See stunning video of rioters inside Capitol

See stunning video of rioters inside Capitol

Members of Congress are sheltering in place as pro-Trump rioters storm the US Capitol. #CNN #News

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  1. It is very sad to see that 4 years of Trump culminated in this. And let us not forget that his children….Ivanka, Don Jr, Eric…..they are all as complicit. Shame on his children…shame. Not one of them has uttered a word of condemnation. Disgusting family. A family built on debt. Well…the net is slowly starting to tighten…the world has woken up to the appalling misgivings of this family. Wait for the bankruptcy to follow.

  2. This puzzle world those people no where to go inside capital they are taking over how they no where Nancy room someone have to tell these people plus they pull out Pandit button how these people no about this

  3. Storming??? It looks like a video tour…everyone just standing around …go review the BLM riots ….that was a 1000x more violent, disgusting and distructive.. …burning, beatings, glass shattering, attacking police, frozen water bottles thrown at them, bombs etc etc!! you really think Trump has control over these people and he says stop they'll stop? half of America is completely totally totally totally fed up they are acting of their own free will.

  4. CNN is blinder than bats!!! I see people walking in a line and inside the ropes!!!!
    Storming?!?! What about all the looting and destruction of BLM ?? Look at the city of Seattle!!! Still a hot damn mess!!!
    CNN is the problem!

  5. Omg! They are lunatics! Look at the INSANITY as they stay between the ropes while they're violently hunting for representatives to kill! Everyone in this maga mob should be locked up for life, right alongside all of the congressmen who support trump! OH THE HUMANITY!!

  6. CNN: This is dangerous! This is madness!!!! The CARNAGE!!!!!
    Protestors: Slowly walking thru statue room taking pictures.

    C'mon anyone with a brain will tell you this is overreaction. And the well informed can tell you why.

  7. I watched this live and before any of them came in two men in suits went towards the entrance, ran in front of the AP camera to the left, then right then they both left this area, about .35 seconds later ppl were coming in….

  8. Where's the interview Cooper did with a domestic terrorist? I can't believe CNN gives a platform to domestic terrorists….. what did the CNN reporter mean we she said to him "you were right, we did it!" " you didn't record that did you?"

  9. #JohnSullivanBLMantifa
    #Fight4Trump = #Fight4America #WeLoveTrump
    #BigTechCommunists #StopDemocratViolence
    #FreeSpeech4all #Republicans4Peace
    #FreeAmericaNow #PressIsTheEnemy
    #LegalElectionsNow #ChinaRulesAmerica

    Americans! We must take it upon ourselves to Defend Our Votes from Communist China's takeover of the USA at the Cost of Our Lives if Necessary! #MAGA #Trump4ever #TrumpWon

    Democrats rendered Elections Irrelevant. Democrats figured out a way to control the outcome of elections regardless of how The People vote! #BidenCheated #ChinaJoe #ElectionFraud

  10. Are you fearing government breakdown? Is sedition scaring you? You can have peace in tumultuous times. Remember this in your hour of need, you will thank me later. "Lord God, hear my prayer. I recognize that I am a sinner and deserve death for disobeying your commandments. I accept Jesus' undeserved death on a cross in my place. I receive your forgiveness for my sin through Jesus' sacrifice for me. Holy Spirit, please come into my life, fill my heart with peace that only you can give, and help me follow your path instead of my own will that leads to destruction. In Jesus' name, amen." God accepts you as you are, wherever you are, and he loves you.

  11. I don't think a single tweet would do the trick right away since many of the people there are there just to riot and have fun or whatever, and nobody is going to be on their phone when he makes said tweet. Also the way these people from CNN talk is funny with their studer since they seem to not know what to say themselves.

  12. Lmao what a joke. Rioters walking through the capital. Where was CNN, the Chinese news network condone the 8 months of riots. CNN reporters are delusional wacko traitors!

  13. Hey cnn where's the video of your two employees high 5 ing it up congratulating themselves on breaking in. You employ criminals, Insurrectionists. You need to be canceled like you think others should be canceled

  14. With the new infotruth now available everywhere; Do you feel you owe your viewers an apology, or come completely clean of your involvement with BLM & Jade? Do feel bad this video is still available with your rhetoric? What sentence fu you think Trump said that set everyone off?

  15. And BLM and ANTIFA rioters right at the lead of the riots. And CNN were even stupid enough to interview one of them, John Sullivan an ANTIFA and BLM agitator who was one of the rioters who has since been arrested and charged by Police.

  16. Good thing it wasn't blm or antifa extremists, or all those beautiful statues would be broken on the floor.

    Why CNN, is this not one of your "mostly peaceful" protests?

    YOU, are complicent CNN, this is down to msm and all your BS, stirring up trouble, trying so hard to start your race war for clicks. And ALL the politicians for killing everything we had as Americans. The supposed richest country let it's citizens lose EVERYTHING, ON PURPOSE!
    It's about that wayyyy more than it's about your illegitimate potato president. But you won't report on that, will you?
    Just like the truth about your interview with John Sullivan, the Biden laptop and a host of other things.
    If anyone wants to see the real TRUTH, without the msm spin, please go watch "slightly offensive" Elijah is a REAL journalist. Something ALL of msm wouldn't know anything about. Watch Jimmy Dore too!

  17. Somehow these MAGA people walking through the rotunda look more like tourists than rioters. The real rioters were led by John Sullivan, BLM activist, and about 226 of his antifa/BLM friends, by his own count. But CNN bashes these people and interviews Sullivan, like he's a peace activist. CNN SUCKS. Nothing but lies every day.

  18. This is a game to Donald Trump but at the same time people need to be smart. It's really about us all caring about each other who cares about these rich people.! Not because you're rich I mean you are a jerk but as far as politicians that are overpaid.

  19. Karl Marx predicted that the chasm between rich and poor would lead to revolution. And it's happening. Sadly, these are people who have never read Marx, just America's bullshit constitution.

  20. I would like to purchase a rebel flag, an Al Qaida flag, an Isis flag, a Hakenkreuz (you newbees call it swastika) or a hammer and sicle flag. But I will pay top $ for the rebel flag because its not just anti American but also treasonous.

  21. I hope everyone looks to Rumble and sees on Jovan Pulitzer's page the conversation the election workers were having down in Fulton about rerunning the ballots through the three machines later that night, they were worried about whether they'd be able to do it, they knew they were going to have to stay all night and they spoke of the "set up close down so they could run the 30,000 ballots through" they also spoke of "speaking quietly" because there were people around It is INSANE the massive evidence of a completely fraudulent election. Gov. Kemp has been kept in a bubble by his handlers and family, he does not even know what is going on since first of Nov (@/harrisondeal @/jaimeo'Brian) and past deals with CCP make him hush hush. Geoffe Duncan the Lieutenant governor and Brad Raffensperger are being paid off to steal this election. BTW Ruby said she was being paid 100 dollars an hour to steal Georgia's votes. From their own mouths. ….

  22. Report on Jayden X aka John Sullivan. These are the Patriots who legally visited the Capitol before the attack by Antifa and BLM. Can you see any rioting ? Why does CNN not report on Jade Sacker, she reports for CNN. Lousy fake news!

  23. Just what I would expect such a fine group of "patriots" to do to "their house". Smash out windows, kick down doors, ransack every room, piss all over everything, and beat the hell out of everyone inside. All while smiling at the camera…
    Here's your sign…

  24. Why didn't CNN criticizing Pelosi & co. encouraging BLM & ANTIFA when they were rioting , burning & looting.
    Most of these people were just walking around, awed by the view, no running, no violence in this room.

    Why didn't CNN showed & criticized many of the left bad behaviors encouraged by many liberal politicians?

  25. The intelligence knew for along time that they were coming. They been warning many people, BUT THESE SECURITIES INTELLIGENCE LAW ENFORCEMENTS DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO PREVENT THAT THIS HAPPENED!!


  26. I am now convinced, that all of our politicians were in on this including Trump and Pence, this was a setup for the last 8 years, just one man's opinion we could not continue this Free Nation with no fear of God.

  27. "Back in my age if i had 10 slaves and was forced to get rid of one, I wouldn't be able to decide because each had their own value, but now I could take 100,000 people and not be able to find one worth keeping alive."

  28. Trump would've won this election if he hadn't underplayed this new virus. He acted nonchalantly toward this virus and even said it was a "hoax." The reason we voted in this election like never before was because of Covid. We don't need a President who sees us dying, but acts like it's no big deal. That's why we voted Trump out of office. This election was not "rigged."

  29. Where is the teargas? Where are the rubber bullets? Where are those sound-shockers, and the kettling and similar strategies??? This is an invasion of the Capitol — and an attempt to overthrow democracy!!! Should police not use AT LEAST the MINIMAL tools they have used at PEACEFUL protests???

  30. Now that they are all going to jail reaching out for pardons! Are you serious?? What did you think would happen? Trump is not going to pardon snd he should not! The president was watching this and did not try and stop it till Biden called him on it. He won't accept ownership for any of it not to mention how many has been infected with covid!! 5 people died!! If it were a peaceful walk your voice would be noted and considered but it turned in to something evil. Lashing out at the police force!! You seem to forget when trouble hits and you all run from danger the police and fireman run toward the danger to protect you. Just remember the next time you need help who will be there for you …. Trump or police and fireman.

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