National security analyst: This is one of the scariest things I’ve said on TV

National security analyst: This is one of the scariest things I’ve said on TV

Ahead of Attorney General Bill Barr’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, CNN national security analyst Samantha Vinograd warns that “we can’t trust the attorney general to be honest.” #CNN #News

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  1. All the way from SA, watching what happens in America and if the best that America opposition to Trump is those Democrats I actually feel sorry for you. Sad times for the Americas. And this CNN long time been in the gutter with its leftie views. Pathetic. I'll keep watching from afar.

  2. For anyone that watched it live should understand what actually went down. They tried so hard to get him to testify so they could hear what he had to say about everything. The democrats treated him very poorly once even chairman nadler refused to give him a bathroom break. The news anchors claim that vague answers were given that aren't sufficient for the people is ridiculous. Every democrat would ask a question, he would start to explain, they didn't like what they heard so they would say "I Reclaim my time" almost EVERY TIME leaving AG Barr no time to refute what they are saying before the 5 min time is up. They would run out the clock on statements shaming him for things they accuse him of without letting him give a good response. Hank Johnson at one point was "reclaiming his time" while AG Barr was trying to respond and then said, "I know you don't want to answer" while still reclaiming his time while AG Barr was speaking. It was ridiculous. For someone who is generally interested in what he had to say so I could make my own view points, I was severely disappointded seeing the way the hearing was conducted. Everything they are saying is vague. What evidence are they using to inform us.

  3. China News Network (CNN) has been bashing Trump and his administration from his first day on the job. It is now obvious to citizens that CNN ownership & management is far left Democratic. Their Fake News status is demonstrated by CNN declining ratings.

  4. The quicker the sleazy scamming wiretapping criminals trying to invent crime to overthrow the peoples elected president are held accountable the better….
    The skinny lady would know all about the sly wiretapping scammers

  5. I can only get uncensored videos of the rioters trying to burn down the Portland Federal courthouse here in Canada. No one seems to be talking about in in the U S. media. Could CNN put up a live feed of the rioters trying to set it alight .

  6. Mad Scientists of Super Powers & their Secret National Testing Labs & their Race once was to dominate each other to prepare a Test Tube Frankenstein Baby, which is now accidently ran away from Wuhan Lab & loves to live in American Dreams multiplying every micro second in USA & always kissed the hands of people, loves to slipped into their bodies? Now Vaccines Race started to control the Test Tube Baby Frankenstein.

  7. Jerry Nadler: "the portland riots are a myth". Democrats have lost their minds. CNN IS FAKE PROPAGANDA and Trump landslide. Will creepy old senile Joe even debate Trump? I doubt it. He cant even complete a sentence.

  8. Impeachment and imprisoned executioner Czar Barr now not November treason foreign and domestic foe fireing squad genocide Premeditated massive murderer and profferiteerng deraliction of duty and oath.Adam Schiff said he is dangerous no telling how much .ore he can do it.Trump's bunch man has to be impeached and prision.

  9. At the rate that Attorney Barr is going we may very well have a compromised democracy. The Attorney General's attitude toward this country is questionable , the top Cop is corrupt so what's going to be the face of America on the world's stage?. Is America's relationship with the Authoritarian governments forces of Russia becoming more like them and less of a democratic republic ??? American liberties are a cause for concern when they're been pushed backwards or been minisculed in our faces.

  10. Scary if the leaders we have have power to do the terrible things for America than the ones who do good and try to change to make America great
    Many people In dod are satanic but doesnt get punished including some presidents.

  11. CNN is so shameful. When I was a kid, this was the most respectable news agency. Now it's 24×7 Trump-bashing since 2016. They don't cover the news anymore; they simply work to shape public opinion—the Ministry of Truth.

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  13. More and more wrongs, many acts of treason of the Left Democratic Party. If the party wins the election, the United States will surely become a slave to China without any doubt. This Democratic Party, during the time since President Trump in office, has only seen them do all sorts of tricks to sabotage him, sabotage the United States and enlist the play of GERMAN to win the hearts of the public. Election day 3/11 is approaching, a sort of evil embezzlement as Democrats do not know what dangerous tactics have been prepared to defeat Mr. Trump. More than ever, right now American righteous citizens must unanimously vote for Mr. Trump and the Republican Party to protect America and the world….

  14. Remember when CNN got caught when someone intercepted CNN's live satellite feed and they were caught faking that they were in Iraq during the first Iraq war? They were on the CNN rooftop acting like they were in Iraq. @ .. You people actually trust CNN once they have been caught lying once is enough but how many times do they have to be caught lying and only the truly ignorant and sheepish people still belive them.

  15. Who's talking about “bigotry” and Trump, while giving us no information at all about these domestic terrorist groups, who are clearly the biggest bigots out there at the moment!?? Who wants to bark about numbers and report every Covid death? Who in the world would glorify China's locked down efforts, and yet not share with us how the citizens are being treated?? Who wants you to believe the President has mental health problems, while they stash their Biden away in his straight jacket?? Who wants you to believe that Trump is going to start a war, while this country is already at war and being attacked by nutjobs who clearly dont support capitalism??

  16. LOL I reclaim my time, I reclaim my time, I reclaim my time, I reclaim my time, I reclaim my time, I reclaim my time, I reclaim my time, I reclaim my time, I reclaim my time. LOL this was supposed to be a HEARING of Bill Barr. But no body ever let him say anything. Is that stupid or what?? Was somewhat like a replay of the Kavanaugh hearing. And CNN even looked more stupid than the Lunatic democrats. Now they wont even condemn ANTIFA!

  17. I voted for Obama 2 times hoping for atleast Prison Reform and the Right to Try Act, only to get NOTHING, but overpriced FORCED Health Care and higher taxes!!!!!! The Dems the BushEra Repubs each the same the SWAMP!!! MSM = SWAMP PRESS

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