Senator’s ad boasts she’s ‘more conservative than Attila the Hun’

Senator’s ad boasts she’s ‘more conservative than Attila the Hun’

Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler of Georgia is looking to highlight her conservative voting record in a new ad that compares her to Attila the Hun. #CNN #News

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  1. The wannabe dictator and his followers. And this is America? You want an idiot who bought his graduate diplomas to "lead" USA? He is not only wrecking his own country but the rest of the world as well. Vote him and his enablers out on NOV 3rd.

  2. This is who these people are. The politicians & their supporters. They like cruelty done to others. They like oppression of others. They like the "my way or no way" mindset. They are NOT Christians, their actions show it. Exactly WHAT do they have to do for y'all to accept it?

  3. I think FDR said it best when talking about what it means to be conservative.
    "A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned how to walk forward." – Franklin D. Roosevelt

  4. She’s been our senator here in Georgia for only a year she wasn’t even elected Brian Kemp appointed her… she is bottom of the barrel a truly disgusting human being all her policies are so far right you’d wanna puke can’t wait to vote this heifer out !!!

  5. I've used the term a little to the right of Attila the Hun!
    When you consider that he would kill all but one person and then send that person to the next town to warn the next town.
    Really when is the time to stand up!

  6. They cheer, because they aren't God fearing Jesus following Christians they claim to be. They need to pray and read the Bible. And they need to look to God for forgiveness. Or they just want our country run by a Authoritarian idiot. They have no right to claim beliefs in God and embrace a person like Trump.

  7. So she has hundreds of wives, and razes entire cities to the ground?? I'm confused why neoconservative politicians are so war like and pro life while they destroy countless people's lives with their policies. This woman should be in prison

  8. Atilla the Hun is more famous than she is.
    She has some catching up to do..The Hun’s in the White House, Hun’s in the Senate, next, Hun’s in the Supreme Court. CNN has FOUR MORE YEARS OF HUN’s..LOL

  9. Kelly Loeffler. stating she voted with Trump 100% of the time like that's something to be proud of. She still doesn't get it nor does she get most of the ppl she'd represent IF she wins. GA. voters should be glad they see her for who she really is and who she'd really look out for. Her values and integrity make me pause on the future of Georgians. NO sense of unity.

  10. Trump is inciting a Civil War and no one's do a thing about it , I'm not sure about your hate "LAWS" or Constitution but it seems to be in existent . The United States is basically an easy take over due to your so called "FREEDOMS".

  11. A 100% Trump voting record? This is the lady that got caught selling millions in stocks right before the market crashed over covid-19. She should be in prison instead of running for Senate.

  12. As a student of history. This add also angers me in how historically inaccurate it is.
    "Combat China" first, Attila the Hun was from Central Europe and fought the Romans Empire around 800 years before the Mongol Empire.
    "Attack big Government" Attila was an supreme ruler of a Nomadic Empire. Isn't that what Conservatives hate the most?
    Than again. These Republicans after all, and they obviously have never taken one hour of history class in their entire lives…

  13. Is she confussing Attila the Hun with Genghis Khan? The Huns did invaded China but one hundred years before Attila, but He never invaded China, he was born in Eastern Europe during the Huns campaings against the Tribes there, He and the Huns invasion is one of the major reasons of the Barbarian Invasions of Rome, wich is where the term "Barbarians at the Gates" That the Republican often use comes as an excuse to close our borders comes from, he also stablish a tributary sistem with other tribes and kingdom and centralized the Huns government
    And even if it was Genghis Khan he was a really progressive, in some aspects, for his time he would kill the aristocrasy of a kingdom, he also expanded and unified the silk road those making product of china more accessible to Europe, he had centralize his goverment in Mongolia and he adopted many of the people he conquer to help him in his government and military campaigns. He also established someone from the lower class to rule for him and pay him tribute (He promoted class warfare) similar strategy as the USSR and China during the Cold war

  14. I honestly don't think anyone on her campaign has ANY idea who Attilla the Hun was. I guess it's supposed to be a joke or something? But it's one that doesn't make any sense, so it's a pretty bad joke either way.

  15. According to the WHO, you are over 40% more likely to die in a road accident than the Kung Flu. Yet, we are stupid enough to drive around in cars and trucks, and don't wrap ourselves up in bubble wrap every time we go out.

    Currently have Kung Flu deaths at crica 980,000 (And that's before you ask the 'Died with it or Died of it' question), while deaths from road accidents in 2016 were 1.4 million.

  16. another economic oligarch pretending to be small business owner, while she allows monopolies like walmart and other to rekt more small business than BLM riots ever could
    it always takes money to make money, and that isn't always easy task

  17. Kelly Loeffler should go back to doing what she does best…using intelligence briefings to do insider trading. Republicans are all about public corruption unchecked to enrich themselves and their cronies. The rest of Georgians are left to die of preventable disease. ..Trump thinks they're "disgusting" "nobodies" who are "losers" and "suckers" and Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue fully support this message.
    Stacy Abrams should have been Governor. Thousands of Georgians would still be alive if she'd won.
    David Perdue continues his hypocritical support for Trump. Fox News continues their coverage of "Pandemic? What Pandemic? "
    #moscowmitch and David Perdue are going to deliver another theft for their GOP donors like Koch Industries and Putin no matter what. These people will do anything to stop legislation that helps real Americans. It's their chance to kill health insurance for 40 million Americans.
    Trump wants a justice to game another the electoral college cheat and #moscowmitch and David Perdue will help this incompetent criminal stay in office at any cost.
    American elections for Americans by Americans! Not Russia!
    Over 203,000 Americans died on their watch!
    Over 50 million Americans lost their jobs on their watch!

  18. Lol, well in the video Attila grunted in something that was supposed to be language, just like Trump, but failed to mention the mass slaughtering by Attila, …. oh now that could come to be true.

  19. President Trump terminated ISIS leader AL Bagdadi
    Terminated Iran General Qusem Soelamani
    Terminated ISIS leader in Yemen
    Terminated Iran Deal
    ( save Billions of dollars )
    Terminated Paris accord
    ( save Billions of dollars )
    Terminated TPP
    ( TPP means send more jobs over seas )
    Terminated NAFTA
    ( over 70,000 factories were shut down since Clinton signed NAFTA )
    Terminated complicit WHO
    ( save $$$….)
    President Trump announced Breakthrough Agreement between Serbia and Kosovo to normalize economic activity just yesterday
    Agreement between UAE and Israel just a few days ago
    President Trump nominated for NOBEL Peace Prize TWICE!
    President Trump announced Breakthrough Agreement between Bahrain and Israel just yesterday
    TRUMP / PENCE 2020

  20. When contacted through time Attila the Hun denies any resemblance to either Senator Loeffler or President Trump. “ I never separated families and placed children into cages. And my nickname is The Scourge of God. That’s just cruel even for me. And love me or hate no one has ever questioned my courage like do Trump. I swear if people like Loeffer keep this up I am going to sue”.

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