Russia holds Victory Day parade in shadow of virus – BBC News

Russia holds Victory Day parade in shadow of virus – BBC News

Russia is celebrating its biggest public holiday, Victory Day, with a military parade in Moscow that was meant to be held on 9 May. It is 75 years since the then USSR defeated Nazi Germany. World War Two cost more than 20 million Soviet lives. President Vladimir Putin reluctantly postponed the big annual celebration because of the coronavirus pandemic. But it was rescheduled ahead of a key constitutional vote, which could allow him a further two terms in power. Please subscribe HERE

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  1. They didn’t mention the fact that a referendum didn’t have to be held, Putin could have changed the constitution without a referendum but he didn’t. BBC is garbage along with CNN

  2. OK, cut the bla-bla-bla, BBC! Just tell us straight when will be the next round of sanctions against Russia for…. whatever! Highly likely and all that, you know… Almost most certainly, etc. Is having a parade "in shadow of virus" enough for sanctions? Me thinks… highly likely! P.S. Вот же вы уроды конченые! Носит же земля таких уёбков!

  3. Now the world learns that Putin placed bounties on the heads of US coalition soldiers in Afghanistan–just like the murder attempt of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury, UK.

  4. It was victory for the whole world, and englishmen, and americans, and all the countries suffered from nacist ideology. Why do you show it as Putin parade? We celebrate it each year and honor our veterans and all who died, who became widows, who were not born because of war. It was such a pity to see no english soldiers, no ukraine nor georgians because it was our common victory, our joy no matter what was afterwards. Didn't you people suffer during the 2nd world war? were not starvation and departing children from parents? no bombing, no camps… Do you forget all this? Only serbian soldiers were on parade among all the countries of east Europe. Were not our grandparents fighting together? I'm so sorry to see how politics destroys history, how you take away monuments and afraid to call "white and black". I congratulate those, who still know something about the 2nd World War with Victory Day!!!

  5. You are stupid people. Putin does not need to raise popularity with the Victory Parade; he already has high confidence of the people. Victory parade is a holy day for us! almost everyone in the family has died in this war. I have 2 great-grandfathers did not return from the war!!!26 millions of Soviet people died !!!!

  6. Corona virus? You mean the FN flu that is mostly affecting elderly people with per-existing health conditions. So it's 2020 and the solution is just hiding in fear under our beds FFS what a joke.

  7. Are you worried about the health of Russian soldiers? Why don’t you like it again, this is our parade! it's none of your business! you arrange gay parades at home! I do not care!

  8. My father that past Great Patriotic war.He would die from shame..
    Putin made now days Russia as disgusting militaristic net work.
    Supporting all cannibalistic country's around Glob..
    Create again fear and desperation .
    Meanwhile his own people on a level of starvation.
    Economy and agriculture ruined completely..
    Billions of dollars transferred in foreign banks .
    Such useless Parade cost millions of dollars.
    Instead to feed own people that Monstr Demon of Hell
    Continue spread fear.
    I wish Russian people open eyes and place him and his Diabolic government next to Wall..
    Russia deserves better life than endless misery.

  9. В русских коментах: столько денег на показушную хуету потратили. В англоязычных: РОССИЯ! РОССИЯ! РОССИЯ!

  10. Typical english business , pretending they care about the Russian citizen with covit 19 when really they are jealous of Russian might. Well done RUSSIA your making them shit.

  11. What is happening in Russia is completely insane. Veterans live on beggarly pensions (10-15 $), they are remembered only on Victory Day and only lamb who praise the current Russian government are sent to the parade. In other countries, veterans are honored and respected, it’s impossible to say so about Russia. Even in the countries of the war losers, veterans live much better. Understand me, my great-grandfather went through the war and was a pilot, had the rank of senior lieutenant. I live in Russia and it pains me to watch Putin and his friends destroy my country authorities. If the soldiers of the Red Army and the entire Soviet people would know what would happen in the future with their country, then they would not have fought. These parades are held only to show the military power of Russia, which everyone already knows.

  12. Всего через 10 дней 4 июля состоялся парад в честь дня независимости сша. Ждем репортажа от подзаборных шавок и проституток из "би-би-си" о параде в сша в тени коронавируса в честь дня независимости сша от кровавой британской империи и английского колониализма.

  13. An undeniable true, was in fact the USSR the nation that contribute the most and by far, to the defeat of Nazi Germany, despite west has always insist in show us another version.

  14. Don't touch Russia, gentlemen!

    It hurts without your reproach.

    It's part of the self-incrimination

    I have never known my equal.

    Don't touch Russia, gentlemen!

    What You need, both fed and clothed,

    From that country, which, having lost half the world,

    Today it is both sad and poor.

    Remember how she saved You

    In the year of the devastating raids.

    And now isn't it from your Brega

    An indifferent hula rushes by?

    Don't touch Russia, gentlemen!

    Now you praise truthfulness,

    But to believe blindly in Your justice –

    An occupation worthy of a jester.

    Russia is never wrong.

    Tired of crying and praying,

    She will forgive both the thief and the harlot,

    Forgive You for your stupid words.

    She'll forgive me, but I'm only a few days away –

    To be ashamed of You in a distasteful confusion

    For the fact that Russia by screeching shouts

    Learns about my Bulgaria.

    Don't touch Russia, gentlemen!

    You don't know her, you ignoramuses.

    Great patience and hope,

    She is no match for the other world!

    Do not touch Russia, and it

    And this time with confidence and pride

    Without unnecessary phrases solve their crosswords

    Most pure from evil shielded.

    Yes, You should thank her

    For the fact that she is in the world,

    For what You and your children

    One fate with her fate to share.

    And if you can't help – then

    Get out of the way, at least without interrupting.

    Otherwise, I can't answer for myself.

    Do not touch Russia, gentlemen!!!

    The Bulgarian is right!!!

  15. Dearest Beloved the Great!For whatsoever is born of God
    overcometh the world:and this the victory that overcometh
    the world,even our faith.1:Jn.5:4.Beloved forever and ever.Amen.
    Stay safe lovely and remain blessed.

  16. Dearest Beloved the Boss!
    I give God the glory, the God
    that cannot fail.He will perfect
    that which concerns me ,to the
    glory of His Mighty name.Amen.
    Stay safe and remain blessed lovely.

  17. Contributions?…. Russia won the war! England and US joined in the last year when defeat of hitler was already inevitable! The 3rd Reich capitulated to the General of Red Army (Russian Army)

    But what US and English Army has to be remembered for and acknowledged is what they did after the war! This has not been promoted but is an easily Accessible I formation! Shortly after defeating Nazis the Governments of US and England were planing to attack Russia as after WW2 they were weak and out of solid army! However the Generals of US and UK armies were categorically agains it as it was beneath them to engage in a politically driven was with a country the spent fighting a common enemy shoulder to shoulder! It must have been very hard to go against a direct order, but they did what’s right!


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