Trump pressed to explain coronavirus briefing behavior

Trump pressed to explain coronavirus briefing behavior

During the White House’s daily coronavirus briefing, CNN’s Jeremy Diamond asks President Donald Trump why he plays self-congratulatory video clips, rather than address rising unemployment numbers and an increasing death toll. #Coronavirus #CNN #News

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  1. Has the president shown any emotion about Americans dying ? It just feels he reads the numbers like they aren't Americans just numbers I cannot be the only person who sees this lack of any empathy

  2. As someone who lived in the USA but is not from the USA, watching this President's actions (words) makes me wonder what is going to happen after with relation to states and the federal government, Trump is reinforcing those ideas of states self rule. What should be a symbiotic relationship, central government directing (not dictating) the direction of the country and helping and leading, whilst individual states manage the day to day operations of the states allowing for 50 different cultures to keep there overall level of we the people of "insert state here" keep their own uniqueness.

    I wonder if after this, states will look at federal taxes and say well this percentage was meant to be for national disasters, we do not need to pay that now as the current administration has said it is not their responsibility, this percentage was for centralised standards for drugs (FDA) we the current administration said this is not our responsibility so we do not need to pay this any more, this percentage was for department of education well the current administration has said that is now states responsibility so we do not need to pay this any more, and the governors and senators and the people of each state look at how the current administration views their responsibility to states at a state level. And would it not be better (I am not saying i believe this but the thoughts must be there at some level) would it not be better to leave international affairs to central federal government and look at all domestic issues to states? need and interstate highway, well then Governor A talks to Governor B and they sort it out, lets not use the current administration. interstate commerce governor A talks to governor B, this administration did not carry out its responsibility "To ensure the government is effective and citizens' rights are protected" well let us move that back to states responsibility as the current administration has sent such different messages during this crisis to different states.

    Overall I wonder if this is going to be something like a Magna Carta Libertatum, removal of power from the office of the president and from the senate, as the appearance of the most successful people in this have all been at a state level, the people who seem to have a handle on it are governors, the senate seem amazing silent, the things the senate should be reprimanding the current administration for is not happening, the fight for things states need is not being supported in many cases from the senators or even the members of the house of representatives, if they can not help their home states when a domestic issue is happening then their power needs to be less than that of the people who are the ones helping, the role of Governor…

    just an outside perspective, not saying it is right but having lived in the USA for 6 years and met lots of people who want less interference from big government this does seem like the perfect proof to many of their arguments. I personally do not think that this should be the case, but I can see that many of the things that the current administration is doing is hamstring local government whilst not providing a solution to the issues at hand, the current administration seems more interested in "it is them not us" whilst not fixing the issue, and when there are people who should be running the show, e.g. Dr. Fauci, the current administration seems to be doing all they can to put themselves in the spotlight not the professionals who have a wealth of experience and a fundamental understanding of the issues at hand. very much a me me me culture.

  3. Since this is CNN's own video, all the negative posts makes sense. OTHERWISE, as a person w/ an advanced Psych degree, I can tell you that we humans have an emotional need to be assured our LEADERS are on top of crises AS BEST AS ANYONE can be under circumstances they can NOT control. Further, ANYONE can Monday morning quarterback. I just wish the media would work WITH, not against any official, of EITHER party, at this critical time. Wishing HEALTH to all.

  4. He's just putting your little Liberal activist shill in his plàce. You people treat him like poop and wonder why he comes down on you people. Here's a clue, respect is EARNED not ordered up like some meal. Wake up!

  5. CNN is fake news! I can't wait to see CNN cry and try to "make sense of it" when Trump wins again in November. Trump gives the media exactly what they deserve.

  6. CNN is fake news! I can't wait to see CNN cry and try to "make sense of it" when Trump wins again in November. Trump gives the media exactly what they deserve.

  7. CNN is fake news! I can't wait to see CNN cry and try to "make sense of it" when Trump wins again in November. Trump gives the media exactly what they deserve.

  8. CNN is fake news! I can't wait to see CNN cry and try to "make sense of it" when Trump wins again in November. Trump gives the media exactly what they deserve.

  9. The timing in all this was incredibly perfect! The Dems needed something just as big, and powerful to take down Trump. They tried everything in their arsenal and failed! Now a pandemic to kill the economy, and they are even blaming him in the midst of tragedy! Who does stuff like this? Guilty people do!!! People you need to wake up! The Dems dont care about people. Look at the dem run cities. The Dems are do nothing for the people, but get rich. It's all about power, and they are being rewarded by the deep state. Their end game is much bigger than a pandemic! Losing lives is the least of their worries. They need Trump out, and this is their last move! No matter what the cost!!!
    This virus was the cure for the Dems's problems!
    1. Seals the deal for Biden over Sanders
    2. Restricts Biden from doing appearances
    3. Collapses Trump's economy
    4. Crashes the stock market
    5. Prevents Trump from having rallies
    6. Enables Dems to investigate Trump
    7. Media & Dems promoting negativity

  10. This guy must be the new CNN Bad Boy!!!
    I LOVE it when Triump put these disrespctful reporters on their ass!!!
    So do tens of millions of other Americans!!!
    I remind you – without California – Trump actually won the national popular vote!!!
    It's a fact!!! Chjeck it out!!!

  11. All this "president" does is" delay through obfuscation; prevarication; lies; equivocation; buck passing (delay). All the Impeached actions are tantamount to deliberate malicious and purposeful sabotage in the face of the best advice and intelligence that taxpayer dollars can purchase, all of which he has WILFULLY and DELIBERATELY IGNORED' this long list of continuous errors and mistakes are NOT errors and mistakes, they are acts of sabotage.

  12. We've heard over and over how brilliant his administration has been on testing, how we've done "more than anybody in the world", how in the next day or week a new more accurate test will be widely released..on and on. Then we hear it's a states responsibility to both secure the tests and figure out how to administer them. He states he doesn't want to get involved in testing because "it's to hard". He declares himself a "wartime president" then says the battle is to hard. He really is the worst leader in the history of the United States. His fanbase that tout how great he is are either blind, or just need to feel part of something. Nobody with any brain at all can watch this shitshow and really believe that he is some sort of great visionary.

  13. In my country, there is a huge team of fully qualified people, each an expert in their own field, assembled as a taskforce to properly manage this thing- as have most countries I'm sure. But what we don't have is one idiot trying to answer for all, when he is clearly out of his depth and just ends up waffling and making a fool of himself (and the country he represents). Let the guys who know what they are talking about give the answers.

  14. Trump is a narcissist. But Hillary would have made the pandemic worse. Trump is acting like a father who most of times is hard headed and impossible to reason with but is using any resource he deems important as a response but Hillary wouldn't have done anything right – she must have melt down weeks ago. Since CNN is a political 'news' channel, I honesty think that Trump won the 2016 election – Hillary lost it.

  15. FTG fuck the government I'm Liberty and if you don't like it Go fuc yourself I have all their planes getting trapped at this moment you know your little Cessna Aircraft patrolling I know the truth you can't lie to me because I'm Liberty so go fuc yourself

  16. Happy News
    Not by stoning the unseen but aware of the prophetic medicine
    on God `s will
    Corona after May 12th will either end completely or recede very significantly all over the world
    Guide ..

    It was reported from the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, that he said: “If the star appears, the defect is removed from every country.” Such as the epidemic, the plagues, the sick, and the like.

    It means the rise of the chandelier star

    And Thuraya looked, God willing, on May 12th, God willing

  17. CNN is pointless. There is no point in talking about unemployment numbers. Everyone knows they are high. People need HOPE. CNN give NO HOPE. JUST HATE.

  18. It's about time journalists stand up to the MORRON IN CHIEF. His stupidity knows no bound
    We must never meekly accept the daily sundering of this man. The personal attack, the threats against principal, freedoms, and institution, the flagrant disregard for truth and decency

    The Art of the No deal!! He is a total failure! Are we sick of all the WINNING YET! This is a classic Hitler playbook! Marginalize those in our society who are not in the majority and blame them for everything, stoke fears then start a war to distract and push Nationalism/Fascism.

  19. His first speech as President Donald Trump on Jan. 20, 2017 closed with his campaign
    slogan: "Make America great again". Today in 2020 we are in the World
    Coronavirus Pandemic of this century. Stay at home or you may die.

  20. Bill Stewart. The earth is flat. Shakespeare never existed. World war 2 didn't happen. Make up your own absurd statements and sound just like Donald Trump. It isn't funny. It's a tragedy. God help us.

  21. Have any of the left wing nut media paid ANY attention to the FACT the CHINESE are 100% responsible for the spread of the Corona Virus? Let's see. Well it started in Wuhan in NOVEMBER. Doctors started seeing it in patients in December. The CCP made doctors who talked about it's spread on WeChat SIGN statements they were lying. It turns out the doctors were telling the truth. ONLY THEN the Chinese notify the WHO around New Years. This is all fact. Then the Chinese ALLOW INFECTED PEOPLE TO TRAVEL WORLDWIDE UNCHECKED. WHY IS THIS BEING IGNORED? Then you morons want to blame Trump? You called him racist and xenophobic by shutting down travel from China? wtfuck

  22. Really…. Really…. REALLY…. over 2 million thumbs down? WTF is wrong with you people… WAKE UP, GET OUT OF YOUR HEADS, GET OUT OF tRUMP’s A$$. LET YOUR HATRED TAKE A BACK SEAT FOR ONCE…. REMOVE THE VEIL FROM YOUR EYES, TAKE OFF THE ROSE COLORED GLASSES, STOP DRINKING 45’s KOOL AID…………….SERIOUSLY… What is Wrong with you people????

  23. 40, 000 deaths in all at that point? So what? We shouldn't even be giving this COVID-19 the attention that it has been given over he past few months…you can find several reasons why people die just as frequently as they do of COVID…Much of the media, especially CNN, is using this "pandemic" to TRY and further their political objectives…which is going to fail but still, they aren't a "NEWS" network. They don't know what objectivity even means.

  24. l dislike both of these guys,like teenage girls gossiping and making a mission to criticize and exacutrate, this is not reporting .It is promoted their socialist agenda, and disunity!!

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