Larry Kudlow: We can’t make this mistake again

Larry Kudlow: We can’t make this mistake again

CNN’s Jake Tapper speaks with White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow about stimulus relief funds for Americans during the coronavirus pandemic. #CNN #News #politics #presidentdonaldtrump #stateoftheunionwithjaketapper #usnews

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  1. Larry Kudlow sounds absolutely loaded during this interview…that said, we (at least many of us) are aware of his past substance abuse.
    This interview did nothing but show how uninformed and potentially caustic he is with regard to his supposed "power."

  2. trump got kudlow the alcoholic druggist chief of economic council vs Bernstein, Bloomberg and Kaufman and Timothy Gardener they all managed 2008 post crisis economy and will again manage the broken economy after December 2020

  3. "Let's go now to Professional Wrong Person Larry Kudlow…" The only people able to get it wrong more often than Larry and stay employed are weather forecasters.

  4. This guy is a professional liar. Where is the 6 trillions dollars? More than 30 millions people are of works. The picture does not look right. Should send this guy to the meat factory.

  5. America/CNN … Soooo, Larry Kudlow is basically saying, President Donald J. Trump has
    decided to "fold his arms and wait/pause," concerning NOT immediately helping "ALL 50 States & Local Governments" with emergency taxpayers funding … while there has been
    over 69,785+ American Citizen deaths.
    Trump didn't wait/pause, in making sure his crony business corporate connections & donors
    got paid mega-millions.
    One Trump, billionaire donor … received $961 MILLION from P.P.P. UNBELIEVABLE!!!
    The "HUGE KICKER," this mega-billionaire, had already "FIRED" most of his employees!!! America/CNN … WHAT THE WHAT?!? There was no delay/pause in his cruel decision.
    When will the Congressional Oversight Committee, investigate this Trump cronyism mess?!?
    Trump's National Emergency Crisis declaration, forced "All 50 States & Local Governments"
    to immediately shutdown … due to the, deadly epidemic infectious disease pandemic …
    President Donald J. Trump/Congress "Can fast track approving trillions for the Corporate
    Elite Businesses," but Trump has decided to "be cruelly heartless when it concerns, immediately approving helping "ALL 50 States & Local Governments" with emergency funding
    due to, the deadly infectious pandemic COVID-19 … National Emergency Crisis.

  6. Why does anyone tal,k to Larru Kudlow? He's a TV talking head, that's his entire resume. We have such a third rate executive branch, from the phony AG to the crooked Sec of Commerce and Educato, to the HUD Sec, with zero former experience qualifying him, on and on. We have a really infrior government staff.

  7. I'm just waiting on my check for being an extra in this horror movie starring Donald Trump, produced by China, directed by: not Donald Trump, photography: news outlets including faux news, shot on location around Anerica, screenplay: not Obama, Co starring the little Dr., the Librarian in the wrong role as a Dr., so I need my check wardrobe is out of masks.

  8. This guy sounds drunk. He's literally slurring. Wtf is happening. USA has gone bonkers. Jesus. Protect yourselves, people. The gov't don't got your backs.

  9. Ask yourself a simple question. What is more important my health or my wealth. This administration is more worried about the economy than your health.

  10. 10:12 OMG Stop blowing smoke up his a$$ by touting this line! Italy also cut off travel with China. That single act is meaningless void of all the other things that WERE NOT done! Utterly MEANINGLESS!!

  11. Kudlow means that there were only 50 or 60 cases verified, as testing was close to nil. So… no that wasn't a fact, that was based on lack of information. Like taking a glass of water from the ocean and assuming that because there are no fish in it, that there are no fish in the ocean.

  12. The govt is forcing you to go to work even if your scared to do so. Its not that people don't want to work it's that they want to live while doing so. Govt won't give any more stimulus direct payments to individuals it's their way of forced labor. Now they are tracking if you don't show up for your job at meat packing companies and those companies have been instructed to update them daily. If you don't show upat those companies I'm sure a contact tracer will show up at your house and see if you missed work because your sick. Why would they want a company to notify the govt if you called off? Ask yourself that question.

  13. Politicians bailed out the Wall Street, big corporations, businesses, but ignored the Main Street. We, the Americans need help right now so we can put food on our table. No, you’re not helping the American people!!!


  15. It was a grave mistake by the chosen one. If he was not sarcastic and obsessed with humiliating China, he would have taken more serious actions and precaution. He was earlier informed of the virus seriousness. He knew Wuhan and certain parts of China already lock down. He did not use the head time to prepare the country. Now he is blaming everyone for his own mistakes. Its just too late. The country will not heal. Other countries economy are opening up except US. More than a million infection is mind boggling and don't expect it to just disappear. Expect more death on the horizon.

  16. Ask yourself this, why we getting 2 different stories every other damn day. I'll tell you confusion and if it's shown factually it'll blow "everyones" cover! Their trying to kill and enslave cows! MOOOOO

  17. kudlow is a liar , a conspirator , a conjecturist . He tows the line for the Trump administration and will say anything to stay in the good books with his boss . Lying is the game , with the Trump administration

  18. Why don't somebody ask this guy where did all the money go 3 trillion dollars we know 82% of 2.2 trillion dollars went but nobody wants to talk about that we waited months just to get allow the 18% of that moon for the whole United States 43000 Americans received an average of 1.7 million don't seem too much bear that's like fourteen hundred times more money than we got oh because we are not millionaire somebody in the media please start talking to the American people about this please

  19. That's the in Denial Bigot that said that systematic Racism in Backwards America "doesn't exist". He can go to you know where. He's one of those ancient Dividers from way back that's never going to change. He'll die first pfft.

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