How Piers Morgan’s GMB exit unfolded after Meghan comments – BBC News

How Piers Morgan’s GMB exit unfolded after Meghan comments – BBC News

After six years hosting the UK TV show, presenter Piers Morgan stormed off the set of Good Morning Britain and later decided to leave the programme. It followed the presenter’s criticism of the Duchess of Sussex, saying he “didn’t believe a word” Meghan Markle said in her interview with Oprah Winfrey. Ofcom is investigating his comments after receiving 41,000 complaints. “Freedom of speech is a hill I’m happy to die on,” Morgan said on social media. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews

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  1. If Price william & kate having suffering from Mental health and Qeen how much difficulty may having? who know if something will happen in the family? who will take of responsibilty? will Meghan n harry ?

  2. Interesting to see that now Gayle reports every morning on CBS how Megan is doing and how Harry is talking to his father and brother and that the conversations are not good… I thought this couple wanted a private life but now they prefer to broadcast anything via Gayle and Oprah. INTERESTING!!!!

  3. I rarely agree with Piers Morgan but I do agree with his assessment of Meghan Markle and Harry. The only problem is that he could have articulated his argument more eloquently. He lost a lot of his viewers with his rant despite having good points.

  4. I love when people complain they are being silenced… while broadcasting there message to international media and the entire world… hold on journalists in the Philippines, Russia, Eritrea… Piers feels HIS speech is being limited!

  5. Instead of listening to anything Megan and Harry had to say, and at least making a genuine attempt understand things from their point of view, Piers Morgan, as usual, has to make the story about himself. If he disagrees with something in the slightest, he is going to exploit that and magnify it for fame and recognition. Sad lil' lad!

  6. Can you believe people are losing their jobs for having an opinion regarding some spoiled brat, that is crying on a tv-interview with Oprah? Whatever happened to free speech? And honestly, who cares about these people anyway? I Can't believe they would fire somebody over his opinion regarding some gossip news. What a joke. Of course they don't care about Meghan Markle, they care about Piers Morgan not following their script, and having his own opinion.

  7. Yes freedom of speech, but not nasty horrible vile comments about another person. Harry and Megan come across as perfectly honest people, and even if some of what they said was not true, he does not have any right to be so vile. I do not like his attitude at all. I hope he never gets another position anywhere

  8. Surprised the BBC would allow comments. They preach diversity accept when it comes to ideas. The fact Meghan is being investigated by the palace for “bullying” and Prince Andrew is not for pedophilia and sex trafficking speaks volumes about the toxicity of the family and the institution.

  9. GMB have questions to answer about why this man was allowed to use the national platform they provided to relentlessly attack a woman for having the audacity to refuse him. Surely someone within the GMB hierarchy had the guts to tell him that no means no.

  10. "If all else fails follow the money". She has been planning this thing before she got married. You have to be a special stupid to not know all she cares about is money. Anybody that go's against her is racist. She wants Harry to suck out as much money as he can from Britain to the US incase they divorce cause the Laws will favour her. CUT THEM OFF completely.

  11. Everything that woman touched turned to shit. She is not happy with her parents,siblings or everyone else in her life. She married a prince and stopped being a prince. And now apparently the queen is racist. We can believe her or everyone else around her .

  12. He is vile. Cant stand him. Please do not buy his book. Keep him off our TV. He is so arrogant he seemed pleased that he now holds the record for most complaints about him to ofcom.

  13. For someone who believes in freedom of speech, Morgan sure wants to silence Megan by all means! To him, her speaking out against the royal family is totally forbidden??

  14. weather guy has more clout than piers morgan?.. good to know….racist coz he didn't believe meghan….how dare you…she never lies!! everything she says is the truth..and if you don't believe it….then you need to be cancelled! i'm going to complain until you lose your f….. job!!.. you f….racist!!

  15. You acted within your character when called out about your move…"didnt like being called whatever…yeah you were out of thats seat BEFORE he called your behavior NOT you diabolical….dish but can't take. Then goin on air to defend the Queen…yeah she spoke "for herself" sounded soo MUCH different than YOU. He called you on your reason for such indecent vitriol…and you stormed off…like the…person you ARE!! Yeah "our job is to report…blah blah blah…STILL talkin 'bout Meg…not a word about the dude who slept with a teen??? GTFOH…

  16. Yet, Piers Morgan did have a point. Megan is trying to spin as all the tale. Unfortunately for her, people are beginning to realise the person she. is not the person she is trying to portray. I feel really sorry for Harry he's got himself into dreadful position. This is not just about mental health it's about truth and honesty. Really wouldn't put anything past Megan.

  17. The Queen who has reigned for 70 years and has maintained good relations with 13 prime ministers, multiple heads of state of all colours, suddenly has a problem with a minor tv star who is on her second marriage, doesn’t speak to her father and siblings, and has had numerous fall outs with friends including her racist best friend. Tough call deciding who the problem is here?

  18. Piers gets called racist just because he speaks his mind about megan and it wasn't even about the colour of her skin it is her has a person Piers is saying what many are thinking white people get shut up we don't have a voice the amount of comments I have put up and straight away have been taken down it's not just happened to me but many what will end up happening is British white people will end up going on the defence because we are constantly being pushed and pushed and constantly being kept silent one day we will say enough is enough and we will push back and go on the attack this will happen because nobody wants to listen just turn a blind eye but only black lifes matter

  19. Everyone seems to gloss over the fact that he was right. She lied about getting married in private setting (its illegal in England) and that Archie was denied a titled because of his mixed race….which was also a lie. But this "woke" crowd with their 'hero complex' enable those from the 'victimology cult' to continue making false claims if you call them on it, you're a racist. This is getting ridiculous.

  20. Soooooo, he can give his opinion, due to freedom of speech but apparently Alex can't without Pierce walking off like a petulant child. He can dish it out but not professional nor mature enough to take it. I'm sure he'll tun up like a bad penny.

  21. That 'human dinosaur' is going to "re-emerge", is he ?
    Where ? In the 20th century where he belongs ?
    This century is not called misogyny and racism, Mr Morgan. It is called the 21st century.
    Crawl back 'home' (the past). You don't belong here. And take your cobwebs with you.

  22. I think meg is a very good actress! She had looked up on what perfume to wear to her first dates with harry (obviously that of diannas). States totally different things in the biography to actual facts. Told oprah that kate made her cry….look it bk in the papers a while back bs! Also the queen gave her maid to mm and after working with the queen for 17 year's she quit after being bullied by mm. Go on piercs Morgan!!!! You knew

  23. I never new that Boris worked for a big newspaper agency back in his prime days no wounded he is load mouth , they placed him food morning for a bigger plan

  24. Again the 'r' word raises it's ugly head with reference to Meghan Markle. She wields it like a Viking sword, knowing the fear it will generate. If she's not in the news, she'll create news. Marrying and controlling Harry is the role of a lifetime. Whoever called her a B grade actress isn't paying attention. Look what has happened from her whining to Oprah, who couldn't wait to sell it to a network for millions, after obviously priming Meghan into dramatic repetition of the volatile 'r' references. The repercussions have caused a mini race war, while she is rubbing her hands together with glee, like a troublesome teenager.

  25. Well done Piers Morgan for calling out  a "spade a spade".  A good drama for a EMMY Award. She is a Gold Digger & Harry is ruled by a petticoat government. Disgraceful fellows. Let them stay in the USA for life with the hypocrites who are trying to use the racist card to cover up for their hidden agenda & dramas. God save the Queen & the Royal family.
    We are not gullible like some people are.

  26. “There is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically.”

  27. Doesn't anyone keep up. When Archie was borne Megan Markle announced that they did not want Archie to have a royal title. They wanted Archie to have a normal life. So they did not allow him a title. Then Megan said to friends it did not matter if Archie had a title or not because he had royal blood and everyone knew that.

  28. Who is pier Morgan? He is nothing after he left the show he was caring. He knows that he has nowhere else to go why most he make big mouth. Now he has no job where will he go with that behaviors ways he has? We don' t want him in the USA with those kinds of attitudes he has. He was here before and he had that same ways. WE DO NOT. WANT PIER MORGAN IN OUR SWEETS AMERICA. THIS IS MEGHAN MARKLE AND PRINCE HARRY COUNTRY. PIER MORGAN DO YOU KNOW PRINCE HAS AMERICAN. I HOPE YOU JUST STAY IN YOUR COUNTRY. HARRY AND MEGHAN NOT IN YOUR COUNTRY ANYMORE. YOU JUST HAVE BIG MOUTHS WE NEED YOU. YOU TOLD MEGHAN TO LEAVE YOUR COUNTRY AND SHE LEFT. DO NOT THINK OF COMING HERE. IF YOU DO WE ARE WAITING TO MEETS YOU.

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