The wives abandoned by British Asian men – BBC News

The wives abandoned by British Asian men – BBC News

Wives in South Asia are being used and abandoned by the British Asian men that marry them. There are calls for this to be recognised as a form of domestic violence. “Sunita” tells Catrin Nye, reporting for the Victoria Derbyshire programme, that her life was “ruined” after she was abandoned. Shot by: Richard Kenny and Ben Lister Edited by: Ben Lister Produced by: Catrin Nye and Divya Talwar The Victoria Derbyshire programme is broadcast on weekdays between 09:00 and 11:00 on BBC Two and the BBC News channel. Please subscribe HERE World In Pictures Big Hitters Just Good News

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  1. British government should allow these women to go to uk and Sue those bastered who exploit these innocent women.
    British law regarding marrying abroad should be amended and those thugs who exploit women should be sued for damages

  2. Isn't the root of the problem Indian cultural standards? Why is a woman damaged goods if she's not a virgin? Why do you need to pay a dowry? Why do families pressure marriage? If they just let people marry the ones they love, there will be less abandonment. In the west women get abandoned too, but at least they have options and more independence so they can still pursue a happy existence.

  3. I don’t think you should ignore the fact that some Uk born Pakistani / Indian guys are forced or pressured to get married to girls from abroad, and this can also lead to some ‘abandoned ‘ brides ( and vice Versa). UK parents, stop forcing / coercing your children to marry .

  4. Interesting that in islam its the opposite. Men pay to the women as a safety thing. Like the woman can literally ask for 50k and if the man is serious he will gather his money.

  5. Desperately sad story about Sunita and family. Compounded by the Indian culture of blaming and stigmatizing HER for what happened. Best wishes to Sunita for turning her life around.

  6. " abandonment must be recognized as an aspect of domestic violence because it involves emotional sexual financial and physical coercive behaviour and abuse."
    Wow……… I love this statement. For all those people who play that card " what can I do? I fell out of love! So I just left.."
    This is not just a post marital problem. Nowadays this is a disease that is spreading in all the love affairs and relationships. Just because there is no legal ties between the two, the person who is getting abandoned is just left to accept this wicked game as a mere fate or destiny. While the other person is left to walk away Scott free.
    Very sensitive thing … Which involves real emotional changes which lead to break ups and.. fake, preplanned abusing which once again goes under the term " breakups "

  7. Here in Nigeria, aging parents are pacified by marrying young girls having children then abandoning her. No less than a glorified maid for the parents in Nigeria.

  8. No person should be abused by any other, man or woman. Legislative solutions should be agnostic regarding gender if we are to have a fair, balanced, and egalitarian society.

  9. The real reason the girls parents agree for their daughters marriage is because the guy lives in UK or any first world country, he is well off financially and the belief that their daughter is worthless compared to the groom. This gives the guy an ego boost which makes him treat his wife like shit. Even the parents don't do much background checks on him just because he has a job in a foreign country. I wish girl parents change their mentality. The guy who abuses such women deserve to have his genitals chopped off.

  10. This r all human triffiking is happening all over the world even those who r helping them also demand for money actually speaking nothing if done free at all ,this type of storey is on going for decade even a century.women right,children right,old parent right,human right,religious right,they all want their right but the law it never wrong only manupulated,99% dont care only 1% fighting for this course only ending up dead or becoming phedofile themselve..

  11. Because of mysoginistic practices already against female fetuses ASIA already lacks 120 million potential wives. In the WEST it is mostly the woman abandoning the man. Most western women don't like asian men.
    Let women empower themselves and go their own ways.

  12. Caste system and oppression of women are part of hindu religion and are written in ancient Indian religious scriptures. india being religiosity country wears them with proud Instead abolishing it. That's the truth

  13. This is totally discrimination. This about Indian. Why used Asia men instead Indian men??? You're creating a problem to entire Asia men. Use your knowledge pig brains

  14. They are not British Asian men they are Asia men with a British passport, they are only paper British. India were they worship the cow and treat women as Animals.

  15. would be nice to mention that it is not exactly easy for a asian man in britain to bring his wife to uk… the wifes english proficiency and other material aspects come into my mind which is a problem. i know married couples that could unite in britain after 10 years of legal struggle. its not a black and white picture like portrayed here and its defintely not a common thing to happen.

  16. Stop marrying your daughters to people in the west. They are only married for 2 years which is the spousal visa and ruring this time the girls are used as domestic slaves and sex abuse and financial gain.

  17. College for women FIRST, (sorry no dowry, its needed for college) stop the stigma of “damaged goods” bc thats a BS cultural attitude to control women. Jail for the thieving men for deceptive practice which ruins her and her familys status. And so many men wonder why womens rights are essential.

  18. In India , such a beautiful spiritual country , they killed so many baby girls because of this tradition that they have too many men ! In France , rich country of liberty , around 150 women are killed by their husband , ex , bf . Also many single mothers struggle with low pay jobs …

  19. I know this gorgeous, smart, funny Indian woman from work. She is treated like absolute garbage by her husband. She's basically a house servant who pays for the privilege, he cheats on her constantly, she has no family here. I know this because I repaired some minor damage to her car on my lunch break and asked her why her husband hadn't taken care of the problem …she started crying and ended up telling me about her situation.

  20. In india its a "shame" to be a woman. You have to beg to get married plus paying the dowry to the groom. They use to bury their daughters because of the so called "shame" or fear the fear of paying them dowry considering the poverty in India. SMH

  21. Horrible treatment against women.This is a wake up call for the Indian government to work closely with their uk partner to any bring perpetrators to book ..Because this is having a bad reputation for the Indians in diaspora.they shouldn’t be let off their illicit behaviour against the opposite sex.

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