Top US health official Fauci warns of ‘disturbing’ new US surge – BBC News

Top US health official Fauci warns of ‘disturbing’ new US surge – BBC News

America’s top infectious disease expert has told lawmakers that the US is seeing a “disturbing surge” in coronavirus infections in some states. A panel of health officials, including Dr Anthony Fauci, said the next few days will be crucial to stem the new outbreaks. Cases are climbing rapidly across a number of US states. The four top experts also testified they were never told by President Donald Trump to “slow down” testing. Their comments come after Mr Trump told a weekend rally in Oklahoma that he had asked his team to do less testing to help keep official case counts down. “To my knowledge, none of us have ever been told to slow down on testing,” Dr Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, testified to a congressional committee investigating the US response to the pandemic. #BBCOS #BBCOutsideSource Please subscribe HERE

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  2. the number tested >> the number coming up positive>> versus number who actually DIE .. the percentages show a different story than BBc hacks trying to push. 85% of ppl who test positive will have no symptoms, or mild symptoms. you show part of Trump speech and hear audience start to laugh. because AS USUAL you clip his speech when he is making witty remarks and mocking the "experts" .. its even been confirmed that Trump as authorised more testing. BBC are like the Ministry of Truth. the message they want to push is identical to their allies in CNN/MSNBc fake news… and we have to pay for this crap!

  3. The Devil Faucci opens his ugly lying mouth again. Further more having friends like Bill Hell Gates. Who needs enemies. These two especially need to be watched people. DEPOPULATION IS THE END GAME.

  4. My friend just died after testing positive for covid in mid April and hospitalized since late April so almost 2 months till death
    Death tolls will not be reflected immediately

  5. 3:19 Tell me, where was the "threat of the pandemic" when the rioting and looting was going on? Where was the "threat of the pandemic" when the protests were happening? In fact they are still going on, so where exactly is this threat?

  6. Any one might think He and his wife was in bed with Bill and Melinda Gates ON the unlicensed/ No Ethical program Certification! VACCINATION PROGRAM!
    LOl……..Fauci is now playing mind games backed by mainstream news!
    There are Many Bonafide Experts Real professor's and real Doctors whom have only their Names to hide behind willing to Debunk the Fraud Fauci…………Give them a Platform to Speak.

  7. Fauci is a documented “quack” in the USA.

    Facts are that Fauci has been repeatedly fired or reassigned at CDC and other government health affiliated departments.

    He’s like that bad cop that keeps his job despite having a incompetent and checkered career.

  8. Testing is not a double edge sword! It gives perspective!

    If test 30k 1 day and 30k the next day and there's an increase then… how are you testing more??? (Not exact figure stated, just making it clear that the amount of tests should only be compared to what you did the day before and not compare to other countries).

  9. Again he’s saying slow down testing because with quick testing the news papers will say we have an increase in covid no you have an increase in known cases.

  10. 2nd wave was always going to happen as its part of the agenda. If you think your freedoms have been compromised now then wait until winter or just before the US elections.

  11. I hope Bolsonaro gets a taste of what he is saying like Trump basically doesnt exist. This egotistical maniac is responsible for the death of millions just like trump. This rational is dangerous.trump is really thick.

  12. How the hell does a man get sacked for hiring a plane to tow a banner saying WHITE LIVES MATTER, why has banner towing been suspended by Blackpool airport because of that, why is it considered racist to say white lives matter

  13. SCAM. Fauci heads the company that funded Wuhan lab $3.7M t0 finish Gain of Function coronavirus. Fauci partners Bill Gates (who promotes Population control)) company Moderna who he touts as being front runner. STERILIZATION by VACCINATION…. as they are doing in Africa? No thanks. Ive had this years covid, Im immune.

  14. There's a natural immunity we get without vaccines!!!
    No one seems to discuss this. It's no different than the measles. Did you get the measles after you were vaccinated? No. You don't have to have a vaccine. Don't let them herd you into thinking you do.

  15. The Covid tests have 50 – 80% false positive results it is published. So, 80% of tests saying the people have Caronavirus are wrong – only 20% of the tested 'cases' actually have it.
    But all over the world, the statistics , the number of people reported to have Covid is therefore wrong – only 20% of the published numbers / and those stated by the governments and news stations is true. Because 80% of the tests has given this wrong result.
    So the number reported is madly over-estimated – in fact even if you take the figures these news agencies are reporting (even tho they're wrong) , the world death rates number) has not gone up. How can it be an epidemic if there is no increase in the total death rates.
    In fact there were more deaths in 2017 -18 from ordinary 'flu —-but there was no lockdown – no coercing an unwilling public to take their improperly tested vaccines, no business closures, suicides, sick people dying alone in hospital, contact tracing and all the rest, over this higher 'flu death rate
    .In the end, it's about more government control of the populations all over the world, while holding the public ransom that until and unless they take the vaccines , the country will not go back . to normal.
    The reason they want you to the vaccines is for out-of this-world profits for their cronies.
    Meanwhile they know the huge dangers of taking a new type of vaccine that directly affects and changes your actual DNA, for life, and that it has never been done successfully before, despite so many tries.
    .They are going to bring these vaccines out after only a few months of tests – it is supposed to take about 2 years – and that is for ordinary vaccines, not this frankenstein type.

  16. BBC viewers, unless you are watching realising that the BBC is an ideological far-left propaganda organisation, you are wither an ideologically programmes person yourself, or you’re completely clueless (which is usually the case with “liberals” – in quotes because they don’t even know what liberalism means). If you are a clueless on then you probably believe in Trump / Russia collusion, the Black Lives Matter organisation (a radical Marxist organisation riding some issues to create revolution) and which wants to overthrow capitalist, abolish money, overthrow the police and create Marxist revolution. You idiots probably believe that police brutality to blacks is a systemic issue when the stats show that in the US police kill mostly whites, and in the UK police violence is near zero. But hey facts don’t matter to people who are programmed so much that the brainwashing is complete and irreversible. You probably believe that Brett Kavanaugh is a rapist – of course you believe if, he is a Republican. And of course nations are evil, police are evil, borders are evil, statues are evil. Very soon you will believe that “liberals” (Marxist useful idiots) in the United States believe which is that terrorists are good, rioters are noble, burning people’s houses down is progressive, Marxist occupation of parts of cities is fantastic street parties, and abolish the police. Please deprogramme yourselves you morons while you still can.

  17. Wish the BBC would package their news and current affairs into a stream / online service (to include the outstanding Outside Source), so overeas people could SUBSCRIBE as an alternative to paying £180 for a TV licence.

  18. Notice how they are quick to the blame the surge on the reopening of businesses and not on the media supported mass protests that involved gatherings of thousands. Wake up folks!! This is a narrative supporting an agenda.

  19. faucci is not considered a kosher member of trumps gov and has slowly been sidelined. his loyalties were in question and he did not make the new cut. however, he is still good enough for BBC official propaganda purposes.

  20. I KNOW HIM! Bill Gates gave him 5 bags of Cash at the Airport!
    Keep lying! "dummy sheep"
    We can tell them "when to pee"!
    Ha ha ha – shovel Bills Poison down their throats. Yummy yummy – rigarmorise guaranteed.
    Fucci Dr Death approved!!

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