China …….Most Hong Kong people love China as well, if not ,they are free to come and free to go to the countries in the West as they wish……..

    Also The "WHO" would be fairer to send a bigger "International Inspection team (including all countries in the world)" to USA and Europe to find out why so many covid 19 cases in these two continents and why their Governments handling so badly and poorly without any efficiencies like what China have done(To be fair to USA and Europe the inspection team must be bigger than the one sent to China in the beginning of the covid19 outbreaks in Jan. 2020). Actually China has done a great job by sending medical supplies to 127 countries all over the world while USA and nations from the west have sent nothing except shifting blames on others though China has given warnings to the world via WHO when covid19 outbreaks starting in Dec. 2019!!! USA &European bullshit politicians have done nothing and disregarded the early warnings from WHO in Dec. 2019. Now they are suffering from numerous cavid19 critically just because they were indifferent to warnings from WHO in early Dec. 2019, then just keep blaming others and shift their own responsibilities as responsible persons of their own countries which now causing nearly 5000000 infected covid19 cases( many of these cases were orginally Flu patients in USA, Europe and nations from the west such as Australia/Canada before the covid19 tests conducted but the west regimes cover up all these scandals) and more than 200000 deaths for USA alone and the figures are even higher in Europe. As Wall street journal always like to report tragedies mocking others when other countries were suffering:Now they should know which nation should for sure deserve the title being …. Real Sick men of the world …… by achieving the highest numbers( more than 5500000 cavid19 cases and 2000000 deaths) of covid19 in the world!!!

  26. Jimmy Lai is a typical trouble giver, their slogan is "freedom" to create chaos in hong kong. China still treat hong kong as 1 country 2 system but strip of the freedom of foreign power creating chaos. America cannot do as it please like the olden days

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