Task force report says 18 states should roll back reopening

Task force report says 18 states should roll back reopening

An unpublished document prepared for the White House coronavirus task force and obtained by the Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit newsroom, recommends that 18 states in the coronavirus “red zone” for cases should roll back reopening measures amid surging cases. The “red zone” is defined in the 359-page report as “those core-based statistical areas (CBSAs) and counties that during the last week reported both new cases above 100 per 100,000 population, and a diagnostic test positivity result above 10%.” The report outlines measures counties in the red zone should take. It encourages residents to “wear a mask at all times outside the home and maintain physical distance.” And it recommends that public officials “close bars and gyms” and “limit social gatherings to 10 people or fewer,” which would mean rolling back reopening provisions in these places. The report comes despite President Donald Trump’s insistence that states reopen and a push to send the nation’s children back to school, even as cases increase. “Now we’re open, and we want to stay open and we will stay open. We’re not closing. We’ll put out the fires as they come out,” Trump said at a White House event earlier this month. The following 18 states are in the red zone for cases: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Utah. #Covid-19 #CNN #News

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  1. The Trump administration is like a little kid who thinks hiding their report card will somehow convince us, adults, that there's nothing to see here, just go about your business. The problem is most of us want to hear the truth so we can deal with reality. Trump left reality a long time ago.


  3. Democrats don't want federal help in their cities even if it kills children. Because of pride that help will come a president who is white. IT'S PRIDE PEOPLE. If the president is concerned about it: It's because it's his job,this is AMERICA.

  4. All thiz states shouldn't have not listen to trump's opening up the country now look where we r, if thiz school opens everyone gonn get it, These governors r listening to dumb dumbest Donald Trump when he is one

  5. If local governments are doing their jobs we don't need federal mandates. What is it with you people wanting complete government control over your lives? If you're worried, don't leave your freaking house.

  6. Almost 50,000 of the deaths in the US were New York and New Jersey alone. What's the real death rate in the country? Is it growing or shrinking as more people are tested?

  7. This virus doesn't care what your politics or beliefs are. It's spreading and needs to be stopped before it gets worse and kills more. No one is immune to health problems.

  8. It is not dying out! We are dying day by day…and he wants our kids to die to! You will not force us to send our kids to school! Mine wont go…take me to jail…lock me up!

  9. European leaders are finally speaking out about Trump's approach to the Corona virus. They call it outrageous that he deliberately lets people get infected and thereby kill.

  10. The Trumpvirus will put him in the history books for killing at least 1 million, more likely above 2 million Americans through willful negligent HOMICIDE, and DERELICTION of DUTY. It will remind us of the usurper to the real President Trump throughout history, even if America herself can not overcome the damage this willful mismanagement has wrought the West WILL remember The TRUMPVIRUS forever more…

  11. Where I live we have 0 cases we locked down, reopened slowly..distanced, tested, and wore mask…no mass gathering,..only had essential travel, were slowly thinking of opening school..but not yet…no travel internationally, …we do slowly…Trump never he is doing it all wrong… America you deserve a better …hope you elect a new president….

  12. Yes, tell it like it is! People, just wear a mask! Here in Australia, we don’t have even a small percentage of the cases you have, but we still wear masks to ensure that the virus is completely gone! Just put up with it so you can resume a “normal” life after the virus ASAP!

  13. The "Trump Pandemic Surge" which the US is suffering from now was a direct result of Trump's push to reopen the economy too soon and his own no mask and no social distancing political rallies.

  14. The mechanisms that drive society are not easily stopped and started. You can't just flip society on and off like a light switch. We have to acknowledge that their are no simple solutions to this problem. A large amount of Americans were unwilling to put up with a lockdown for a few weeks initially. Do we actually think that we can force them to go back into lockdown now that we have already come out of lockdown? On top of the fact that there isn't concrete evidence that lockdowns have been particularly effective in America. California has been has yet to fully come out of their lockdown, yet cases continue to spike. I think we have to acknowledge the unfortunate fact that Americans aren't willing to sacrifice that much for each other and implement policy that is compatible with reality. Also, I don't think sweeping nationwide policy is the answer. Every region of the country has extremely different circumstances (Population, Economic, Geographic) that require different methods of treatment. This is a very poor time to have such weak local leadership nationwide.

  15. Mr Trump Hitler the worst president in history has made the USA a laughing stock to the world cares more about the stock market and economy then the health and survival of the people who can rebuild America after the destruction the Trump administration has done to America and the economy without healthy people and workers safety first there will be no healthy economy thats why we should keep ct on pause until we have a realistic defense plan that protects us for the log hall and have vaccine that works to more now than ever we need to shutdown and get ready for the second wave thats coming for the worst fall and winter they say it will be since ww2 and the great depression we need to be very careful and smart because if Trump wins it will be are extinction level event and might wipe us off the planet in the next 2 years at the rate its going at we need every defense arsenal to fight this disaster coming in the fall and winter those times will predict where are next big future step either into recovery and rebuilding or complete utter failure and hopeless future ahead with more death and despair and the complete fall of our nation depends on this next massive covid war that will hit us on 2 fronts by fall and we need to be ready and not repeat the disaster Trump did in May with reopen with no plan that works and his death rallies that spreader the virus all over the USA and now were paying dearly for that idiotic damage that he has created for everybody and maid us the laughing stock of the world and banned us from traveling in Europe for along long long time November truly will be the most important time to save are species from total annihilation and the fall of America forever.

  16. You took your foot of the gas America. If I remember rightly you was doing rather well in controlling it, New York was finally getting low numbers etc etc. Then with black lives matter marches, your stubborn constitutional right activists and the presidential race it’s like you’ve forgot the virus is still here!

  17. The GOP are so quiet.. huh wonder why… you'd think in this pandemic they would speak out to US and try to help US… instead silence I guess they are also willing to let us die I suppose. We don't have a vaccine YET… I GUESS if your able to get tested your good. Not a problem.. I'd love to get tested. I'd love to be able to see my kids and hug them without social distancing… so wtf do we do… sadly I do believe until November and hopefully we get a new PRESIDENT… things won't change. Trump will look out for himself, this virus is in the rearview mirror to him honestly. It hurts him so he will ignore it. Hello… i'm American I don't want my family, friends, loved one etc to die. Do something Trump.. You want to make America great again well we are at our lowest right now honestly. Do something instead of thinking about your poll numbers. People are dying on your watch… and yet he will ignore everything cause it doesn't benefit HIM…. Huh… wonder why….

  18. Little is being done because the Administration is made up of ineffectual people. Astounded they're expected to do more than look the part, placate the citizenry with platitudes, and get paid for it.

  19. Social distancing and wearing a mask must be strictly enforced throughout the country. Public health education must be done across all forms of media. We must fight this virus as a community instead of individuals. Its time to unite and forget about extremist special interest groups.

  20. It is unbelievable, the most advanced and powerful country I n the world, led by the big, fat lier,is not able to stop the covid(with 26 names named by Trump).The American are not great anymore

  21. They can't MAKE IT SEEM LIKE a biblical plague unless they get EVERYONE infected.

    Just as a reminder that "In God we trust" is a compromise that's already been made in order to keep the affairs of state separate from the affairs of the church. There's ONLY ONE ISSUE being played out on the world stage right now that the inability of the two opposing sides to reconcile is THE ONE CAUSE of the other problems.
    Wars and rumors of wars. A problem, worldwide. Between whom?
    Social upheaval over racial inequality. A problem. Who can't survive without inequality?
    The great desparity between our rich and our poor. A problem. Who sends out their missionaries to "gather wealth and evangelize souls?
    The social divide. A problem. Who would want a society to be so divided that the "brass ring" is to achieve and maintain a 50%+ majority, thus always reducing that society to propetually operating at HALF their potential?
    What purpose do all the insane antics of our Federal government serve?
    What we see, if we're willing, is the people in our government who want us to see what government would be like "without god", as they so subtly put it. Their loyalty is clearly placed on the side of their church, the beliefs of which supercede the laws of man in their importance to society. Another subtle assertion they make is that all the laws of our nation were based on the benchmarks of morality provided by their sacred texts. They further assert, in their subtle way, though they sometimes argue the point passionately, that "if we had "god" in our government, we wouldn't have this corruption. If we put "god" back in our classrooms, then our children wouldn't be so useless and destructive.

    There's a reason that our Republican party identify themselves as "conservatives". Their main function in society is to CONSERVE their traditions for posterity. Religion.
    I submit that all of the activity in the federal government – religious fundamentalists do the same thing on the local level – that is motivated by the needs of ONE religious organization – okay, the 'one true faith – is an example of THE INVOLVEMENT OF RELIGION in government and the ROOT CAUSE of ALL of our social problems. To involve religious practices in the workings of government is to invite failure to BOTH. Religion, according to the religious, MUST ENDURE. Governments come and go.
    To place the future of either organization at risk of failure is not something to be entered into lightly.

    Thus, to ENSURE the survival of BOTH church and state, we separate them into two individual entities, EACH with its unique purpose. Government to PROVIDE the control that keeps us safe and prosperous and Religion to PRESERVE the goodness in our people.
    Now, with this great STAGE PRODUCTION which is going on in our government as well as within our people PROVIDING FALSE EXAMPLES, exaggerated in every way possible to MAKE IT SEEM LIKE neither our government nor our people can survive unless we ALLOW our church – just OURS, the 'one true faith – to ASSERT its INFLUENCE on our government and REQUIRE our citizens to subscribe and comply with the demands of that ONE CHURCH.
    Where is the VIRTUE of those who would impose their will on us? Rememberances from old stories? Who are the REAL PEOPLE who can demonstrate for us the advantages of the COMBINATION of church and state? Are they THE ACTORS who are playing out this role in our government? Where is THEIR credibility?

    Religion has a place in society. Their purpose is to PRESERVE THE GOODNESS IN HUMANITY. Are they doing that well?
    Government has a purpose that's pretty noticable made more conspicuous by its ABSENCE. Government is busy with the affairs of religion. No effort goes into governance. Does this MAKE government LOOK BAD or does it MAKE religion LOOK BAD. Be honest.

    The sad thing is, even in the absence of religious beliefs, people in general will always try to be as good as they can. Sadly too, is that, even in the presence of religious beliefs and one might argue because of the presence of religious beliefs, people do evil things in the world. What's new?

    In trying to bring a government and a society to its knees in the presence of the power of their god – the 'one true god' – our EVANGELICALS have become a stain on religion, not government. Don't cause harm to yourselves. Don't risk the death of your church over DECEITFUL, SELFISHNESS.

    Let our church show their ability to lead? Let our government show us morality? No. Do it right.

    This Constitution is the Supreme Sovereign Document.

    In god we trust.

  22. What about all the countries around the world that have done studies & all say they covid 19 pandemic is "Over Exaggerated?….. I get it that were in an election year but maybe it's time to look at the next big thing to attack Trump……..

  23. Is sad that some people listen to Trump and cant think on there own. How can they prove that 1% are dieing while they still dont know much about covid.

  24. What a mess. I don't live in the US and I have to say, after reading like 20 comments, I just cannot think of a more divided nation. It's terrible. Opinions on this virus and what to do are so different while the virus is one. Somebody thinks the media is just communicating fake stats, the other talks about his right of wearing or not wearing mask, and another is waiting for a savior. For god's sake, just don't spread this virus any longer. I don't understand why some don't get it that not wearing masks means infecting others which is extremely selfish and irresponsible. If terrorists knew all they had to do was infecting 15 people with a virus and letting the politics do the rest, America was no longer a country at this point.

  25. Y’all stupid y’all believe every thing from this stupid news station..y’all actually believe those numbers of course they lying about it.. masks don’t do sh *t

  26. Unless you're selling drugs, taking drugs or getting daddies money. How can you afford to go out and party. For the rest of Americans I doubt you will be spending your money on eating out or in the bars. We are all cutting back. And it's not going to open small businesses. Can you pay your rent. Or mortgage. How does being on the streets homeless looking like a fact for you. The longer this Coronavirus is with us, trust me you will be homeless. Thank you Trump.

  27. We have wonderful Americans that know how to protest against our government and ask that Trump leave office. We have done it before. We can do it Peacefully. But we need to do it. Way to people dying. Now Trump wants to kill our children. We need A million people. We can stand exactly where Martin Luther King Jr did.

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