Nagorno-Karabakh: One family’s tragedy – BBC News

Nagorno-Karabakh: One family’s tragedy – BBC News

A deal to end six weeks of war between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the breakaway territory of Nagorno-Karabakh came into effect this week – but families on both sides are still counting the cost of the fighting. Mehdi Mammadov was an Azerbaijani soldier. Even as his family grieved his death they were about to lose another loved one, in the wake of a secret relationship. Read more: Why did Armenia and Azerbaijan go to war? Produced by Orla Guerin, Goktay Koraltan, Claire Read Please subscribe HERE

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  1. Azerbaidschan has killed so many people for Karabach, thousands and thousands of Armenians, Azeris and national minorities in Azerbaidschan. If Karabach makes them happy now? Was it worth it? The land taken from Armenians to be given them by Stalin and conquered now with such cruelty that it is all in all a defeat for the humanity and the whole mankind. And if the so called civilized countries have allowed these cruelties they are not civilized any longer themselves. And if the BBC is mourning now only over the victims on the agressor's side, it advocates cruelty, not fairness and thus cannot be not be called an objective media.

  2. i am turkish and this war was an absolute nonsense! innocent people died for a piece of dirt. i dont care if armenia or azerbayjan has it. it wasn't worth the lives lost and families broken apart. i feel guilty for everything that happened.

  3. BBC is not objective media anymore. It’s very sad. Shame on you! RIP to both from your report. And RIP for thousands of Armenians whose lives were taken by Azeri and Turkish agressors

  4. Мелей Мехди Шахидимизин Севкилисийди,Амма О Мелей Ханымда Шахид олду Ветен Оглу Учун.Аллах Рахмат Елесин Бутун Шахидлеримизе.Амин

  5. I'm an Armenian, as I watch this video I can't help but to be sad for this mother, and there are lots of these mothers in Azerbaijan and in Armenia. We must not let our leaders inject hatred and lies in us, life is too short. This war could have been avoided without bloodshed.

  6. Какая красивая эта Мелик. И ведь любовь была там настоящая. Ушла вместе с ним. Вот вам и отличие между настоящими женщинами (мусульманками) и всеми остальными.

  7. Wow bbc, you can do much better. You prove that journalism can be lazy with zero fact (of course if oil money is involved).
    But that’s okay, one day we all will be held accountable for our choices.

  8. this is casualties of wars,. i am hoping we live in peace to avoid a war from happen,. war will never end with happiness for both side , winning with losses even defeated also with losses..

  9. We are very worried about the torture of Azerbaijani prisoners: Musayev Amin, Rustamov Ruslan and Kerimov Bayram. There has been a shootage with these POWs, and they have been alive. After the release of the shootage families of these soldiers cant reach them. Please arrange the proper research and find them to provide additional info to their relatives. Hope that they are safe and ICRC will assist in solving this awfull situation.

  10. This conflict started when our close neighbor Armenia demanded our territories. Many innocent lives were lost and almost 1 million Azeris were expelled from the region… We could all have had a bright future but armenians stabbed us in the back….

  11. BBC really should carried out an objective report on BBC role in the manufacturing and perpetuating the so called war on terror which has caused immense ,poverty and misery and destruction along with millions of innocent deaths for people of colour around the world that is the least BBC must do.

  12. Now don't blame Armenia or Artsarkh for the loss, blame Turkey's President for this mess. Even after God sent this dangerous pandemic called Corona virus, humans greed for others lands not changed. Azerbaijan with backing of Turkey started this war in Nakorba – Karaban.

  13. Да людей не вернуть что то не видно что алиев переживает и скорбит. Он сидя на стуле своём смеялся что выграл войну у пашиняна он счастлив и ему не до погибших он же диктатор

  14. Вот кочевники – вся хата в коврах. Сейчас уже известно, что армия Армении вообще не была задействована в этой так называемой "войне", карабахцы своими силами оборонялись полтора месяца, как могли.

  15. I am Armenian and I am sorry for your loss. I have lost my brother in Azeri attack in 2016. He had just proposed to his girlfriend and wanted to get married 🙁

    But I didn’t know azeris could marry their cousins. That’s weird.

  16. Ağdam, Azerbaijan
    The last time I was in Ağdam was just after the Khojaly massacre. It was a flourishing and beautiful city. I left 28 years and 9 months ago a city with fruits' tree and life. I was with the french NGOs doctors without borders and pharmacists without borders. We were leaving a city with tens of thousands of inhabitants.
    After the tripartite peace agreement was signed Armenian forces occupying the region for almost three decades had to give it back to Azerbaijanis.
    I could visit the city again and.was shocked to discover a ghost town. Worse than that a town that looked like the images I had of Hiroshima after the atomic bomb. The Armenian forces abandoned everything and destroyed the structures of many houses and buildings.
    Time for reconstruction will be long before seeing a flourishing city again.

    Ağdam, Azerbaïdjan
    La dernière fois que j'étais à Agdam c'était après le massacre de Khojaly. C'était une ville belle et prospère. Il y a 28 ans et 9 moi, je l'ai quittée en compagne des Médecins du monde et pharmaciens du monde il y avait des arbres fruitiers et de la vie. Nous quittions une ville de plusieurs dizaines de milliers d'habitants.
    L'accord de paix tripartite signé entre la Russia, l'Azerbaïdjan et l'Arménie prévoyait la restitution par les forces arméniennes de la ville et sa région à l'Azerbaïdjan.
    J'ai pu me rendre c'est aujourd'hui une ville fantôme. Les forces occupantes ont tout abandonné enlevant les structures mêmes de certaines habitations. On se croirait à Hiroshima après la bombe atomique.
    Le temps de la reconstruction sera long

  17. It’s Sad. He died for a good course. May Allah grant him Jannah
    It’s time to teach kids True Islam ☪️ Suicide is not acceptable and a sin ( including suiciding bombing )
    May Allah guide us All

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