Trump abruptly ends ’60 Minutes’ solo interview

Trump abruptly ends ’60 Minutes’ solo interview

President Donald Trump abruptly ended a solo interview with CBS News’ “60 Minutes” and did not return for an appearance he was supposed to tape with Vice President Mike Pence, according to multiple sources familiar with what happened. After camera crews set up at the White House on Monday, Trump sat down with host Lesley Stahl for about 45 minutes on Tuesday before he abruptly ended the interview and told the network he believed they had enough material to use, according to two sources. CBS News did not immediately respond to a CNN request for comment. When reached for comment, the White House did not dispute CNN’s reporting. The President later accused Stahl of not wearing a mask and tweeted out a brief clip of her without one while at the White House. A person familiar with the situation told CNN that the image from the tweet shows Stahl with her producers immediately after Trump ended the interview. Stahl had not yet gone back to get her personal belongings to put her mask back on. She had a mask on from the time she entered the White House and just before the interview began. With about two weeks until the election, Trump has spent this week lobbing scatter-shot attacks and growing upset at depictions portraying his campaign as doomed. His truncated taping on “60 Minutes” seemed an extension of what has been Trump’s visible irritation as he enters the campaign’s final days. #CNN #News #Trump

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  1. Almighty and omnipresent God, I beg you to protect President Trump, and the campaign will go smoothly. I ask the Lord to support Trump. Because of his beloved name, he is a follower of Yours, who upholds the Bible and obeys your words, protects the United States, and prays in the name of the Lord Jesus ,Amen.

  2. I am Canadian with no fight or concern in the vote but watched his entire interview…he didn't storm out like all your media and some of ours are saying. the producer interrupted to inform them there was 5 minutes left in the interview before they bring out the VP so……
    Media in all countries today are nothing more than reality shows with scripted content that lies through omission of truth-manipulation of facts and sensationalizing headlines to sell stories while pimping themselves out like desperate corner crack whore to the political party that furthers their own agenda

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  4. Meryl Verkins you sound delusional just like the "we're finally turning the corner" guy, trump. He does not have a plan to eradicate or control this virus except that everyone should get it and those who die from it well "that's just the way it is." So sad that you're so self-absorbed ill-informed just like your guy trump who uses the same language as Hoover did during the Great Depression "prosperity is just just around the Corner". When actually the financial standings of most Americans was getting worse. The language is the same the point that you're missing is that he should have NEVER ever suggested ingesting any type of bleach Lysol disinfectant inside the body.

  5. I honestly be feelin bad for Trump he does all this to help his country and just gets asked the same questions or just stupid questions about what he "did" in the past and not being asked questions about his goals for his next term? Trump jus riskng his fourtne while Biden is tryna make his fourtne sellin out America..

  6. The media is corrupt and the media is the enemy of the people the censorship against Republicans and the lies they report about Trump is like Joseph Goebbels there all phonies and he can see right through them and Senator Thun isn't running for President and the polls are skewed

  7. I am Cuban and will vote for Trump. Socialism/ Communism does not work. South Florida's Venezuelans, Cubans, and Nicaraguans are voting for Trump. There is hardly any Biden signs.

  8. Caitlin Collins lost all credibility when she got busted on the White House live stream camera ripping off her mask as soon as the press meeting was over, she ripped off her mask while she still in the room and walked past several other people without a mask on, she's a total faker and a fraud!!

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  13. Erin has the best style when it comes to delivering the news. I usually only absorb this stuff when watching John Oliver or Stephen Colbert yell jokes around their stories, but Erin Burnett has a very easy-going and watchable approach. As a Democrat who wants to stay informed, I really appreciate it. Brianna Keilar is really good too.

  14. BIDEN SAYS "We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud in amarican history" want to watch it? Type into youtube "Biden most extensive and inclusive voter fraud" and you should find it (SHARE IT)

  15. ‘Journalism’ is supposed to be about ‘fact’ and not be bias or opinionated!

    The following are places you can experience ‘freedom of speech’. You can be the judge in the end of what you believe to be ‘fact’. That’s America! You should watch and listen to ‘all’ points of view. Your ‘Freedom’ Depends on it!!

    > Dan Bongino, Dr Steve Turley, Eric Greitens, Hodgetwins, Huckabee, John Anderson, Liberal Hivemind, Newsmax TV, NewsNow, NTD, OfficialACLJ, One American News, R&R Law Group, The Chicago Tribune, The Epoch Times, The Las Angeles Times, The New York Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Las Angeles Times and many more. Please feel free to add places of free speech and please share

  16. No point in voting the deep state has that under control. Regardless of what you do they can swap it over and the media covers for them. The media should be criminally held responsible for any chaos that ensues.

  17. Cnn is just pure attacks lies and run by satanic cabal. They are loosing so they are desperate to talk shit.
    Real news is evergreen ship they hide. Thousands of human trafficef people on that boat at suez canal. Cnn don't touch that story, he hid it and just go after trump who is stomping ass

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