Mozambique: Why did these men shoot a naked woman dead? – BBC News

Mozambique: Why did these men shoot a naked woman dead? – BBC News

A growing insurgency has been ravaging large areas of northern Mozambique. Both the Islamist insurgents, who have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group, and the Mozambican army have been accused of atrocities. In one of the latest videos from the region a group of armed men can be seen murdering a naked woman – but, where exactly did it happen and who are they? The BBC’s Andrew Harding has been speaking to researchers from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, and also to open source investigators like @il_kanguru (who prefers to keep his identity private), to try to establish what exactly happened. The Mozambique army says it does not agree “with any barbaric act that substantiates the violation of human rights”. The government has promised to investigate the video, but also suggested the footage has been doctored. The insurgents are known to have impersonated soldiers by wearing their uniforms in the past. Please subscribe HERE

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  1. Way too many grotesque tragedies occur everyday. Although all we might be able to do is trying to spread love to people around us and hope this energy somehow find its way to flow around the world.

    Do you think you are born again just because you go to a church? Not all churches declare the Truth. On the contrary, your church could be a completely worldly church. For your own soul, you must come out of the churches that use the Bible but do not declare the Truth and speak lies differing from the bible. Hear what the Spirit of Truth says to the churches and receive the eternal gospel!!

  3. What's this, they are humans or what…??
    I think no humanity is left, bcoz already she was ashamed of running without cloths in front of these people, also instead of helping her by giving her any cloth or something to wear, these people started doing the things due to which she felt more ashamed and finally these people shot her by bullet and she became dead….
    But according to my opinion the things done with the woman was very bad & i'm too sure that all the people involved in this case will definitely get a surprise gift in coming days from the god itself.

  4. Coming from the BBC I thought you guys would understand the concept of we’re not the same – when you couple lack of education with deeply rooted cultural madness then you get Africa

  5. are world is full of demons and great evils they took away the wright to defend ourselfs this is what wrong with world we suffer to are fate with no help protection from our govs they govern what they decide makes them money i just imagine god looking down sick of this world we need heroes again that care for truth respect and loyalty. not thugs running our world

  6. You white Europeans and the US are funding al this bad organization in Mozambique then blame it on their government so you can steal their gas while they are busy fighting just like you did in Libya….and those poor black people don't know that this all about that gas you guys want and now you are using the media to push this propaganda

  7. Why all the expressions of grief at this Brutality that occurred in Africa,? In Chicago USA on one weekend there can be over a dozen people killed and many more wounded, that is just in one city. We need to bring the lawlessness and killing under control in our own country before we start pointing fingers at Africa.

  8. Animals, sick twisted individuals. This happens everyday in countries run by corruption and religion..Greed and the beliefs in a god only ends in disaster, you only have to read the history books…I find it hard to believe people still believe in, you might as well call it the tooth fairy, and kill in the tooth fairies name. We’re all doomed.

  9. Its so curious, because this comment section must be from the "first world" oh do intelligent so clever, but comparing with the comment section of an average newspaper, there is no difference, both are as fool as each other, there is no first or third world….

  10. If the heart is rotten it will spread to the rest of the body. An evil goverment and politics will breed evil subjects, especially when there is power and money at stake. I pray this poor woman has found peace and are in a better place now.

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