Test and Trace in England hits another low with just 58% of contacts reached – BBC News

Test and Trace in England hits another low with just 58% of contacts reached – BBC News

The Test and Trace scheme in England has had its worst-performing week since the beginning of July, when it comes to reaching the contacts of those infected in the community. The tracing team only reached 58% of contacts of those testing positive in the first week of October. Meanwhile people working at one coronavirus testing laboratory have told of their concerns about safety standards. One scientist who worked at the Milton Keynes Lighthouse Lab claimed staff were being put at risk. The Health and Safety Executive has found breaches in safety following the claims. The company which runs the laboratory says it has strict safety measures in place and the government said it regularly reviews and inspects the labs it uses. Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by health editor Hugh Pym and health correspondent Sophie Hutchinson. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog

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  1. The government shielding a scientist who is a criminal.No consent against a victims will,frequencies used by the scientist to inflict manufactured artificial schizophrenia in the victim.Not the disease all manufactured voices or images like dreams that are so crap they couldn’t be created by the human brain.Along with other criminals from British television.These criminals run a stalking campaign even spying on internet shopping and internet banking.
    The television parasite scripted family so as to make it known to the victim,they are spying on him.The parasites want a violent reaction to strangers and family.The television parasite using hypnotic suggestions in some of those schizophrenia messages,not the disease.There is no disease only hiding criminals.It’s not made up or paranoia not a delusion and the victim will take legal action when they stop hiding.Not god or devil voices just cretinous hypnotic suggestions,your name being said and some crap attempt to try and create a addictive search of television channels looking for messages.
    This doesn’t ever happen,no news paper cut outs,no dvd or usb recordings trying to get proof the television industry is in on this with a hypnotist or television mentalist.
    It’s tormented crap,harms the brain the scientist frequency weapon assault,invading privacy through stalking with harassment is not mental illness.
    People through this television parasite are kept away deliberately,to sometimes be collaborators given a script that runs together with a hypnotic suggestion.No end to the abuse but everyday.It’s harassment with cretinous rubbish to wear a person down and the scientist it causes psychological caging.It’s them that have stopped the victim living.
    The parasite even gives the script “ live” to the victim,their arrogance has no bounds and the emperor has no clothes but no one is standing against these criminals in science or television and telling them to end this.There will be legal action.

  2. Nobody i know wants it….this app only tracks your movements anyway and not for any virus or your health and safety….maybe a lie detector app is what the government’s need…they would only fiddle it in there favour anyway

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  4. Contacts cant be reached because people ignore government. People are selfish and need a slap to wake up to the fact their selfishness could kill people they dont know. So they dgaf.

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  6. They couldn't even trace the picture of a budgerigar if you gave them a pencil and some greaseproof paper. What an absolute shambles this farce is . This corrupt government is really struggling to make it's lies about its lies sound feasible. As for that Handcart chappie , what a rude, arrogant, obnoxious little man. Same twisted mentality as the little Frenchman.

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  11. This testing and tracing is nothing more than the implementation of the UN's AGENDA 21/30, NEW WORLD ORDER, NEW NORMAL tyranny they've got masquerading as a virus. It's long been the higher ups dream to monitor everything you do (amongst other things), and as if by magic, a new virus appears that requires tracking and tracing to keep you safe, LOL!

  12. In my family 4 person positive in 7 persons in London.

    So Government Should Has to lock down all UK immediately, otherwise lots of more people effective and more die. It’s my humble suggestion for people & save country. Sad thanks

  13. either shut the lot down everywhere or don't, I want to know why betting
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    it makes no sense

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  15. Has this government done ANYTHING right?
    class clown Johnson's incompetent government of misfits should be prosecuted for their complete and utter failure.
    Tens of thousands of unecessary deaths.
    They are not fit to govern.

  16. AND now they are about to crash the pound with their crash out of the EU no deal deal.
    WE were promised a GOOD deal BEFORE leaving…
    Where is it?
    brexit was funded to crash the pound
    so the conservative party game of profiting from ripping off the UK through asset stripping the nations of the UK,
    by weakening the pound till it wont pay for OUR NHS thus forcing a 'necessary' privatisation,
    should be obvious to everyone by now.

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  18. if it takes 24 to 48 hours for results, what is the point if the children are mixing with everyone and going back home. we need fast results, within 1 hour that way the teachers and children can stay clear from each other until the results. then separate them. I would like to know what they are using to sanitise the children's hands with as my grandson's hands are bright red on the back and very sore to touch every day.

  19. We test more people than anyone in Europe – but still can't get the results out in time,this government has like (ALL) Tory governments are full promises but like ALWAYS > THEY'RE NEVER DELIVERED – the ghost of Thatcher have already divided and destroyed this crappy little island nation that is due to self destruct in the very near future because of the implications and decisions of many of the elite who have now done the disappearing act only to leave others to die in a ditch and this is what you get when you vote for a party for the HAVE and in turn discard for the HAVE NOTS many through no fault of their own, Oh!! Say goodbye to the NHS as this is what this government really want as the American vultures circle above and hello to health insurance > WEALTH BEFORE HEALTH is on it's way. Stay safe everyone goodbye!

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  21. In 1982 Boris Johnson's dad wrote a book called
    " the virus "
    About the government releasing a virus into the population as a cover for population control via lethal, forced vaccinations.
    Share this everywhere please.

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  23. Mass testing of the population?!! Why? Over a flu that hasnt even infected 1% of the population? The same flu the president of the US literally participated in a national debate while sick with it? This thing isnt even as harsh as bad language. WTF are you journalists and govment people up too?

  24. Covid Is a Lie
    Maybe the two most important video of the year. Please watch
    1.(Crimes against Humanity ) with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
    2. (The Coronavirus and the Constitution / Constitution Day Celebration Panel) by the Hillsdale College . May God Help Us All.

  25. To summarise – it is NOT working. It won't work, as it is impossible to track and trace, and contact the entire population. That lab is a joke. Look at it.

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  27. I guess people are realizing that this contact tracing is nothing but nonsense designed to force control of people. What absolute garbage you keep pushing! And all of this while the WHO has told countries to STOP with Lock Downs! You are really getting it wrong! And we know positive test does not mean people are actually sick with the almost completely unreliable PCR tests…

  28. This government are corrupt to the core . Incompetent . Shame Labour had the worst leadership in its history . Working classes wouldn't vote for Marxism . Corbyn and Abbott wow what a terrific combo.

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