Tapper asks Gates when he thinks we’ll be back to ‘normal.’ Hear his response

Tapper asks Gates when he thinks we’ll be back to ‘normal.’ Hear his response

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, whose foundation has been part of the effort to develop and deliver Covid-19 vaccines, said the presidential transition is “complicating” efforts to distribute one. #CNN #News

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  1. I trust and believe in Bill Gates. He is a genius, and he cares about all people all over the world! I do not understand the negative comments against a man that only wants to spend his wealth to help others.
    when did we become such a negative culture. Before you critique this man, I would only ask…what have YOU done to help others in a way that impacts the world as Bill Gates has? Why be haters!

  2. Didn't he step down from Microsoft right before covid hit. Why has that not been discussed? Why are WE asking Bill Gates like he is a scientist? Oh thats right, this is the biggest transfer of wealth in American history. Nvm. Good luck folks.

  3. May the Almighty creator grant these negative beings love, compassion and mercy, this is something they don't want because they live of our negative energies. Let's send them love

  4. Why do heath experts and politicians always ask Bill Gates for his opinions and and advice? Who is he? What makes him qualified? Being a computer programmer and a CEO? Having billions?? Please let me know.

  5. “For some jobs like working in a nursing home, the government may decide that those people need to get vaccinated because that will save a lot of lives” Bill Gates, you dreadful, conceited, little man. How stupid do you think people are to think that the government, or business men like yourself, ever had people’s interest at heart and that you’re motivated by anything else other than profit and your legacy. People are quite capable of deciding on their OWN, what’s best for THEM. What even qualifies you to be speaking on on this subject? Oh I forgot, you donated money, stupid me!

  6. We were created by God in Africa and Jesus loves Africa bill gates is not our God i wish our great African leaders will come in same mind to stop this satanic which wants to kill African people politicians please stop thinking for yourselves and start thinking for your people we don't want this in Africa. God bless

  7. Funny that he threatens financial impact if we don't have high enough vaccine rates. So basically threatening our jobs and businesses with the requirement of supporting HIS VACCINE CAMPAIGN THEREFORE FUNDING HIM. Hes not a doctor. How will he know what things will look like when he didn't go to medical school and isn't a historian or a pathologist or a microbiologist or a doctor or a nurse!

  8. He is not a physician, why do they keep asking him this ? People better read their BIBLES and get the book the Great Controversy by E. G. White.

  9. The virus is a part of tearing down the old currency system and getting chipped and ready for the social credit system. The Elite have been writing about it in their books for 100 years! Wake the f**k up people!

  10. You know the world we live in is messed up when some rich weirdo who made it in tech is being portrayed as some medical expert all of the sudden, and we are actually expected to take this man seriously..

  11. All of you Qanon people out there who believe angels are real. What you think the plot is? Kill all human beings? Make them zombies? please tell me fools.
    haha social media has done this. People don't believe in facts anymore. Dumb people grows on trees nowadays. You rather listen to ignorant people without facts than Bill gates or respected scientists.

  12. So who is this man with no degree. Wear the mask. BS talk. Sounds fishy. Like his computer operations that always get viruses…real fishy. He making big money on this one, yeap.

  13. Thing will be back to normal when he is happy that his nano technology has been injected into enough people lol. What is a tech wiz doing getting involved in vaccines?

  14. Bill is nothing but evil he has no medical degree yet he claims to save the world they pandamic has been planned from the start wake up people and look for yourselves if you can't see the government's reaction and you are completely blind they try to take over us people and treat us like slaves and control us Bill Gates is a Microsoft technologist not a medical degree at all just wait until they're going to say take the ship so we know who is vaccinated and then they're going to track you wherever you go he himself talked about micro ship people years ago no he completely denies it

  15. Question: How could you know if one isn't better thsn the other?
    Answer: I orchestrated them all to contain the same content. B.S.

    Question: Why stress taking the vaccine visibly?
    Answer: cos we have to make people believe we are actually taking the vaccine when in the real sense we are actually taking normal saline. B.S.

    Certainly by the summer? God this guy is the author of this whole thing.

  16. Plandemic covid communist lies!!! Let's guess whose names are on the Nuremburg Trials & Geneva Convention lists for Fraud, Treason, Crimes Against Humanity & Genocide?? We the People Do Not Consent!!!

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