Study links drug Trump touted to greater risk of death

Study links drug Trump touted to greater risk of death

Seriously ill Covid-19 patients treated with hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine were more likely to die or develop dangerous heart arrhythmias, according to a large observational study published Friday in the medical journal The Lancet. Researchers looked at data from more than 96,000 Covid-19 patients from 671 hospitals. All were hospitalized from late December to mid-April and had died or been discharged by April 21. Just below 15,000 were treated with the antimalarial drugs hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine, or one of those drugs combined with an antibiotic. #Covid #CNN #News

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  1. Y'all r completely shameless if he took something else this episode would be about that! What about the meds Fredo Cuomo took that was banned by the FDA 14 YRS AGO

  2. False news. Those patients were near death and had many organ failures. There are many other docs prescribing this drug and other studies showing good results here and else where. CNN has biz entities in china, is china running cnn?

  3. 2:00 "Nearly 15,000 patients taking Hydroxychloroquine or Chloroquine often in combination with other drugs" When did anyone say take Chloroquine? I'm not a Trump fan, but I've heard of people taking Hydroxychloroquine for Lupus and never having problems.

  4. So much focus on this. Why has this drug been around for decades if it's so dangerous? Over a month ago there was a doctor in the US interviewed on abc that said the drug was only used on the sickest patients.

  5. Yup and CNN has been right about so much in the last five years. Remember your president said use as a prophylactic, it is completely different than treating patients who are already very ill from covid-19. Stay the liars you are. Trump 2020

  6. So a relatively safe drug that’s been around for decades is just now magically killing everyone? Maybe Trump changed the formula, right CNN? Get bent! Fake news

  7. Early rusults in. 70 percent of educated people think they are smart. 90 percent of liberals believe anything these unimportant people say. 100 percent of CNN hate Trump. 40 percent of people know these studies are just cherry picked numbers. 60 percent of people will vote your president back into office in 2020.

  8. Yes for the ones already seriously I’ll and with heart conditions that’s a no brainer in fact the warning label has said that since forever.


  10. That's odd. Didier Raoult, who is consider the world's leading expert on infectious diseases, is seeing very good results for patients using HCQ.
    It's also a well known fact that HCQ is NOT to be used on patients with heart conditions. We've known this for many years now.
    We also know that the aforementioned VA study was debunked, proving to be horribly mismanaged. Well everyone except CNN and anyone who believes their BS lies.

  11. CNN: so does this administration think an orange is blue?
    Trump administration: no, an orange is orange?
    CNN: so your saying the orange is the superior fruit?!?!?
    Trump administration: ??……??
    CNN Headline: Trump press conference claims apples are oranges.

  12. The research conducted by the Lancet report seems to compare really sick patients with less severe and healthier cases (control group) which most doctors would not prescribe any intervention drugs. Let's wait for the real research (not those research based on secondary data not assigned to the research objective) before making any concluding remarks – CNN enjoys making!

  13. If Trump and Trump supporters want to take hydroxichloroquine and inject bleach, let them.

    I could imagine in a few months time when Trump voters start dying off from hydroxichloroquine and bleach, Trump would say "The Democrats are being unfair because their voters are not taking a life threatening drug or drinking bleach".

  14. CNN needs to retract this story because the study is a fraud and I can't wait to see where this leads.Wake up people they are using junk science to brainwash you.

  15. Fake news. Trying to kill all of us just to get Trump. That lancet study is a horrible study and it’s been shown to be by two pages of doctors who signed it was fake. Every death from now on will be on your heads.

  16. There are many other objections revealed by other doctors that are not mentioned in the study, such as demographics that are impossible to be similar worldwide, that the study was authored by 4 people and not dozens of doctors usually necessary for such a large number of patients. These guys have not seen a single patient, they are big data with lousy input – garbage in, garbage out.

    These authors are paid by big pharma to kill Hydroxychloroquine.

    Most countries in Africa use nothing but Hydroxychloroquine, which costs $5.00 by the way, and sure enough, African death toll is substantially lower than the US or Europe.

    Death rate in Marseille France where Dr Raoult uses it, has 0.5% death rate.

  17. Cnn need to do their home work. The lancet paper is a farce a joke. This paper is dubious and came just to make sure hydroxychloroquine is not prescribe because it works and its cheap. And big pharma gilea doesnt want that. It works in Switzerland in france in India…. the 4 authors of the paper are connected to big pharmaceutical gilea. Even Australia asking to the journal where does the Australian patients come from ?never heard about them. The paper talking about late stage patients. Of course hydroxychloroquine is for early stage. The origins of the data the name of the hospital….in this paper are not indicated. Lancet should be a shame. This drug is well known and be use millions time for arthritis , malaria and suddenly it is toxic for cov19 patients? Lol . Check video of Pr raoult wiith english sub he got 0.5% death rate with hydroxychloroquine when everywhere else in the world it is higher. I hate trump but Yes hydroxychloroquine Azytromicin is a game changer in early stage!,,,,,, the paper talk about people in hospital late stage where the virus is already gone. Those patients need to be treated with drug to turn down the inflamatory response, the use of hydroxychloroquine/Azytromicin is for people who are ate the beginning of the infection to decrease the virus. We are talking about different story. Hydroxychloroquine Azytromicin YES YESfor early stage, NONO for late stage. Lancet should have been more careful by reviewing this garbage paper. CNN IS VERY DISHONEST LIKE FOXNEWS

  18. Um, I fear this report did not age well. Apparently tne WHO has restarted the trial. Pity the supposed experts are unable to scrutinize obviously fabricated data.

  19. When did you as a chanel lose the balance, what happened to investigative report? hearing both view sides? Let me tell you I am not American, I do not live in the USA, but we in Latinamerica are very worried, and interested and looking forward for a cure or a treatment for COVID-19, and we have hoped that you in the USA would lead the world with serious research and example. But politicians and the media have made a circus (for financial reasons or political bias ) getting to the extreme of saying that the drug kills. Not only have you stopped the clinical trials in the USA, WHO, and other parts of the world, but you have also influenced patients for not taking part in other clinical trials in the USA and other parts of the world. The drugs seem to work at the early stages of the disease and with zinc, and there is science behind it , many papers written before Covid-19 for SARS and other coronavirus, and also there are many case studies for COvid-19 in France, Africa, and in NY with Dr. Zelenko. You should continue the clinical trials but at early stages of the disease, not when patients are already too sick, with multiorgan failure and with ventilation. If you really care about the health of veterans, and Americans you should continue with well designed early stage ramdom doble blind placebo control clinical trials.

  20. This is a very biased video. Why did you not talk both sides pros and cons, the ones that have found good benefits and the ones that found no benefit or harm? By the way, the Lancet study is not a "random double-blind placebo controlled trial", the standard that FAUCI needs to accept something as true. Are you aware of the methodological problems and limitations of the VA study and the Lancet study? Did you know that the Lancet study used a private database that nobody knows which hospitals, clinics, countries gave the data? There is a big doubt that the data even exists, and it has been used for 3 papers already by 3 authors repeating in the papers (Ivermectin, AC2 inhibitors, Hydroxychloroquine/Chloroquine). Even the Journals where those research papers (not peer-reviewed) were published are asking question. If you want for information enter here:









  21. check this, YOU the one watching this biased video, by the way, many Democrats got Covid-19, took hydroxychloroquine and are not dead ( Tom Hanks and wife, Cuomo, many Hollywood actors) :




  22. The Lancet medical journal retracted a study on 4 June 2020 due to concerns over data quality. As CNN should know, the data on 96000 patients was provided by Surgisphere, a tiny American company that came out of nowhere to conduct perhaps the most influential global study in this pandemic in the matter of a few weeks," one doctor who publishes the results of hydroxychloroquine studies online told The Guardian.
    It's unclear how Surgisphere was able to get data-sharing agreements with over 600 hospitals worldwide, and many in the scientific community had raised concerns about the reliability of its data. CNN failed in its journalistic role.

  23. Today the study was proven to be fraudulent and was retracted . Will CNN do a follow up segment? Your guess is as good as mine . They should be sued

  24. Did you idiots in CNN hear that the May 22 Lancet article referenced in this video was retracted today by its authors (6/4/2020)? You should do another Youtube video to retract what turned out to be BS (once again) pumped out in this video. Great job in mis-leading viewers again!

  25. Cnn that study has been proven to be a scam, the lancet and the nejm have withdrawn the publication so you all need to let your viewers know

  26. This study has now been debunked and retracted from medical journals. Poor old CNN, fake news, fake research, fake attacks on the president of the USA

  27. The study was retracted by Lancet 3 days ago!!! CNN somehow forgot to report it. I am apolitical, but CNN propaganda is relentless…. Doctor at 4:15. You are ignorant and incompetent . Period !!

  28. The idea that an entire "news" network would be rooting AGAINST a potential cure to the pandemic is despicable. Those studies they cited were flawed and they knew it. People were so close to death that nothing was going to save them. When that came to light, CNN kept quiet about it.

    Let's see if CNN will finally start reporting about this treatment honestly. At this point I don't think even they can deny it now.

    I guess they were following the science after all.

  29. CNN, the democrats & now social media outlets would rather see people die than admit Trump is right about hydroxychloride. Doctors with multiple degrees and case studies are coming out with evidence that hydroxychloride works against COVID-19. Fauci stopped aids meds years ago because HE had other meds of his own. Look up how many patents he has for aids meds. This is evil.

  30. This link is still here – with CNN gloating over (now) RETRACTED Lancet study, but CNN is now applauding the removal of "video featuring a group of doctors making false and dubious claims related to Covid-19" "by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube after going viral". So HOW do they instantly know doctors' claims were "false and dubious"? Same way they knew the retracted study was correct – it FITS their NARRATIVE and helps corrupted BigPharma! Nothing "false and dubious" about THIS video, CNN, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube,? You, bastards!


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  31. I’m trying to find where CNN, corrected and said, this study has been redacted due to fraudulent data. It’s a huge scam to discredit HCQ. The only study to discredit HCQ was fake.

  32. there is a branch of the Chinese military, PLA, called information, media and psychological warfare division that is funding CNN, MSNBC, new york Times and the Washington post. source: ntd news, China in focus, Joshua Phillips, epoc times.

  33. A Large Study done in Belgium Proves Trump was Right… Wonder if CNN will report it.. English Doctor with no political Bias provides updated study in Belgium. Almost 10,000 People studied.. @

  34. Guys, this has been proven without a doubt to save lives and reduce infection rates if used early. Not a lot of money in a drug developed 50 years ago and can be made generically so they lied to us and said there was no information showing its effectiveness. The study shes referencing intentionally overdosed patients with 5 times the amount recommended and then used those findings to disprove it. Guys tis is our country not the dems and republicans. Stand up for the truth not your party.

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