See inside a Houston hospital on the front line against coronavirus

See inside a Houston hospital on the front line against coronavirus

CNN’s Miguel Marquez speaks to doctors and coronavirus patients inside a Houston hospital amid a global pandemic. #CNN #News

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  1. This is ridiculous! Lines for testing does not mean the hospital is over run with dying patients! That footage doesn't show more than 4 people in a room. It looks empty! How long did they have to wait to get footage of a real patient?
    Quit spreading fear! 6 MONTHS! NO deadly virus takes 6 months to do anything! This is ALL FAKE! Why are you doing this to us!
    "People are walking around looking healthy…but they aren't healthy" Are you kidding me? Again, Doctors fearing a pandemic does not a pandemic make. America wake up!!!

  2. As a nurse who has been actively working through this pandemic, no part of me understands how one can watch something like this, then turn around and have the gall to say “I refuse to wear a mask because it infringes on my rights”. I still believe there are more good people in this world than bad . . but dang! We’re being asked to simply wear a mask, not donate a kidney.

  3. The rioters should have been put down 3 weeks ago… why did all the mayors and governors support all those people going crazy and destroying their cities? Not saying a word about the mobs … thousands of people crammed together… the spike in COVID19 is the fault of weak government officials…

  4. I swear if I see someone have the AUDACITY to say that this whole virus is a "sham" or just a "government conspiracy" and that people AREN'T actually DYING, I JUST CAN'T WITH THESE IDIOTS ANYMORE…why can't natural selection take out those idiots who REFUSE to wear masks or even just try their best to not be exposed or get others exposed?? Like seriously, is it THAT HARD, KAREN/BIMBO???

  5. Not really. Death rate is much lower. And news media will always show you the worst cases. Remember the family who lost like 5 members. Don't hear bout that anymore. Our problem is we have a greedy healthcare system and political news. Tell me how new York got to zero deaths, and don't say masks. And I might switch back to CNN. Although don't miss those fear, divide; days

  6. Meanwhile the clown MoFu thinks it will disappear soon. It and the second MoFu now believe in masks.
    What are we going to do about them?!! When are going to have enough of them?!! They are killing us and killing our troops!!

  7. Lady and gentlemen CNN, nbc , abc, msnbc, and other new network they said worried about President trump do not think to Russia’s President puttin but were the hell all of them when 4 Americans die in Benghazi including one ambassador they will die alone with no body held at all

  8. PLEASE please please please wear a mask. About 30% of carriers are asymptomatic. But those ppl infect others… And not everyone will make it. Please. Wear a mask. Just in case.

  9. Once you go on ventilation your likely survival rate has dropped ! – people who have recovered said that exact same thing – “you must breath for yourself , once you go on a ventilator your dead” they keep putting people on ventilators their death rates will sky rocket !

  10. The hospital protocols need to be mandated by federal law; similar to Pearl Harbor or 9/11, the simple common sense protocols need to be enforced. And yes, including our nation's 'leaders' and 'Chief Executive,' and those who refuse to abide by distancing, mask wearing, and quarantining themselves appropriately, need to endure the actual full-blown symptoms, and be at death's door, compounded with deaths of their closest friends/family members. A simple visit to a Houston hospital will not suffice.

  11. STOP THE PANIC!!! It is absurd, you are bombared by drama and fakenews. Get real information from independant scientific source and vote this idiots that lock you down and destroy your life out of office:
    You are massivly mislead, they are always taking about "cases" or "infected", this is a big LIE!
    These people are a result of excessive PCR testing, at least 90% of them people will never ever get any symptoms, less than one percent will get really sick. Even worse, the PCR Test has a huge false positive rate and is extremely unreliable in situations where there are only few cases, as it is the case in most of the world, mainstream media spreads lies and manipulation, this is big money and big hype, stop following those idiots.
    Preserve sanity, preserve democracy, preserve humanity, do not let you be driven into Corona Dystopia with total control, powergrabbing government, and idiots that attack people who want to live their life in peace.
    This is the time to stand up for libery, or it will be gone for decades!

  12. I live in Houston people and I see how this CNN news report didn’t show how are medical community the medical center in Houston which is huge releases a statement that are hospitals are not overwhelmed beyond there ability to handle , and IC units in hospitals are only 30 percent corona , 70 percent is regular medical issues .

  13. Praying for everyone affected by this horrible deadly virus! When are we gonna start to take this virus seriously people? For people who think this is just the flu! Get your heads out of the clouds and look at reality! This is NOT just the flu!

  14. Thank you. Hoping you don't get infected. These daily total positive covid-19 case numbers are so high I can't process them. I'm staying home. Two days ago our governor finally made masks mandatory statewide. They're discussing how to reopen the schools in August. Trapped. No safe place to go. The entire USA is in the same battle. Leaving the country is not an option. The world is in the same battle. Bizarre.

  15. I went to view a house today and the realtor walked out after a showing with no mask on and her client had her mask under her chin. The worst part about this is from the photos on the wall a young child and a baby lived in the home. Yes, I'm in Houston!

  16. It is obvious what is driving this massive increase in coronavirus among the young and their older relatives. The estimate is that there were between 15 million and 26 million protestors all over the country. There is your explanation that the biased and propaganda spewing media is not telling people. The mainstream media did not say anything about this obvious danger after these protests began. George Floyd was murdered by a sick person who wore a police officer's uniform. I understand the anger and reason people protested but it was not wise of the protestors to do so without masks and social distancing. The result is what the US is facing now. Being dishonest about the reality of the situation will only make matters worse and people will get sick and die that should not.

    Meanwhile the media blames reopening and remains silent about the millions who protested without any social distancing at all and with many opting to protest with no mask on to protect themselves and their loved ones. Businesses are being shuttered again when the real cause of the problem is hardly mentioned by anyone in the media. The new Great Depression just got supercharged by these millions of unprotected protesters and the media immoral posturing about the entire situation in their blind hatred of the man in DC. The biased and propaganda pushing media do not care at all that thousands will die because of their despicable behavior more than anything else.

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  17. To think that this GOP administration is fighting in court to make it difficult for most Americans's to receive decent healthcare coverage is horrific.
    Voting BLUE across the board in 2020.

  18. Oh but Trumptards still call this a hoax and fake news, so that means all this doctors must be some good actors and the best actor is the person who is dying on the bed! I saw a neighbor rushed out with breathing equipment to the hospital by an ambulance so I guess my neighbor must be a good actor and I just didn't know about it!

  19. Everyday I heard the deaths per day curve rising. The death curve flattened so they started reporting infected per day. All these infected are not dying like New York. Sorry but the murders that happened in ny is not happening in California or Texas.

  20. That crazy, we have 0 ….we locked down first started, testing and slowly opened up…with that said cross fingers every day…Trump needs leave white house so get president that cares..America you deserve a great president…

  21. "This is A HOAX HOSPITAL, a FAKE NEWS Hospital" – your average Donald Trump supporter 🙂 Can't blame trump, he found a good 'target market'

  22. heavier thinkin: like the general living conditions our humans have "progressed"/"developed" to (e.g. Vox's "How humans are making pandemics more likely", which have effectively separated ourselves from Nature, i'm wondering if the TOO-isolated/clean conditions of this medical center is also contributing to the worsening of the problem

  23. Why not just follow the instructions like wearing a mask, social distance and frequently washing hands? I am from Malaysia, we follow such instructions, now covid19 case in my country has decreased. Alhamdulillah.. Although cases have been reduced, we have adopted the new norm …. because of the SOP. It's not hard .. it'll break the covid19 chain.

  24. I saw a documentary abound one hospital that is now giving people oxygenated blood transfusions instead of putting people on ventilators and the patients do much better and have a much much higher chance of surviving. I don’t know why all hospitals don’t start doing this???

  25. If only these red states could have had some kind of warning that this might be their fate if they didn’t take corona seriously. I mean, if only the EXACT SAME THING HAD HAPPENED in New York and New Jersey 4 MONTHS ago. Governor Abbott and his idiot republiCON comrades are to blame for ignoring the experts and even INSULTING THEM.

  26. I myself live in the suburbs of Houston in Katy Texas. And I see it first hand the lack of common sense and how stupid people are down here refusing to wear a mask! I always wear my mask wherever I go. And I'm not saying that I'm smarter than everybody over here, in fact, I'm not even the sharpest tool in the shed, but I give a $hit about the faith of humanity. And i want to protect others and myself because I personally know people that have had this virus and some survived it and some didnt. So go ahead and think all you want and if you people think this is being way over played and if anybody thinks this is a hoax, thanks again. I'm 40 years old and thank God I'm not one of these stupid youngster new generation that refuses to wear a mask. And I thank God I'm not an idiot trumper follower blindly his words. We're probably fixing to get shut down again and it would not surprise me the least bit. As I sit far away from a group or people and I look around right now, this very second, I see about 30 people not wearing their masks, not social distancing, nothing. Mindboggling!

  27. We have the ability to heal are selfs, dont just ask an pray to heal..know an feel urself healing ….god if u want to call it dosen't recognize voice…master emotion an feeling know in your heart u already are healed… need to pay up to these cash cows

  28. That’s funny how people can be prejudiced but if their life depended on it they would let a black or brown Dr. save them so sad. It’s like I may not be interested in a white man for spouse or anything or even some of the things that white people do. But why would I hate them or would I want to be OK with someone dying for no reason that’s just bitterness and a whole bunch of hatred.

  29. It is not one way or the other!
    Some people cannot wear a mask. Some are concerned about government overreach,
    A VALID CONCERN! Not everyone is afraid to die and that is reality, everyone is going to die and they don't feel like they have to extend their lives beyond normal.

  30. To anyone having anxiety over this video. I was diagnosed with covid three weeks ago, it started with loss of taste and smell then turned into stomach pains and slight fever. I didn't really have any breathing problems, aside from slight pressure on my chest. I purchased and started taking dr kanayo Peterson 14 days immune support to boost my system by morning these symptoms started to die off, at the beginning of the 10th day I started to get my taste and appetite back. if you experiencing any symptoms

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  31. Except there is a far greater disease in this world and it has infected every single person that has lived. Sin. Sin is the global pandemic, that’s why this world is the way it is. The only panacea to this disease is Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth, and the life. He is the solution to all infirmities, suffering, and death. Repent of your sins and turn to Christ for the remission of sin. God will grant you will have life eternal!

  32. 96% now recovering – thank you Doctor – we are praying for all Medical Staff to have wisdom and courage to treat these Covid patients! God bless and protect you! Wow! Routine patients coming in for other surgeries, are testing 47% pos for Covid – so they were unaware – – till now! Ugh God save us.

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