‘I need you:’ Joe Biden makes appeal to the American people

‘I need you:’ Joe Biden makes appeal to the American people

During a prime-time address to commemorate the milestone of one year since Covid-19 shut down much of the US, President Joe Biden makes an appeal to the American people to get vaccinated and continue taking precautions. #CNN #News

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  1. that's precious that the guy who works FOR the PEOPLE is trying to tell The PEOPLE he works for, what they can and can not do … isn't this playing President thing taking away from his ''hair sniffing' time?

  2. Meanwhile, here in Japan “you know that little country right next door to China” everything has been open since May 2020. In fact, the government didn’t force a lockdown upon us or force small businesses to close. They asked everyone to please stay home and asked small businesses to close but if you choose to remain open be safe and take precautions.
    Preschools remained open the entire time due to parents having to work and now all schools have been open NORMALLY with no social distancing or forced mask wearing. Children and staff are not forced to take Covid test always or the vaccine.
    We are allowed to attend concerts and sporting events with most not social distancing and they also don’t require a Covid test or the vaccine.
    And guess what? NO ONE HAS GOTTEN SICK
    I been walking around maskless since March 2020 when all this shit started. I’m around thousands of children a week and thousands out in public and I have not once been sick, nor has anyone I know.

    We do NOT need a bs vaccine for a HOAX virus. Do not accept it and do not comply with these corrupt assholes rules. Fight back and resist, get rid of these Satanic scum.

  3. What a liar it was already established liar. Thank you President Trump for warp SPEED. Biden go back to your hole. Get in line my ass I will not be tested tracked or VACCINATED. My body my choice btw it's no one's business about my healthcare HIPAA protects me from divulging any information. I am a Free American.

  4. THIS is what the so called “woke” movement reminds me of; the movie “Cool Hand Luke”! Lazy, rebellious, degenerate losers who are incapable of positively contributing to society in any way shape or form.

    And by their own free will, BY CHOICE, they choose to make their lives a living hell! Not just for themselves but for everyone around them as well.

    All you can do is say NO to them and avoid them at all costs.

  5. Hahaha. Totally fake background. Biden is not president. Harris is not VP. It is all theater. The perps
    have made it patently clear and have done so intentionally. Totally
    fake oval office. Totally fake administration. Pass the popcorn!

  6. Why did I just imagine a home Care nurse just goin on stage dragging Mr.Biden and saying " let's go Mr.Biden ,it's time to take ur clozapine ,let's just play presidential address speech again tomorrow".

  7. Im seeing on cnn that there is a mistery of why low income people ..have low covids death…humm….im thinking its because we are to poor to go anywhere to get covid…we never have enough money to verly survive…there is nothing left over to go no where…covid…or no covid

  8. President Trump already secured that goal for you. You're taking credit for something someone else did. Like johnson took credit for what President Kennedy did BEFORE he was murdered.

  9. We don't need you…so far you did nothing to be proud of and I don't know how people could've voted for you by all means, are those people happy now?

  10. Hopefully the 80 million dead can hear him ! First time ever in our US history the presidential election is won by dead corps and many of them died more than 5 times in less than 3 weeks !

  11. I am a Democrat my profession is a nurse I will not take the vaccine it has not been tested enough for me to put it in my body no long term testing has been done because of time constraints.

  12. Can you imagine if President Trump delivered this PoS scripted "press conference"? We waited 63 days for this? GTFOOH! We don't need jokes in office as China prepares to challenge us. 25th amendment NOW!

  13. Joe didn't disappoint, so many gaffes LMAO and to think over 80 million Americans voted for him and his admin – there is no excuse

  14. Trump didn't let any kids starve to death …You Biden are a liar & the most ignorant & corruptive president in history ! Where have you been for months ? ….DT answered questions every week …What would happen if Trump let 1oOs of thousands pour in without taking any cv-test ….JB belongs in a nursing home ! Look at the comments ..more evidence that Joey didn't win a thing

  15. Biden is a joke and even the Left that voted for him knows this. They could care less about what happens to our country but things will change. Trump is visiting down here next week and those reports will stir things up for sure.

  16. He needs to step down and cnn needs to accept fats that thay need to fore all there socialist propaganda pushers now what a beauty watching the down fall

  17. Isn't it wonderful to be told by the government that you have permission to do things. Is this CHINA? The more you emphasize that you are not lying, you will be proven you are lying. Government should be LIMITED in a free country, we are losing our freedoms with this bullshit plan of destruction. Stop blaming trump for everything, move on. There was NO mishandling of the pandemic in the last administration. YOU LIED and said there was no vaccine when one million vaccines were being given per day! Some people actually KNOW what's going on. STOP THE DESTRUCTION WITH YOUR COMMUNIST AGENDA. Stop the hate, lies, race baiting, divisiveness and control. This racist does not care.

  18. CNN ratings failure continues to promote "hate all things Trump" to try to save their failing network. The hate and lies rhetoric was all they had. Try some real journalism and get some investigative TRUTHFUL reporting done. There's no competition in the MSM for truthful reporting, you would have it all to yourself!

  19. 바이든대통령님 우리김정은는 트럼프대통령 메시지 보냈어 진심 경우는 김정은는 트럼프카드 봤어요 중국 북한 계속싶어요 그래서 이인영 통일부메시지 보내하고 김정은 트럼프 문대통령 같이 팬분점 인터뷰 했어요 그래서 그냥 바이든 트럼프같이 대통령 되고싶어요 부탁해주세요 이해합시다 우리트럼프 도와주세요 봄따뜻 보내하세요

  20. Hey CNN, Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon. Check out our comments. We know whats going on. We made you, we can break you. Watch yourselves.

  21. Its funny that all of a sudden cnn is now protecting the pres while fox is now attacking him, the tables have turned the double standard and hypocrisy is so obvious

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