Streets of Beijing back to life after Covid – BBC News

Streets of Beijing back to life after Covid – BBC News

Do people in Beijing think their economy has recovered from the coronavirus pandemic? The BBC’s China correspondent, Stephen McDonnell, has been asking them. Filmed and edited by: Alex Shaw Produced by: Joyce Liu Please subscribe HERE

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  1. do be very honest, I sometimes forget that covid is still serious living in beijing…….we sometimes have 10 cases or such occasionally but the government always finds out away to protect the majority from getting infected.

  2. So happy watching Chinese is so proud and confident when talking the situation. It is so sad that BBC or American Internet twist the truth and mislead their people. The China never twisted one country on Internet like the western did.

  3. I am sure that this journalist didn't get pay on time from the BBC, he is stuck in China right now,.
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  4. The guy from food shop took a step back when got interviewed. There's follow-up report of him and he said: well he didn't wear mask and came from where virus spreaded wildly, I wanted to be careful

  5. Who confirmed covid came from bats. A lot asain country puls Africa eat bats so why did it not start in those area. covid could literally start anywhere because no one really knows where did covid really came from. Covid is hard to control at frist because it doesn't acttak you right away that means people won't get sick right away what if a person travels while having covid they could spead the virus to everyone. at the same time the world won't notice about it because at frist people won't show any symptoms what if those people travels. Think about it we can't blame china completely.

  6. Ha ha… Maybe the BBC should have interviewed a handful of "dissidents", who would surely represent the majority of the Chinese population better and give you better answers more customised to the western taste!

  7. BBC is so disappointed at the UK’s COVID situation that it’s starting to report the Chinese COVID situation without political filters. Respect from Shanghai, hope you make your next video here!

  8. I think BBC did the unusual report of China to convince the British people that things will get better, if you do what China has done in the beginning of the pandemic and get yourself vaccine as soon as possible.

  9. No surprises. It’s all political. British government desperately needs this after the lockdown. Merely to ease people and telling them lockdown is not against democracy or freedom, but the best they can do for now.

  10. I wish the BBC could hire a China correspondent who actually spoke Mandarin without sounding like an Aussie backpacker. His tones were all over the place and his pronunciation is cringey as fuck. For example, in the beginning bit, he tried to ask: "卖得好吗?" which means "Are you selling well?" and he pronounced it as "买得好吗" which roughly would mean "can you buy it?". He's saved by the context, but in any other situation, a Mandarin speaker would look at you perplexed.

  11. China or other countries recovered from what? Covid is propaganda, tests are fake and vaccine is poisonous. Or are there fools that believe there is only one desease? If tomorrow someone will tell you to wear purple hats to protect you from jumping frogs, most of you will do it, because you simply believe the lies without analysing it.

  12. WTF???It's not BBC style about China, most of the time a BBC reporter would stand by a trash can, talk to some paid actors or actress with ugly face: this is BBC we are in China bullshtting…

  13. Remember china telling the world it's not an airborne virus and then sending its citizens all over the world for lunar new year(bio-terrorism)? Who was the whistle-blower they killed again? That's right…saving face is the only thing they give a fuck about.

  14. Most foreign reporters and media correspondents have been removed their journalism certificate from the China Beijing authority, many of them even had their visa been revoked had to leave China, but this particular reporter can still remain in Beijing and able to interview the locals.

  15. We should send all our infected to china and let them take care if the infected. They started this shit anyway. Yet, we are the ones suffering. Their government should be held responsible.

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