Kamala Harris slams ‘racist’ Trump: He possesses hate

Kamala Harris slams ‘racist’ Trump: He possesses hate

#CNN #News Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris calls President Donald Trump a racist during an interview with CNN’s Kyung Lah.

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  1. CNNs Jim Acosta people can't stand to hear you speak anymore give it up you lying deceiving Demonic Demonrat baby killers after birth wannabes (THAT THEY ALL VOTED FOR) AMERICAS #1 LYING PEOPLES PAID FOR FAKE MISINFORMATION NEWS ALWAYS IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE WITH CNN. THAT’S WHY YOUR RATINGS ARE THE LOWEST IN AMERICA TODAY ALONG WITH MSNBC.

  2. True decendants of American slavery have ruined your fraud of a campaign. Brahman Indian trying to pass. History of racist cast sytem politics. Worked California prisoners for free, they submitted formal complaints and she ignored them. Modern day convict leasing in the 20th century. Racist fraud, no better than Trump. She incarcerated parents for child truancy instead of provide resources. Separated families too, oh please shut all the way up.

  3. "Do you think that he is a racist/white supremacist?" -"I think you should ask HIM that question." REALLY?! Way to dodge a political gimme of a question.. Do we need a president who is this indecisive? Just what kind of a game is she playing? She doesn't want to condemn this reprehensible behavior… Problem-solving president my ass. CNN needs to stop pushing her this hard!

  4. Why is it so difficult for Harris to call Trump a racist and white nationalist? Her leftist white political colleagues did. Is it because her husband is white? Not really "Fearless for the People" I'd say.

  5. That wacko liberal Trump hating reporter looks like Kim Jong Un in drag! I don't trust a woman whose mother didn't know how to spell PAMELA! This woman is as PHONY as The LYING Hag Hillary! Harris should not wear blue jeans with that fat saggy ass, and thunder thighs, they are rubbing together when she walks! No Wat I Sayin? Jus AXEIN. Oh, I almost forgot to say the Dim-O-Crat anthem – RACISM! REPARATIONS! POE-LEESE BRUTALITY! BLM! —————— TRUMP 2020!!!


  7. take a look in to the future. Her parents came to the US illegally. Now a brat of them think she can boss America around. Take her down ! Why do blacks thing calling us racist is an insult. I see this as a God given compliment.

  8. Sick of Kampala’s rhetorics of using racism for her campaign. No real strategy. Just keep painting everyone as racist until they fall. What is her actual idea for change? No racism? Lmao

  9. All I know is the only people pushing hatred are the Mainstream Media channels. ALL OF THEM. Why do Americans need to be bombarded with constant hatred & negativity huh? It's repulsive & juvenile behavior.

    If it's 100% negative about a person or 100% positive about a person, it's a foregone conclusion that you can't depend on what that channel has to say & there is nothing of journalistic value in what you are hearing!

    The American People aren't idiots & don't need opinions spoon fed to us by the likes of you! We can make decisions on our own thank you very much… Get a grip & start reporting the NEWS. Be proper journalists again. The all important talk shows were created for opinions, not the news cycle.

  10. Harris is not a president period, she don't know what she is doing, she would screw everything up just like all her other jobs she has had, how could anyone be so stupid as to vote for her, she is campaigning and wasting her time, don't she have another job

  11. I type in the word 'racist' in the search box alone, I see a CNN news report on trump. That's fucking Ironic considering this news company has no actual evidence of him being racist, and please. If someone actually has evidence, come forward and show me. Opinions aren't allowed, only facts… Until you show me something racist/sexist/homophobic Trump has said in public. I will continue to support him.

  12. We want Kamala to be president so she can delete China tariffs and help California wine industry. Chinese is stop buying California wines because it cost twice as much than before. Hollywood is very worry also. Where can you find 2 billions people buying movies?

  13. She is not Black, but will use anything to trick the voters. She was a horrible Attorney General in Calif. She makes my skin crawl. Mayor Willie Browns side chick paid off. Don't vote for this POS!

  14. Here are many examples of "the worst of you" on Twitter, other social media and the MSM lest we forget:

    Madonna thinking about blowing up the White House

    Snoop Dog shooting the President in one of his videos

    Kathy Griffin holding the severed head of the President

    Johnny Depp suggesting taking out the President

    Satire of Hamilton Play beating up the President

    Be sure to search 613 Acts of Media Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters.

    Remember the polar bear hunt going on under Obama where black folks were hitting white strangers in the head before running away? Hmm? How many videos have we seen of groups of blacks beating up white folks in public? Remember BLM chanting kill cops now? That cops are pigs?.

    The Antifa attacks on conservatives in public like the one weeks ago where they beat a reporter in the head who now has brain damage. How about the number of times conservatives have been attacked in public or were forced to leave public venues?

    What you dumb asses don't get is that we've been more pissed than you for 10.8 years now since you voted in a Pres. who attended a church 20+ yrs. that spewed hatred for America, Jews and whites followed by his calling white cops racist and stupid. He divided us by race, gender, class and religion. Yet, we wait it out and vote. You, on the other hand, are akin to the animal kingdom with no self control, full of anger and vengeance.

    Proud to be me.

  15. Here come tha garbage wonan. Speaking idioteses her habit. Kamala is going to pass as the more racist woman. Wy never talked any word . against obama. Bushes.wy she must love the best president donald jhon trump the best ever. Trump is the only pres in times. He is admirable in all sence of course not for jamala and her demoncrat party

  16. You’ll hold people in prison for smoking weed but won’t hold illegal immigrants that come here with criminal records worse than weed!! Bunch of BS!
    Bias News! CNN lies! Fake News

  17. She needs to shut her mouth & read & understand the laws of America.
    Ice isn't the bad guys here. Trump isn't to blame. It's the illegal immigrants fault who are ripping their own families apart, the parents are at fault for disrupting their children's lives. There's the right way, the legal way to do things & the wrong way, illegal way to do things. The choice is all of ours to obey the laws & live in peace or not & live in chaos. Looks like we're headed for chaos. Have we crossed the line if no return? We just may have.
    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, come Lord Jesus.

  18. Trump is really just a race-baiter for his racist base. We may never know if he is actually racist – and it really does not matter. His conduct is disgusting and he will be gone soon.

  19. Kamala is the one inciting hatred and supporting murder. She is fully behind the more than 5000 murders on american citizens by illegal migrants every year, mostly black and latino victims. We do not get fooled by your lies anymore, Kamala!

  20. Calling illegal Hispanics the victims and the law enforcement that catches them the criminals is not a very good endorsement for the affirmative action shit hole black college (Howard University) that she went to, or should I say was indoctrinated at.

  21. Did you worry about the children of all those people you put in jail when you were a prosecutor California? What was your child separation policy the same as what Trump is doing at the border, well, well, well?

  22. FRAUD!!   This little lying WHITE Jamaican child with the WORST CHICKEN NECK and PISS POOR SPRAY TAN is NOT BLACK!!!    She actually thinks she's black????   CRAZY BITCH!!    Screwed Willie Brown to get into politics…..Lot of time on her knee's…literally SUCKING UP!!   Willie was married.   Cheating Whores Don't Care!!   Smoked pot while prosecuting 1560 BLACK MALES for doing the same.  Her Music Timeline tells the truth.  Smoked listening to Snoop/Tupac in college????  Sorry NOT!!  See Snoop/;Tupac did not even release until after she was PROSECUTING BLACK MALES….NOT WHITE MALES!!??    RACIST BLACK HATING HIPPOCRAP!!!    Even her father thinks she's a LIAR!!   She is still smoking the weed!!   Look at her eyes.  She is BAKED..and maybe using the Glass Pipe….She is FRIED.  Always laughing and CLAPPING FOR HERSELF????   Like a Jamaican Seal!!   DON'T LET THIS CRAZY WHITE BITCH PLAY YOU!!!   She thinks all blacks are dumb…stupid…ignorant….she thinks she can PLAY YOU??   WHAT??   I DON'T THINK SO!!   YOU ARE SMARTER THAN THAT!!    LIAR  LOSER  POS DOUCHEBAG  RACIST BLACK HATING  ASSWIPE!!   ANTI-SEMITE     SOCIALIST          LOOK WHERE WE ARE AT IN 3 YRS!!   TRUMP HAS KEPT HIS PROMISES!!!    CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT 5 YEARS WITH TRUMP AS OUR PRESIDENT!!!    Making America Great Again!!!

  23. Russia did interfere with our elections but it was for Hillary it just did not happen the way you guys wanted to happen to backfired on you because the Russians wanted Hillary not Trump

  24. Me: So Dems, whats you platform?
    Dems: Trump and his supporters are all racists and white supremacists.
    Me: Is that it?
    Dems: Stop attacking me, you are a racists and a white supremacists too!!
    Me: OK, Trump 2020

  25. Ask her some real questions! Like how her office fucked up the Mitrice Richardson situation. Or why she refused to prosecute Trump's buddy Steve Mnuchin. Or how she fucked Willie Brown for a car and jobs. I'm not interested in her feelings about Trump.

  26. for people who are racist
    look only countries in the southeast part of Asia eat dogs that does not mean every Asian eat dogs btw im from Saudia Arabia that does not mean im a terrorist you racist people and Mexicans are nothing more than people from another country and black people don't rob banks in there daily routine

  27. Says Sen. Harris who`s on less than 10 percent and who kept back evidence that kept an innocent man on Death Row !  Something CNN keeps quiet about as she is backed by AT&T who also pays the monthly checks of CNN staff !

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