Thousands join rallies across France in show of outrage at teacher’s beheading – BBC News

Thousands join rallies across France in show of outrage at teacher’s beheading – BBC News

Thousands of people have taken part in rallies across France to express outrage at the beheading of a teacher in a suspected Islamist attack. Samuel Paty was killed near Paris on Friday, after showing pupils cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed during a lesson on freedom of speech. Reeta Chakrabarti presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Paris correspondent Lucy Williamson. Please subscribe HERE

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  1. Do you all know what's the difference between Muslims and Christians? and why Muslims are so sensitive about religious stuffs?
    Well here's the thing, most of the Muslim people are people who are very religious like the Jewish people for example, unlike Christians people they live they're lives normally go to church every Sunday and get dressed as they wish, they get wasted, gambling, making sexual relationships without marriage, so if we insult your religion just like how you're doing right now it won't matter to you cuz you ain't religious like the majority Muslims.

  2. تختلف ردود الناس بخصوص الإساءة التى يتعرضون لها ,, هناك من يرد عليها بالبكاء وهناك الصراخ وهناك الضرب وقد يفقد المساء إليه أعصابه تماما ويقتل ,, وهذا فى كل البشر لماذا كل هذا التعصب تجاه الإسلام ؟؟ لو أن عربيا أساء لنابليون أو ديجول ألا تعدون ذلك إعتداء على القيم الفرنسية ؟؟ لماذا يجب علينا أن نحترم القيم الفرنسية ولا يجب عليكم إحترام القيم الإسلامية؟؟؟

  3. My message to all Non Muslims of France go and read history who made Cartons or other things which disrespect our beloved prophet Muhammad PBUH …He Got punishment in this world by A very painful death like this professor this is because Allah loves his prophet very much and he says in Quran who will disrespect my prophet He will face a very painful punishment in this world and Next life absolutely

  4. If beheading of Patty was wrong…. so was his action of showing cartoons against The Most Respected among all the nations throughout the human history, the Last Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings of the Creator of this Universe upon Him)… Later Macron's actions on this were much more blunderous and disastrous than the former events…
    Disrespecting anyone wrongfully without any right is very much wrong…. specially disrespecting the one who is the Leader of all the glorious, respected and saint Prophets…..! Its not freedom of speech… Its an assault on the dignity and fame of someone… its a crime… its hurting the sentiments of humanity and the nations…. its madness… its the terrorism… its the threatening to the decents…. no law or religion or intellect can endorse it… propagating hatred against some individuals, nation or religion is far worse than terrorism and murder…. freedom of speech has its limits… assaulting others through your tongue, language or actions is not freedom of speech or secularism… it creates problems, devide, hatred, unrest and war amongst the people…. people should learn to respect others….. give respect, take respect…. If you really want to know about the greatest Prophet of all times, you should read and understand the Holy Quran, the final revelation and Word of the Creator and Benefactor of Humanity and the whole universe….

  5. Mereka seolah – olah menyuarakan kebenaran, mereka lupa bahwa di dalam hati mereka senantiasa di liputi rasa benci, seandainya guru tersebut tidak memicu perkara ini maka ia belum akan tewas sampai detik ini, harus di pahamkan adalah betapa indahnya rasa saling menghargai,. Islam adalah agama rahmat, Dan kalian coba untuk merubah ITU dengan strategi yang berantakan

  6. Dear
    Stop escalating the situation, you should all know the basic rules of behavior in society!
    Islam is for freedom of speech, but this freedom ends where honor, dignity, and the life of other people begin!
    It's elementary.
    No one can look at the honor of a woman just because he likes it.
    This is a crime.
    But you are so insolent for your impunity, and you think that you will always get away with everything. Just like your crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, what you did in your colonies around the world.

  7. The murder was absolutely disgusting. If it was about freedom of speech, then why can't you insult the french flag in France????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????//

  8. No one single muslim protesting, not one single muslim condeming the act, in fact they are condeming the teacher for showing the caricature, condeming macron for speaking against the beheading. They're always about themselves. No matter how moderate they are, they share the same view.

  9. To God we belong and to Him is our return. Teacher is life in the next life testing the fruits of the labour in the world. Every soul shall test death. Praise be to Allah,the Lord of the heaven and the earth. And Mohamed peace and blessing be to him is a guide and mercy to all mankind.

  10. Now the politics has started to defame Islam in France just like North India.

    France is the first country in the Europe to begine its religion based politics to win the election through defaming the Islam.

    Franch leader have got the training from north indian parties like congress/bjp.

  11. A innocent young danamic bright student 18 year old boy got murdered in france by a france police. who migrated to france for better life and better future.

    A 48 year old france teacher who was getting paid by college to teach students Manners, subjects, and Trust. And this teacher was the role model for every student in his class and college. But unfortunately he was teaching something else in the class. he was playing with 2 billion muslims emotions and showing cartoons of Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him in his class.

  12. I don't understand anything anymore: when we
    make fun of black people we call it racism and
    when we mock Jews we call it anti-Semitism and
    when we mock women we call it sexism and when
    we mock Muslims we call it freedom of speech!
    Hypocrisy, blatant Hypocrisy!

  13. A few weeks ago two Muslimwomen were killed and stabbed to death near Eiffel tower, but there was no news about that was it? Why? Because sadly these media channels dont show the wrong things happening to Muslims all over the world, but if a Muslim does something its all over the channels. In Islam they tell us if they give you peace give them peace and if they give you war give them war, its not Christianity where they tell you if you get slapped on cheek, dont do anything lol. Its not Islam thats messed up, its you guys picking a side whenver things like this happen, and if you think coming out on the streets, making posters about banning Muslims will actually put a stop to this than good luck, you have been trying this since 20 years now.

  14. Murder is not religion, it's a crime…
    Praying for France.

    People who are murdering people are covering themselves from religion… this is crime…
    No matter what is our religion, We need to stand and condemn this heinous crime of humanity. We have a moral responsibility to address this.

  15. भारतीय मुस्लमान को ईमानदार कैसे कहें ?

    #Uyghurs मुस्लमानों के नरसंहार पर भारतीय मुस्लमान चुप क्यों ?

    और #FranceTerrorAttack पर ये राजनीतिक दोगलापन और दिखावा क्यों ?

    भारत के दुश्मन देशों में मुस्लमानों पर अत्याचार का विरोध क्यों नहीं करते मुस्लमान ?

    #सहिष्णुता गैंग अब चुप क्यों ?























  16. I had an inner peace when I left this cult – Islam.
    I do want to be a part of these beheadings again, in anyway related. I would rather draw cartoon of peaudophile Mohammad and use Qur'an as my toilet paper.


  18. We all, the civilizations, are marching along way towards the 22nd century,…. And I do not comprehend, as to why we don't respect difference of opinion, disagreement,…. as civilized societies…. And in contrary, take weapons in our hands…. against each other philosophies (I hate that)

  19. Oh man and I thought USA was going through some hectic times but no heads being cut off. What’s worse the racial divide or decapitation of ones religion views?

  20. There are certain groups or people who are doing bad deeds in the name of Islam but they themselves dont know that any religion or God does not teach you to become a murderer , harraser or an attacker , it's just the mindset and the people are feigning in the name of fake or blind extremists god beliefs which are not even accurate.
    See Islam is not doing this to humans only just some or more people who dont have the same perception and their mindset is cruel in terms of psycho pathetic behaviours are the real culprits not the religion is teaching any bad.
    See the blasphemy is very sensitive ,you can name or circle it some things but that doesn't mean what implies to certain things can be applied to others, it is not like that, but if sentiments are getting hurt, people shouldn't have any right to kill each other.
    If you follow any religion and you really believe in your religion deeply and you respect others religion too and you dont bash, insult or give hate speech to others sentiments than it's fine , but If its other way around than some wrong doings are happening man, for that we all should fight and protest but if somebody is not protesting its upto their choice.
    Other point they have sick minds and they think they are doing this for Islam they will absolutely will be burn in hell if they think so because numerous bad activities or things have been doing by them not only one bad activity either its rape,sexual harrassment or crime, murder,terror attack,women kidnapping.
    So the main thing concludes that there are some groups who are putting a label of fake religion and training others to become a bad extremists and putting harsh wall upto their veins so its manipulative , controlling , abusive of some kind , building pschopatheti behavioural issues and hate for humanitism.
    We should first believe or consider ourselves as human nor with any religion .

  21. a righteous governor exposed as a christian did an excellent job with his anti corruption governance, for exposing millions of dollars of haj fund fraud and for speaking the truth. they the islamian hater, imam and scholars did not like any of it. with no dirt on the governor they sought to use Almaida 51 to discriminate againat his righteousness, merit, credibility, relgion, ethnicity. they went on to frame him for blasphemy, a fatwa was issued by the islamic council for his arrest.
    the governor said "do not be fooled by those saying to not vote for me, citing almaida 51, and that you may go to hell if you do so" in his democratic secular non islamic country.
    christianphobes hit the street chanting kill the governor. all he wanted to do was set relgious difference aside, and serve his country and countrymen as best he can, make things right and treat all equally except for corruptors of course. 
    he did not lie, the governor spoke the truth, had every right, and deserved to be a leader by merit in his democratic secular non islamic country.

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  23. One of the 3 murdered in church was a brazilian woman, who lived in French for 30 years; a black woman who used to go to church after work. Now I ask: Where is the “Black Lives Matter” now!? Where are the feminists!? Don’t you have enough courage to fight against terrorist or are you on their team!?

  24. "sea of defiance".. what defiance lol?!?! you are praying and lighting candles and saying inspirational fuckin slogans while they are beheading you. that's not defiance.. that's peaceful waiting for it to happen again!! you will change nothing until these radical scum is expelled from Europe and they will not go peacefully.

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