Is this the best April Fool’s ever? Witness – BBC News

Is this the best April Fool’s ever? Witness – BBC News

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  1. I'm going to boycott Swiss spaghetti. I bet Monsanto is behind the eradication of the Spaghetti Weevil and has helped "breeders" achieve that perfect spaghetti length. I will only buy organic, free-range spaghetti from now on.

  2. This must be the best spoof ever. It is made all the more believable because Richard Dimbleby did the broadcast. He had the voice of authority and made it succeed. Brilliant. 60 years on and it is still funny.

  3. I remember seeing this as a child. Age 11 , 1962 sounds right. I've looked for it for years. My memory was of harvest by mexicans on ladders working very fast and shed work by women hang drying , quality control , and boxing. Thirty minutes of awesome entertainment. My memory of this is clouded by being a tobacco picker in connecticut age14-15. I would love to remake it today , tobacco style.

  4. I just came here to listen to the incredible intro music of this programme…
    Can anyone help me out and tell me where can I find a longer version of this music?

  5. This is fake news, to shift the blame away from the BBC!
    The BBC knew very well that by focusing only on the Swiss spaghetti production it would shine a bad light on them in retrospect. Which in turn would boost the export of cheaply made and bad tasting industrial grade Italian spaghetti world wide.
    The amounts of Italian bribe-money involved must have been immense to justify another hit piece in 2014.
    Just ask yourself …when was the last time you found original Swiss spaghetti in the super market?
    I rest my case.

  6. This proves what I've been saying for months if people see it on the telly they believe it and the same goes for this virus covid-19 thing it is blown well out of proportion
    There is a virus out there yes I know that but the TV is making it bigger than what it is
    And frightening a lot of vulnerable people

  7. I wish my mum could have watched this!!! Of course, had she known that spaghetti grew so well on trees, she would have been happy to spare herself all that work in the kitchen to produce hand-made food. Mind you, the collecting operation does look somewhat painstaking, knowing her she would have still preferred to stick to our traditional Italian recipe…

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