Mumbai collapse: The man who filmed his ordeal under rubble – BBC News

Mumbai collapse: The man who filmed his ordeal under rubble – BBC News

Khalid Khan was trapped under a collapsed building in the western Indian city of Mumbai for nearly 10 hours before workers were able to rescue him. He recorded parts of this video for his wife, in case he didn’t make it out. More than 40 people were killed when the building collapsed on 21 September, while at least 20 others were rescued. Building collapses are not uncommon in India, especially during the monsoon. Video by Pooja Chhabria and BBC Marathi’s Shahid Sheikh Please subscribe HERE

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  5. Most buildings are unsafe, but people are still staying there. Gov, Builders and also the one who are staying all are at fault.

    Builder wants cheap land, tenants and House owners charge more money to move. Gov is trying to make money being middle man.

    This is a reality.

    Non in the comment section said that. Gov tenants and builders all the three parties are at fault.

  6. REASON: Buildings built for poor people are made with cheapest and impure materials materials. Corrupt builders literally issue 2 Billion from Government for the project and alas they will complete it within 2 million or even less.

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