The Queen praises “love and care” in current crisis as she honours VE Day – BBC News

The Queen praises “love and care” in current crisis as she honours VE Day – BBC News

The Queen has expressed her respect and gratitude for the men and women who secured victory in the Second World War, 75 years ago on VE Day. In a television address Her Majesty said it was difficult not to mark the anniversary in the usual way. But she said that Britain was still a country that the war generation would recognise and admire. She praised the response to the coronavirus outbreak that had filled empty streets with “love and care”. Across the four nations of the UK there were street parties, carefully organised to keep to the distancing rules demanded by the current pandemic. Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reports from Royal Correspondent Nicholas Witchell and News Correspondent Duncan Kennedy. Please subscribe HERE

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  1. Being close friends with "sir" Jimmy Saville, when he was unfortunately still breathing, proves what an immoral, evil group of Nazi pedophiles the royal family are. Why isn't randy Andy helping the FBI with the investigation into Epstein? Why is no one talking about the naked child escaping down a rope made of bedsheets out a window of Buckingham palace? I for one can't wait for humanity to wake up and evolve. A monarchy is a primitive structure of leadership anyway.

  2. I have a telepathy chip in my eye! The British government put it there without my permission! And I'm not even complaining about that! But the accompanying mind reading technology has been stolen and reverse engineered by terrorists! Who are at large in Eastbourne u.k… using chemical weapons on members of the public and police…. right now! Send the press! The police can't seem to get there heads round it at all!

  3. I have massive respect for the Queen.
    It must be terribly difficult being the head of a family of weirdos, piss heads and inbreeding.
    She has longevity tho, I think Charles will probably kick the bucket before her

  4. According to journalists, if the journalist they interviewed didnt compare the war to coronavirus he was effectively breaking covid rules as Farage got told off for exposing the illegal immigration in dover which was nothing to do with the virus so he shouldn't be out….. one rule for one

  5. Aw, weak, Dude (2:34) We really SHOULDN'T be the same. ONE might hope that this country had made some effin' progress over 75 years, and wasn't still hiding behind Spitfires, Vera Lynn and racist imperialism (4:29).
    Never mind 'Love and care', ma'am. We need 'Love and Pride'. Ditch the Queen (she got no hi-kicks, dude) and give us KING!
    (She just plagiarised her speech from the song lyrics, didn't she?) lol

  6. no longer trust the royal family. these people are rotten to their core. they threatened reporters who wanted to expose prince andrew for his dirty behaviour. they are not as "honourable" as portrayed.

  7. i think its about time the queen did something with the country and got it back into shape, Britain has so much potential, but wasted due to poor lack of governance and authority, i mean, even the police are corrupt nower days. isnt the queen supposed to represent the country ?

  8. We know of your evil crimes what you evil cultist have been doing to children pizza gate
    People look at padesto art look in images this will show you there crimes .next spiritual cooking abramavic pizzagate look in images people you need to wake up.royals mps the lot.all going to face justice 175 thousand indiments unsealed.

  9. They fought and died for our freedom. Imagine how pleased they'd be to see the fruits of their wasted lives if they could see just how free we are!

  10. 2000 people dying in their own homes afraid to seek treatment in hospitals due to none stop media fear campaign, hospital staff reporting halls empty wards and cancelled appointments, hospitals weaning old people to care homes where they die away from media attention 17000 to date, far from caring they are culling the old and sick destroying the economy all on a lie

  11. End this lockdown, the government has no right to tell you to stay at home, what’s worse is they think we are all that stupid they need to come up with rules… I’m sure we are all capable of social distancing! Trust the people to do the right thing!

  12. What is her purpose besides these useless point scoring speeches. She should give back the jewels and other objects she has stolen from England colonising the world. Embarrassment

  13. Has the Royal familys annual dole package been lowered yet? My guess is it will be increased next year as it does every single year! When taxes and Interest rates on credit cards should be eased, this family expanded there worth at the expense of the people.

  14. Well Elizabeth. Until you can first explain how come, The two most prolific paedophiles and human traffickers . Jimmy savile. Jeffrey Epstein.
    Both came to have almost unlimited access . Were regularly invited to royal parties and celebrations.
    Because if it was pure bad luck…. Wow!! That's like picking the lottery winning numbers consecutively for 10 weeks.
    Also, would you like to explain that when the secret service runs extremely detailed checks on anyone who so much as looks at you….. Why you expect us to believe that you had no idea what they both did ?????
    Also. Your son needs to go answer rape allegations in the USA .
    And so, why not keep your weasel words to yourself you monster!!! Maaaam!

  15. It's wonderful to see so many people here are understanding just how totally unreal these aristocratic leeches actually are and what they represent to modern Britain. HRM is wheeled out to give out a pre written, pre prepared and pre orthorised diatribe that others feel the sheeples need to hear to be assured. Just stick them all in a tower in central London, give them a few quid a week to exist and watch them start to self destruct! God save the queen… he's going to need to!

  16. 75 years ago, but today is different. World 2 and the coronavirus are not the same. From the UK innocent deportee in Ghana Mr Mamadou BENDALOUE. Morton Hall IRC and Colnbrook IRC I'm still a deportee in Ghana. Home office. watching while in a deportee in GHANA

  17. The men who fought in two world wars are hero's but many governments since have treated their descendants with contempt.
    Poor wages, poor jobs, a poor welfare system, poor housing but the rich are living it up.
    We have an elite who have screwed us all over whilst playing the game of respect.
    Just fuck clean off.

  18. Pay listen my minions take care while waiting for your food banks to serve you, here in my Ivory tower i have plenty of meat and fresh veg to choose from; remember we have to keep you locked in its for your own good so my government can sneak in 5G and all the facial cameras needed to follow you my subjects every where.
    It's for your own good how would you know how to behave if we didn't tell you, on that note my loyal subjects i must leave you my man servant as just turned up with my chocolate cake and champers ; good bye god bless love you all Lissie.

  19. Our gracious Queen very much emphasized in her speech the importance of remembering all the people who did not return home during the war. If everyone followed what the Queen said the world would be a much better place. When her father King George V1 spoke to the nation in 1945 at the end of the war his first words were in remembering all the people who were lost and not returning home rather than emphasizing the celebrations.

  20. You obviously don't travel much around the UK or Europe these days. I suggest you get out of Oxbridge academia and do so, take a close look at Holland, Sweden, Germany, or any UK inner city then tell me how well they are doing.

  21. Do & say all that U want it won't stop THE WRATH OF THE Anti-CHRIST is COMING & EVEN MORE THE WRATH OF GOD & THE LAMB.




  22. What a joke this royal family and MSM are. The propped up royals always given special treatment by the EUBBC. We’re in it together he he he he he, cannot wait for the day the EUBBC with all its PC propaganda and virtue signalling vomit news reporting of anything truthful
    is stopped right in its tracks. The people are waking up to this Leftie run minority loving we hate the English open border EU loving piece of Garbage News station on TV and on the net. Long may we the real people continue to bring to light the lies and skullduggery this so called balanced and accurate news these creeps vomit out.

  23. No such thing as love and care in this country any more its all about the millionaires wanting the workers back at work to make them more millions

  24. Lizard-beth the 2nd… your days are over! Too many people waking up to you and your families tyranny. It's pathetic that we still bestow all the riches of the land on one, murdering, pedo-centric group of dispicables! A new dawn will be where we live in a world where the 1 percent stop telling us how to live our lives while they live theirs in a totally different manner. Noticed she didn't mention that poor kid that was trying to escape from the Buckingham Palace window when she spoke of gratitude. Beyond hypocrisy from both her and the puppet gameshow that is the BBC and beyond evil!!

  25. All western European countries such as (UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands) was evil in the past 200 years. Stealing and colonised by force on other countries, creating wars just for your benefits. Am not racist, that's the fact. So stop moaning about why nowadays other nations come to your countries and doing bad and or taking jobs or stuff like that. Westerns, in my opinion, are just very strange in many points of views.

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